Guy Euden: Life in the matrix v2.0

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I spoke to Guy in December to catch up and find out how he had been getting on. Sorry to all who have been asking after this audio for the delay.

Once again we cover a wide range of subjects as Guy has continued in his path to live a life true to his remarkable understanding of law. Something amazing is happening with Guy. Rest assured, he has received much of the same non-acknowledgement of his paperwork or methods of conversation; arrest warrants have been posted through his letterbox, bailiffs call at his home. However, no-one touches Guy even when he has turned up at court to discuss the matters at hand. Guy sees straight through the tricks and the confidence games with a calm, assured manner, and the result is something to behold. They simply will not recognise or deal with Guy because they have nothing on the man standing in front of them.

And they know it.

And they know he knows it.

Guy has fully integrated his worldview within his personal life, and for a man in lawful rebellion that is some incredible achievement. He is bringing up his children outside of the system as indigenous english-born, no mean feat, and he reveals his discussion with hospitals and local ‘authorities’ to this end.  He told me that he is giving up most of his personal possessions and building a boat; something others have seen fit do also. None of us know exactly what’s coming, but most of us are poorly prepared and react badly to big changes around us. Guy has embraced the mindset which adapts to and indeed causes change and he is better prepared than most for it; but then soldiers are trained that way. Hope you enjoy this conversation and please send all comments into thelawfulrebellion[at]

Richy Feb 2013



Launching straight in at the systemic onslaught & the short lived profits
3m Extracting young ones from the system
6m Being infringed upon & waking up
8m30 Sarah Lioness
9m Withdrawing consent
13m Updates on court cases
14m Denied a comissioner of oaths service for statutory declaration
17m Court audio from Guys last appearance @ TheBrotherhood Youtube channel
21m Notice of intended prosecution
25m Trusts recap
29m Make them hesitate to take up the position of trustee
30m Judicial trustees act
33m BIS
35m Global coastal event
41m arrest warrants
43m Commital hearings
48m Bailiffs
50m Preceeding and proceeding
51m Declaration of rights, Kevin Sing
54m Police crime comissioners
56m Registering to vote?! No.
1h3m Family bond is constantly undermined
1h6m Declining the Heel Prick Test and The Hip Test
1h9m – Registering – splitting the title
1h13m – Question everything
1h14m –
1h16m – The Church & Ecclesiastical Law
1h17m – Santos Bonacci
1h17m – Frank O Collins & UCADIA
1h18m – Papal bulls , Unum Sanctum, Donation of Constantine, Pope’s claims on Earth being unrebutted
1h19m – The Christ-like figure on earth
1h21m – End Times / Revelation
1h26m – Derren Browns’ Apocalypse
1h30m – Keshe Foundation – Free energy
1h32m – Freeman Canada Clampdown
1h35m – Guys Blog (TBC… sorry)
1h37m – My name is…Slave State Property (Sarah Lioness’ new name)
1h42m – Roadside census
1h43m – Blackstones Police operational handbook 2011 – Page 32 – You are not obliged to supply any information unless suspected of a crime.
1h48m – Darren Pollards & the police
1h49m – Darren Pollards does Alex Jones (A scanner Darkly)
1h51m – Notice of executorship appointment

*Late Update*
Guy brought this video to my attention – documenting a civil reposession being defeated by nothing more than verbal refusal. What is fascinating about this video is it highlights the level of ignorance and arrogance being displayed by court personnel and banker agents. What is amazing is the superb job done by Sargeant Mo of the local police force. Mo calmy advises the bailiffs who first trespass, then threaten, then trespass once more of the civil nature of the case (not criminal) which cannot utilise force. The banks are now so desperate to double-triple dip on housing they never bought in the first place that they are hoodwinking even the courts with unsigned ex96 Notice of Appointments

Sadly the gentleman in the video was eventually evicted with more heavies and Sargeant Mo ordered not to attend. Find out more at Void Mortgage

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