An Empire Built On Lies: Si Spaniard Takes On The Banks

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Si Spaniard of the White Rabbit Education Trust – High noon for the banks is 12th April 2013

Lawful Rebellion Podcast 17 March 2013

Mortgages – A fraudulent banking empire built on lies, aided and abetted by a compliant regulatory body.

Time to prosecute them where it hurts.

If you want a laugh, come down to Southend Magistrates Court on the 12th April 2013. One Simon Spaniard will be making a case to commence private prosecutions against members of no less than 6 banks under various charges of fraud and theft. He is doing this to finally expose the nature of money being far different from what most people know. In speaking about his upcoming court case he says:

“I’m giving each of the unsecured, alleged creditors, the opportunity to be paid off in full on receipt or in exchange for the original wet-marked credit agreement, that’s a promissory note, otherwise known as a security, otherwise known as a commercial instrument, otherwise known as currency, otherwise known as cash”.

His actions have the potential to bring to light once and for all to the nature of banking deception using the courts, and the rules binding corporations (known as Statutes and Acts) against themselves. If his request to prosecute is accepted then he will be privately prosecuting individuals at a high level within several major banks. In this podcast Si talks in detail about the case and his dossiers containing letters and background documents containing all the necessary supporting evidence to smash apart the fraudulent banking racket whose hidden secrets rely upon just one thing: not being exposed. Si has deconstructed not only mortgages but also all credit agreements and leads a case against all individuals involved in handling his enquiries designed to tar-baby all that deal with him. Si speaks of his intentions to prove once and for all that either the courts will prosecute this provably fraudulent behaviour or finally prove themselves not fit for purpose. We then speak of recognition of peoples’ courts and forming a grand jury of the people.

Si Spaniards’ initial case hearing is the 12th April at Southend’s Magistrate court. Be there to support him if you can. Otherwise, check out the white rabbit youtube channel for even more in depth explanations of the sleight of hand commercial banks have used to monetise your credit agreement and then give you access to the money which you youself created when you signed the credit agreement. If you’re new to the ruse of modern commercial bank practices and bankruptcy then pay careful attention and if you need to contact the White Rabbit email: whiterabbiteducation[at]

Podcast Timings – Please note these are approximate

START – Get hold of the document dossiers supplied by Si

om Start – Document pack intro
3m30s – Unsecured credit dossier proving that promissory notes are used as cash for accounting purposes
5m30s – Faliures of the financial ombudsman to report any fraud committed by banks, circular referral process
7m15s – Section 323 insolvency act & HMRC does entitle people to set-off debts with assets
8m – You deposit a security which is treated as cash
9m30s – True definitions of money
10m – All companies are bankrupt already, people sponsor the credit system!
12m – We’ve not been taught that we’re creating money… that the instruments we sign are treated *as* money
14m – Si Spaniards’ Private prosecution application, 12 April Southend Magistrates Court going after the banks!
15m – Using this knowledge for Mortgages
17m – A hidden power of attorney within the mortgage agreement, enquiries with Santander
21m – Hidden power of attorney video with Si Spaniard
24m – Staying on point, Fraud by false representation. Sample letters to Santander.
25m – FSA Mortgage dossier showing a promissory note is the true security and not the bricks and mortar.
26m30s – Is the power of attorney used to sign the promissory note without you even seeing it?
27m30s – IMF publication The Chicago plan – ‘Banking today is a mode for transferring collateral from the people to the banks’
31m Affidavit of Walker Todd, BOE Future of Money Market Instruments
34m – Accounting entries related to you are ‘commercially sensitive’ and cannot be seen.
36m – FOI on Financial Obmudsman whose customers are the banks. A facade.
39m30s – Financial Ombudsman service keeps no records of awarded payouts!
42m – Make it matter to individual by going after them privately!

– Apologies for the dropped line at this point –

44m – Dripfeeding yout mortgage vendor the dossier documents. Letting them know that you know!
46m – Using the power of attorney enquiry as a delaying mechanism
49m – Brokering a deal with the FSA and the Mortgage companies. What happens when 25 million householders learn their mortgage is fraudulent?
52m30 – Could this go down like the PPI scandal? How might the fraud be resolved by the people?
54m – If the courts wont prosecute banks for fraud, then they are not fit for purpose
58m30s – Banks gamble against the public being able to pay back loans!
1h 2m – Si’s Crusade against the banks
1h 6m – Is a systemic collapse inevitable if the truth spreads far enough?
1h 7m – Panic creates the problems, so we don’t want chaos!
1h 8m – Positive solutions: When people realise they have had enough of their mortgage, then the solution is offered!
1h 10m – This system of hidden usury can obly continue whilst we are ignorant!
1h 11m – 1888 local gov act Sect 79, subsection 2. All liabilites of the inhabitants of a county are liabilities and duties of the council
1h 12m – The council is a trust, as it was always intended
1h 14m30 – If the corporatocracy has truly taken over then we must form peoples’ courts!
1h 15m – Convening a peoples’ court with grand jury should Si’s court case not be approved
1h 16m – Why do we continue to recognise corrupt system? How people’ courts gain authority in the bullshit commercial world
1h 22m – WANTED Posters in your local town: featuring the directors faces of your local bank
1h 28m – The awakening is already begun; people cannot unhear the truth!
1h 30m – Contact details (pls note TPUC are not carrying the download at present “>but you can get them *here* mediafire link)
1h34m – The whole system is based upon belief. Shift where your faith is placed (into people) and your energy goes with it!

Check out the White Rabbit Youtube Channel  asap for updates, such as this one



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