The Satanic Conspriacy – could it be real?

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Jesus vs Devil
My friend Freeman Fly recently did an interview where he stated clearly that he believes there is a satanic conspiracy against ‘us’, the men and women of Earth. For those not familiar with him & if you can spare the time, please listen to this fascinating interview.

It is something that I too have conisdered for a long time and now decide to state plainly just what this means to me and what I feel must be done.

There is a reason why the majority of us are completely dissatisfied with the state of the world. That reason is simple: our planet is being destroyed by our own actions. Our model of living is backwards. Energy systems limit our energy, monetary systems leave us bankrupt, leaders bring us only war, and death, and lies.

This disatisfaction we feel is known as a natural, heart-felt reaction to a problem we see plainly before us.

The desire to respond to that feeling is again natural.

The action of responding is not a single event, but your entire life, or until you no longer feel it necessary.

The nature of response is talking your truth and doing the maximal amount of good for you, your family and all others.

The goal of all our problems being solved is not an optimistic one, it is the best one. Why would you want any other?

Taking the above points and using them to characterise a man’s principals and his subsequent journey in life would give you a ‘Jesus’ like character. We have found one half of the required characters to initiate our biblical scenario.

Properly understood, what these points above mean is that when people speak of  ‘christ consciousness’ or other such phrases, they are really describing a principle of character. Anyone imbued with such character would also naturally have a profound and meaningful life, because one could not attain such character without living in such a way as to create it. Reputations and celebrity may be cheap now but they are still earned, and without the babble of mainstream media thousands of years ago, rarer and harder earned still. Further, it is true to say that a man may attain a certain following with his words alone; but words alone rarely bring you meaning; only actions bring real meaning. The actions I speak of are simply being who you are meant to be and not ever straying from a natural, soulful and truthful way of life. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t take long before living according to the guidance of your heart – not your mind – will bring you ino conflict with the controlling interests of humanity.

Everyone can be Jesus.

Everyone is born with the principles above. But everyone is also born capable of forgetting, ignoring and distracting themselves from them. More importantly still is that everyone is capable of being fearful of what may happen should they decide to act. Throughout your life, just as throughout mine, we are offered opportunities to grow and learn about ourselves. It is natural that we would want to go ‘out there’ and solve the problems of the world, but in reality what are you truly capable of solving? Could you really walk into court and show them who’s boss with the information on this and other websites? As most will tell you, no, it is not possible. Rightly or wrongly, despite facts and evidence pointing to our true status of soul-incarnate, and being alien and superior to corporate courts, the lawful rebel is still steamrolled in the vast majority of cases. Was he right to rebel? Absolutely. Was his standing based on evidence? Of course. Was he ignored in court? I’m sure enough of you reading this know the answer. Yet court is where most people will still go – directly against the alleged authorities and the corporate contractual law system, which is specifcially designed to ‘soak up’ the lawful rebels’ energy, time and money. It is a tough thing to admit, but for most it is advisable that you do not engage the legal beast unless you absolutely have to. The reason for that is simple.

The problem is not ‘out there’.

If we are honest with ourselves, we are very flawed individuals yet perhaps this is how we are meant to be. A path of spiritual development is derided enough within society, and mainstream religion has so much blood on it’s hands you’d need a boat just to get to congregation should it’s bloody past be spilled today. Yet most would agree that there is a faint calling persistant throughout life which beckons you to discover it’s source. What it may be for others beyond a very faint yearning I am not sure, but I feel it as a desire held deep within for peace on Earth. In order for our current chaotic rulers to be thoroughly exposed and ejected from power, we must first become aware of their presence. That won’t happen unless you are talking to others. It is often said that you cannot change others. I would have to agree; we all know that people can only change themselves. So, plant that seed gently! All that we can truly do is offer inspiration to others so that they might be inspired to change themselves. In order to offer that inspiration we must all realise that this comes from changing yourself; being more polite, positive and compassionate. If you can walk this line, you are afforded a unique sort of protection, and people will come back to you and ask more questions. Alex Jones is loved by some but he does have a knack of repulsing the still-slumbering, still-doing-ok-enough-not-to-notice, a.k.a the middle class.


Today, we are afforded glimpses of what we can be capable of far more often thanks to the internet, and YouTube. Far more often than not we see a lot of conflict and confrontation when attempting to bring awareness to key issues related to how we are controlled. The ideal solution to a confrontation is friendship; reaching a mutual understanding. To do it, you’ve got to connect with someone at a heart level even when you start out opposed. Recently vLogger Samuel Williams was harrassed by undercover and uniformed police for simply filming his visit to the Grove, weeks ahead of Bilderberg 2013. He had this very experience & his freeman based stance saw the police driving off and him free to go, eventually:

Following Sam’s conversation at the end of the video, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam hadn’t heard of Rob Menard or  John Harris, Dean Clifford and so on.

To return to the topic, Freeman Flys’ recent statment of belief in a satanic conspiracy now may be a little easier to understand; Satan, the great adversary, is here to thwart the reign of christianity and the story of Jesus. Taken in context we see that this applies broadly against the consiciousness of man; the actions of the whole of the negative, opressive factions within the various institutions constitute the satanic machinery. Satanists work the machinery operating the levers of power in order to serve Satan. It is mocking, ridiculing, deceiving, tempting, violating and desecrating the natural structures of man and woman, and the world in which they live.  It is protection of criminals, murderers and war mongers, it is the perversion of justice, but more accurately it is a product of putting self interests above all else. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. The control system will flourish for the desires of the corrupt, and the inaction of good people.

As time ticks on in the global struggle, most people will stand on one side or the other; supporting or thwarting the control system. This is now resulting in systems independant of it’s clutches like Bitcoin, which has caused huge problems for other currencies, and StartPage, which doesn’t spy on internet searchers. The people will empower these systems just by using them. In this way the sides are slowly drawn, and soon the divisions will be made very clear.

GOoD versus dEVIL

There *** is *** such a thing as good and evil. Never listen to those that say otherwise. To say that mass genocide is an excusable act from a particular point of view is obscene and false logic. Therefore to say there is no such thing as good and evil is untrue. There is no excuse for malicious intent towards others, and that’s exactly the satanic practice. So if you’re joining this fight it had better be for the right reasons and you had better be prepared.

There are of course some profound considerations to follow, and some very big concepts to take on board – like for example the literal existance of supernatural beings. It is a literal leap of faith which many refuse to take. The important thing to realise is that if you’re making the decision because of your inner reasoning and knowing, then it must be right for you. We cannot know with any authority just how deep this goes, but my word is there more to be brought to light yet in terms of our real history on Earth and just who we really are. That is the decision we are faced with now; to embrace the spiritual path – and lawful rebellion was the first step for me. This is far more than getting out of taxes and fines; if you’re stuck at that point and desperate for answers, the right answer is put down the law dictionary and re-think what you’re really trying to achieve.

In real world application you then begin to understand why so much of mainstream entertainment, music, money, law and religion all seek to capture and morph the natural, heart-based impulses which attempt to govern our actions. When we all continually accept vast ideological systems devoid of integrity but favouring corruption, devoid of beauty but abundant in obscenity, devoid of purity but favouring lurid behaviour, devoid of peace but full of violent apocalyptic visions, what do we expect to see in the world but exactly that?

Accepting all these things as popular entertainment reduces our latent morality – our goodness. We need to restate and affirm our good nature through our words and actions. Then we’ve got to remember who we are and what we’re really doing here. As the inevitable surge of awareness courses through the internet and into mainstream culture, the battle for hearts and minds rages and in 2013 I feel we are being intentionally shaken awake by darker aspects of the controllers’ game. The Woolwich machete beheading, the Sandy Hook Shooting, Aurora Cinema Shooting & the Boston Marathon Bombing are just a few highly conspicous and suspicious events even on cursory investigation, and many have occult connections. They need us to destroy ourselves and they will attempt to destabilise us any way they can; next stop – financial collapse & mass induced scarcity. We must not be destablised and we must not turn on one another. The community or whatever passes as community these days is about to be tested like never before.


The upper echelons of my understanding point us right back to our past, and to a hidden knowledge  kept from the masses. It’s teachings are of sacred geometry, standing wave energies of the Earth, the planets, the cosmos and it’s cycles, resonant harmonic cavities (churches / temples), crystals, and our etheric energy body. We will eventually re-discover the true relationship between our hearts and the infinite power available to a conscious, spiritually-scientific race. It will take leadership to get us there; just not the leaders we have right now.  When these ancient teachings are fully realised and mastered, we will regain our proper status on this planet. We do have dominion. We are the custodians whose minds have been wiped. Our inner knowledge was marginalised and destroyed through collective education in the mundane 5-sense world, our natural cycles were mechanised by calendars and currencies, but finally, we are breaking free.

One final note

Whilst has never concentrated wholly on the religious or the occult, it nevertheless demands attention when so many of todays trends, fashion, music, entertainment and media clearly promote satanism in varying subtle (and not so subtle) ways. I am not an organised-religion kind of man, nor am I against it, but it would appear that world events are played out to a covert religious agenda.  To all those that seek insight into the Satanic plan of action, I would recommend Bob Schlenkers’  Open Scroll blog – he is a prolific blogger with formidable insight.




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