‘Council Tax Reduction’ – The phrase heard round the world

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According to this FOIA request, just one county council – Herts County Council – takes over half a billion pounds in council tax every year from its precepts. This is collected under the threat of bankruptcy and prison by means of hauling you into court. The catch? – the process is illegal and the Local Government Finance Act only applies to the consenting.

Did you know that councils issue their own summonses?
Did you know that this very act is illegal?
Did you know that councils have a discretionary power to reduce your tax bill to £0?

Lawful Rebellion makes them want to do that for you, says Adam Hayden of the Family Cole. Sounds impossible? Well they just did it for him, although it did take 5 years.

The writing is on the wall. There is no way that the corporate-driven, administrative-law system of council tax can or will continue to suppress the people for much longer. The reason for this is simple; even now, as the existance of lawful rebellion on this island actively enters it’s 6th year, we now have clear victories. What follows is the experience of one man who was inspired to lawfully rebel under his own convictions and understanding. His journey in rebelling against council tax has taken no less than 5 years and will no doubt continue to be an ongoing battle. However, as you will see, with persistance anything can be achieved. The fundamental assertion that the legal system clings to with the administration of council tax is, with virtually no exceptions, is that you are liable to pay. What Adam has done is prove this entire premise is a lie.

To those familiar with the terminology, Adam has taken the freeman route in his approach to dealing with the council, He has entered lawful rebellion after the style of John Harris, and then dealt with the councils attempts to enforce, which is primarily paper based in it’s methods. He has served a notice of conditional acceptance to pay, and then pointed out the flaws in their court proceedings and the councils’ paperwork. Listen to the podcast for the full detail on his process. This method lends a great deal of credibility to the foundation of actually declaring lawful rebellion first, before anything else. Amazingly this was confirmed to Adam by a judge as you will hear about in the podcast.

Adam is keen to point out that the achievement of a zeroed tax bill has taken 5 years, lots of threatening looking letters from bailiffs, but ultimately no enforcement past the fear-based stationary and bailiff visits (which resulted in nothing). He has seen the cycle repeat itself 5 times, and he does not fear their claims of authority because he is in lawful rebellion and is committed to his position. He knows as I do that our institutions have been taken over by a malevolent force which masquerades as a legal authority, but actually has no power by law without your consent. It takes peaceful, dedicated and polite behaviour to win, and we must starve this beast of it’s life-blood: money.

And that brings me nicely to what I feel is a key point. Lawfulrebellion.org has received countless emails from people suffering the plight and the stress that comes with attempting what Adam has now done. I don’t doubt seeing from the reaction over Facebook/Twitter already that many will demand exacting instructions and template letters on a silver platter.

You’re not going to get that. Adam has kindly agreed to share the letters and affidavits he wrote, so you can get an idea of what he did, but rest assured that if you follow his letters to the word, you will probably come undone sooner rather than later. The reason for this is simple – Adam’s actions stem from his belief that he is doing the right thing. As John Harris said in the first British Constitutional Group meeting – ‘what I am doing is right’ – this has to underpin your actions. This has to be your motivation and it takes a) A spine and b) Commitment.

It is right to act on your own heart-felt beliefs. You might share those beliefs with others who came before you, but life has a funny way of finding out where your heart is on the matter, and those simply attempting to dodge council tax to save a few quid and don’t really get the bigger picture will soon learn this.  As always, messing with the self-titled authorities comes with a plethora of risks, you may not get the same results, you may get different responses, you might get thrown into court and hauled off to prison. Everything you do is at your own risk – understand that, and enjoy the podcast. Stand for what is right!

Take a look at the sort of documents Adam formulated. He took much from other pioneers, but as you will see his words are very much his own. He has also taken (as far as I am aware) a unique approach in mentioning the Perjury act 1911 – a law the council is bound by, as all corporations are.

The zero to pay council tax bill
Notice of understanding & claim of right served on Welwyn & Hatfield Council
Notice of conditional acceptance page 1
Notice of conditional acceptance page 2
Permanent Estoppel served on Welwyn & Hatfield Council
Case management file (Tricky to obtain court doc)

Or, grab the full document pack here


Approximate Interview timings:

4m15s – The phoney paperwork

– Council tax bills / reminder notices.
– Summonses for liability hearings (to make you liable for something you are not yet liable for)
– All summonses are printed by the council, not the court. The council has hired a court room for the day!
(pics of bills)

6m50s -The tribunal, administrative nature of the private council-hired liability hearing

-How Adam approached court,

12m Deciding to ignore the system

13m – They are set up to prey on your fear. Agents of deception, and fraudulent documents. Arrest warrants, commital to prison, bailiffs, collection agency.

13m40s – Bailiffs notice of attendance
15m20s – Notice of intended proceedings
16m – Bankruptcy, Charging orders and comittals to prison [all in boxes] – the fear factor increases.

19m – NOUICOR – document link required
– Lawful Rebellion & article 61 never died. Notice of conditional acceptance & claim of right, and estoppel by acquiesence.
– The original 2 step affidavits lodged with the Queen. First done by John Harris of TPUC.org.
– a council issuing it’s own summons is comitting fraud & perjury under the 1911 perjury act.
– Senior revenue officer of your local council knows that deception is going on, that’s misconduct in a public office! see Darren Deojee of the People’s Public Trust (more info link)
– Serving both the council corporation and the Chief Exec

28m – ‘Council Tax Reduction’ – The zero council bill – at the discretion of your council.
-It looks like a victory, but the council would never admit it.
– 4 days later, a begging letter is received to request payment of back tax!

35m – There is no one set way to get a result. It requires you to face down your fear and know that they need consent. All councils have the discretionary power to zero your bill. It is the back door that allows them to avoid picking up the liabilities they are creating!

38m – Allowing the council to break the rules they are bound by… or, give them enough rope…

39m – The case management file (link to doc scan)

40-47m – IT all rests on your consent. No consent = No power! Then, close.

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