The Giant Is Awakening

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How long will you stand for the corruption
Right now, all over the world, people are uniting in their desire for justice. How it manifests will be different for us all and what you choose to do is up to you. Lawful Rebellion has always been about doing what is right. Not the vile collectivist/globalist PR bullshit notion of the ‘greater good’ but actual good for you and me and everyone else without exception.

That means more specifically admitting that things are bad, that we need to sort them out, that we need to learn about how we are controlled, and that we need to spread that information. Now, at least for me, it is about attempting to present it to you when I feel it should be, and of course where it is brought to me through others. You need to know that we’re in this together and we can get this done peacefully and with no violence.

It’s coming.
March 2013 is flyposted around the internet as the month when things get interesting. Top of the list is March 22nd, or 3/22 – the skull and bones number for coffin dwelling college tossers like Bush and Kerry. See more on that at any number of youtube videos

Wheels are in motion with the Pope retiring into Castel Gandolfo (note: Olympic ring motif on crest) as several occurences of mass lawful action offer direct challenges to the endemic corruption lurking at the core of financial and religious institutes.

Kevin Annett /
The video below is a conference call involving Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State.

Kevin Speaks at 3m, 10m, 23m, 46m & 1h2m

Excerpt from Youtube description
Recorded on 2/25/2013
” BREAKING NEWS “The Downfall of the Vatican The Queen & The System” Join us tonight for an EXCLUSIVE Program… We have Kevin Annett from International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State to discuss todays GUILTY Verdict

This video has already had 60,000 views in a week and is spreading fast. Kevin Annett’s International Common Law Court has handed down guilty verdicts against the Queen, The President of Canda & the Pope.

Kevin Annett details the ongoing case in this March Talkshoe

Listen to internet radio with We The Jury on Blog Talk Radio

More information on the case at

We are legion
The ITCCS strikes a similar chord as a number of other concerned efforts such as Roger Hayes common law arrest saga, John Harris’ affidavits declaring lawful rebellion, The Writ of Mandamus from the people of BCG and other organsiations,  the One peoples’ public trust, and more coming via podcast.

Feds Forclosed on by One People’s Public Trust

The change we’ve been waiting for so long is now happening with or without your input, so take a minute to think for yourself & be calm. Something incredible is round the corner.

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