Si Spaniard Nov 2014

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In November i caught up with Si Spaniard of the White Rabbit Trust. We had a lengthy 3 hour chat covering everything he and the white rabbit group have been up to.
Si is an intrepid and fearless law researcher who continues to do battle in court and by letter, confident of his standing. Over the course of the last few years he has been researching in depth the systems of control that we are told are lawful but know in our hearts are not. Si has produced a series of 3 DVDs which include 10 succesful case studies in demanding compensation from various corporations.

Download the entire interview here

We go straight into the chat with Si with the timings roughly as below. I’d suggest downloading the entire podcast and playing through in your favourite media player.

Please also check out the White Rabbit Youtube channel for Si’s Videos which are frankly awesome & he updates very often.

Si Spaniard conversation topics time intervals
Please note we jump straight into the conversation, no intros on this one!

-Start – The ongoing Santander mortgage saga – investigation and research by Si Spaniard. See Si’s previous podcast with me here breaking down this epic battle.

1m – Ombudsman now acting with world record speed with Si’s case
(questionable – ex mortgage at 1m30s)

-3m investigating & putting heat on the special purpose investment vehicles, who was running them and where they are situated. These bond buyers are apparently autonomous from Santander but on investigation are directly related to Santander.

-6m20 video link – White Rabbit video link Santander handbook

9m – Mystery shopping the banks, uncovering a scanadlously low level of training prior to selling loans.

13- Is it all just for appearance of things running as they should do?
Banking staff and even parliament have no idea how money is created
(supplemental link from showing the first debate on money creation in parliaments’ history took place revealing the very same

20m – The white rabbit DVD collection – “We’re in the business of waking people up”

23m – Difficulties involved in staying active and dedicating time to waking people up, and developing solutions

27m – Are we presenting the information in the right way? Is it wrong to make all this information free?

28m – Charging money for info – the right approach?

30m – The DVD material is crafted to be watched once, and understood!

32m – Clever marketing approaches, Russell Brand as a celebrity amabassador

38m – Plans in 2015 – Expanding the rabbit warren: become a member by contacting “A mix between The Apprentice and Fight club”

40m – Bringing the truth directly to banks, claims management companies and enabling a force from within

43m – The word is out and spreading, and it shows – Money creation debated in parliament
Si is wary of a return to the gold standard (or allegedly gold backed) then we must see the gold first and hold it prior to any such monetary standard.

48m – How to earn money by making succesful compensation claims from unwanted sales calls – a case study and example. Listen, learn and apply. Important – be TPS registered!

57m – The impact of being succesful in your claim against harassing companies is that MONEY TALKS. Companies will have to take action when they are repeatedly taken to task by succesful actions

59m – This technique can be applied to the mail protection service (MPS) also. Remember – this name and address is technically not their property, so who gave the company permission to 1) hold your details or 2) use it to market products to you? No-one did, and this is the trangression.

1503m – This is the Jedi training ground – issue complaints/claims. Great practice dealing with corporations because you can’t get into trouble for making a complaint! The same applied for inappropriate police conduct!

1h5m – Banks paying bungs to customers who query where paperwork is

1h6m – Bailiffs, police, companies becoming slowly more familiar with administrative remedies. Getting results via internal complaints procedures and seeking admission of wrongdoing first.

1h8m – Claims direct for youtube videos; Monetising all the police brutality youtube videos / bailiffs misconduct caught live and stored online. A genius idea from Si Spaniard and Richy. More on the gradual morphing of the police. Tactics on keeping calm and keeping your wits when pressure is applied.

1h20m – (little sidetrack) Banks claiming the note is theirs, therefore the signature on the note is theirs too. The change of return to sender to DO NOT return to sender.

1h25m – (little sidetrack 2) The recent decision by SaveTheChildren US to award Tony Blair a lifetime award at their ‘illumination awards’!

1h26m – DVD 2 material Loans and credit cards and how they work

1h31m – Plans for 2015: The Hub – a new community centre for the Rabbit Warren

1h35m – Plans for 2015: Awakening a village at a time?

1h39m – Local initiative: Treasure hunt for the birth bond and breaking down the birth & registration process. Record of live birth vs birth certificate. Breaking down the detail en masse looking for hidden treasure.

1h42m – Finding the hidden players of a hidden commercial architecture meant only for those in the club. Accessing whatever it is behind the birth certificate. Examinging some of the finer points of awakening and attempting to operate within the commercial construct

1h51m – Plans for 2015: Expanding the Rabbit Warren. Interested in working with Si to become a full time paid staff member of the warren?

1h54m – Where is the white rabbit website?! (is it done yet Si?!)

1h58m – Parliament debating expenses vs parliament debating child abuse picture

2h00m – The secret power of marketing is your ignorance – watch this stunning video called The secret of food marketing

2h10m – Bluesky thinking. The concept of public declaration whereby everyone immediately inheriting the house they live in presently, no more mortgages. No more fear.

2h13m – Plans for 2015 – Boycotting the banks and amplifying public pressure effectively. (upcoming video) – Facing reposession? Email with the name of the bank in the subject line. In this way, the banks pick themselves by sending out the threats of eviction. The more evil they are, the more likely the karmic hammer falls on them!

2h27m – The national conversation that needs to happen. Roger Hayes & BC Group.

2h30m –  Michael of Bernicia impending mortgage success & Michael challenging the concept of lawful rebellion


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