Grand Juries & unlawful evictions

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In January 2015, Michael Sinclair was evicted from his home in Luton due to a mortgage issue and has been out of his home now for over 6 months. The eviction was captured on film earlier this year.

Here is the tragic eviction;

And the update from Guy Taylor (@magnacartaman on twitter) as to why the eviction is unlawful

Shelter estimate half a million people were vulnerable to eviction in 2014, and UK govt (known liars) put the figure for evictions at 11,000 for the first 3 months of 2015.  We can be confident this figure will not have been over-inflated.

The major banks of the UK were all bailed out by the public purse in 2008, and now those same banks are responsible for the forced evictions via complicit judiciary & police, both issuing and obeying fraudulent documentation. This has been witnessed in the open at the similarly horrifying Tom Crawford eviction in June:

Watching this video is a shocking wake up call for paradigm defenders. There can be no justification.

How much longer are we going to stand aside as our neighbors and our communities are taken apart? To remove people from their homes against their will and over their objection is a crime of the most serious nature. It is my opinion that a huge percentage of evictions, if not every single one in truth, is done fraudulently with no official paperwork to properly execute according to law. Because there are no longer Law Courts, only courts of law where color of law documents and sleight of hand rule the day. To witness this done at the behest of bankrupt criminal organisations, at a rate of tens of thousands a year, is a mockery of our people and it must be stopped.

It is clear that resisting evictions is a viable route, and with better organisation many more evictions will be stopped by people power alone. If bailiffs cannot get near a house, we win every time. Organisation via twitter and facebook is possible, but the network must be grown and these are both owned platforms. A way will be found to quell their use eventually although I’m sure more tools will become just as useful for this purpose.

How can we take action?

To redress the balance of those already evicted, we must bring to light evidence of the fraud in every mortgage case. Much has already been done about this but truly the best is yet to come. Michael of Bernicia who i’ve interviewed before is about to release a full length film which lays bare the deception within all mortgages – here’s the trailer:

Grand Juries

John Hurst has written an article over at the UK column which details the history and eventual ‘suspension’ of Grand Juries in the UK. He gives a compelling argument that whilst Magna Carta is largely repealed in statute, in fact it is perfectly possible to convene and allow a grand jury to hear evidence under the Bill of Rights, which has never been repealed. If you are going to fight the system, use their own weapons against them – as they are the only ones easily recognised. So, on the 16th of August a grand jury will be conveyed, and they will hear evidence of Michael Sinclairs’ case before deciding on an appropriate course of action.

I will bring you more on this, next time.


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