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A Mister is a Franchisee - true story. Welcome to slavery.

A ‘Mister’ (MR.) is a Franchisee – true story. Welcome to slavery.

About Lawfulrebellion.org

Lawfulrebellion.org seeks to supply Audio Interviews, Articles and Videos from the People who are discovering the truth of our reality. We know there is more than the drip fed lie coming through most media; how our Leaders are truly our Leaders and decide what is best. Those are merely captains busy re-arranging the furniture on the Titanic and insisting that, as long as the string quartet is still playing, we should just enjoy the buffett or be classed an extremist.

We have the opportunity, as we have always had, to live in peace and abundance by the virtues of our own nature to nurture. If we are able to live in spiritual and physical balance then we shall surely be a responsible species regardless of our [LAW] Sociteties’ rules. Man is not a war-monger; Tyrants are War-mongers, and too long their rule has been.

Our truest tyrants are ultimately seeking spiritual conquest of man which can only be done by our acceptance and consent to their Rule. A benign order does not require artificial controls, yet we are constrained at all turns.

Worship your opressors - UK Gov & Youtube censors Lawful Rebellion

Worship your opressors – UK Gov & Youtube censors Lawful Rebellion

A slave is only a slave for as long as he or she decides – not knowing that you are a slave is a choice that must be made regardless of it being a conscious choice or not. This is the only way to enslave another living creature.

What may be coined as the New World Order is the continued proliferation of Privately, not ‘Publicly’ controlled Democratic order which is really thinly veiled Fascism. If the collective will is not free to reject and expose the fraud of democracy then then our minds must surely be captured wether we can see our captors or not.

It would appear that The United Kingdom Citizenship has many hands us steering us away from freedom island, and so many more will be needed to help show them they are going the wrong way. We have been sold many deceptions about how establishment, history, law and money that once the truth is fully exposed and the fraud is revealed, every man woman and child can consciously and lovingly choose to change it – and the change will be the right one because it will be heartfelt. Not change out of fear, but of love – for all those around us – all of man.

If actions in the spirit of Lawful Rebellion could ever be guided then I would use these words merely to warn of one thing:

What you resist, persists
What you fight against you will become.
You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consicousness that created it.

If you perceive you have an enemy then your energy pours into fighting it. It is far more powerful to deprive it of your agreement, attention and energy. Your energy is better used to create what you want to see and not spent fighting what you don’t want to see!

When enough of us know to do this the system changes as we create without constraint on our freedom.

The days of control are ending as they have done before. the choices we make must be in the interests of each other. We are all sovereign, we are free to do as we please, we must not harm others or damage their property. We choose to live well naturally when we are not forcefully controlled into a decaying system.

2013 is now here, and it would appear that the powers that be are playing out a large-scale conflict scenario leading to the emergence of a new kind of dictatorial ruler / government. If you take only one thing from being here and reading this, let it be to stand for what is right, to do so now, in the way you feel comfortable with. Decisions made every day to allow the persistance of malevolance will surely bring consequences to us all.

Trust in love.

The content of this website and domain are intended for the education and information of every man woman and child on planet Earth. By browsing this website you accept unconditionally that you are responsible for your own actions and decisions that you make. Lawfulrebellion.org accepts no responsibility for your actions at any time for any reason and cannot be held responsible for your actions in any way.

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