Resonance: The Film – Wireless is destroying our health

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It’s been a long time coming. With mobile phones now thoroughly saturating our everyday lives, this documentary comes as a dire warning to everyone who uses or comes near to mobile phones, phone masts, has a wireless network or a base-station cordless phone. This film gives ample evidence linking the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) bands used in every type of wireless communication device and network to many human health conditions, especially cancer. This film also exposes the flaws in current institutional research methods to determine the ‘safety’ of mobile phone radiation.

Lawful Rebellion is about doing what you feel is right. Please give up an hour of your life to watch this film before drawing any conclusions and if you agree with the message, please spread this video NOW.

Resonance: Beings of frequency produced by James Russell, Directed by James Russell & John Webster
Time 1hour 28minutes

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