John Harris – Suit Jacket or Straight Jacket

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John Harris Lawful Rebellion 2012

“If what we were saying were to come true, how shocked would you be?”
John Harris … Suit Jacket, or, Straight Jacket?


Lawful Rebellion as a website has been running for a few years now. I’ve had a part to play in it throughout but make no mistake, this website is very much only here because of the efforts of others who are in Lawful Rebellion. Whatever that means to you, you probably already know that this term was coined by John Harris. If I am wrong and this originated elsewhere, please let me know.  I have never written of how this site came to be, but now is the time, because I feel that despite a few years passed we are all still waiting for something to happen.

Now, it is happening.

The world now is not the place I thought it was only 5 or so years ago. I like many others have had an awakening of sorts, a raised awareness that requires a fresh examination of the world we live in and how it works. Since that awakening, I have trodden a path which I can’t say was different to the path I had before, simply because before I was not on a path so much as a conveyor belt. An automated and unaware existance, whilst enjoyable, and fun, and very beautiful at times, ultimately lacking something unidentifiable. That something turns out to be a giant cosmic thread, which, when pulled, reveals the true fabric of life. That thread you could liken to your heart, and its calling, for you to listen.

If you follow what you know to be right, you will ultimately come to conflict in your life. The reason for this is simple; the cities, towns and villages in the world that we live in are now more-or-less ruled by private interest masquerading as various forms of  Government, from whose authority you cannot escape – and their intent is not right. There is nowhere on the planet to live which does not come with the demand of payment for you to do so.  There is no substance to the claim that anyone can achieve true freedom, or that anyone actually has it. The truth as I have come to know it is that most people are aware on some level that they are enslaved, but they cannot take the notion face on, and so there are justifications, compromises, acceptance.

There are always things that can be done to solve virtually every problem, and with that in mind I set out to find answers to the growing questions I had about the real history of this island, London, Templars, Ley Lines, the throne, the legal system and so on.  As I followed the cosmic thread, I came to the law system. The first website I hit was,  and John had been running his site for a year. He was, in short, showing a great deal of people through his website what effect a simple idea of  freedom can have. After contacting him I found he was only a few miles from me and so we met up.  This moment turned out to be the transition point from an internet based private study to an altogether more interesting experience.

And John is altogether an interesting man. He and I and many others put huge amounts of time into The Peoples United Community. The resulting flood of traffic and interest, and offers of help, and friends made, and places travelled, showed us that when you’re talking about the real problems of the world, and the real answers, people really want to listen. John had an idea; a vision. Being a simple man, he used his voice to communciate it through a series of presentations which are freely available online. Just google john harris lawful rebellion. His vision and his voice have now been heard by millions.

John’s idea of Lawful Rebellion is very much based on Magna Carta, article 61. We know now that it was never intended that it be used by the people, and no-one, it would appear, has gained much here or there through claiming or refuting status, or much other paper-based action.  The intital race of enthusiasm, understanding and fascination with the commerical and administrative law forms dissipated. It’s convolutions threatened both wallet and mind, and spare time. became the outlet I run with contributions and help conducting podcasts with those exploring the depths of the legal franchise; for this was not a path John wanted explored on TPUC. Their discoveries and  teachings whilst valid are a test of anyone,  and actually can be dangerous. When your intent is good you may think that you are given super powers, and to a degree, this is true.  But the intent of a rigged system, with rigged politics, rigged courts,  and pirates on the rigging of UNITED KINGDOM PLC corporate vessel is to obey the captain, and the captain has command.

So who is the captain? Whilst you’re considering what that might mean, I hope you enjoy this talk between myself and John recorded on skype in October 2012. I hope you do not mind the rambling nature of this conversation, as I have for sometime attempted to gently nudge John into telling you what he told me several years ago.  For whilst he has spoken at length on history,  law and the police, there is more to Johns’ story. What he told me on the way to a talk one day made me laugh, and made me smile, and I do at times chide myself for entertaining such silly ideas. I can tell you now that he would not be so candid with people who do not know him, but perhaps with this chat we define the edges somewhat. Something is happening in the world. It would appear to some as the fulfilment of a particular prophecy, and it would appear to others as nothing of the sort. It is for this reason that, this chat between two friends is called straight jacket or dinner jacket.

The conversation starts with the topic of ‘The Vision and the Voice‘, and goes from there.

Richy, October 2012.

NB/ Please excuse the interruptions during this talk. At regular intervals Johns’ line was distorted by a bizarre, echoing, crackling distortion on the line, my audio feed wobbles and changes pitch. I have edited to remove where possible.

Footnote: Approximately 25% of Lawful Rebellion traffic is from London, and 78% if from the UK as a whole.

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