DoS Takedown of, and ‘does it work?’

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Richy 19/09

Whilst there have been suspicions in the past of foul play and takedown attempts on this site, none was as apparent or as blatant as what happened on Saturday 15th September 2012, when was taken offline by a denial of service attack. It was brought to light by our volunteer webhosts; this primitive method of breaking a website relies upon a synchronised download request originating from multiple ‘zombie’ computers such that the website host shuts down the victim site.

In the case of Lawful Rebellion, the offending podcast was The Great Mortgage Illusion – a dose of reality for any mortgage-holder and a terrifying expose for those few select banker operatives in the know. The requests converging on this podcast amounted to 5 gigabytes served in an hour. Many would take this as a disturbing turn of events; but I take this to be confirmation of the validity and impact of what we are attempting to do – bring to light a more accurate view of the world for all to see, and encouraging critical thinking. We may not know who was behind it and may never find out, but the fact is it still happened.

The consequences of the attack mean some time will have to be spent relocating our podcasts on to a cloud-based solution, but they will be back shortly.  Apologies if you try to download one and find it does not work, just tweet @lawfulrebelli0n.

If I could also address another question which has been posed via comment multiple times on various podcasts:

“Sounds great, but does this actually work”.

The answer for you will very likely be ‘No’. I receive many emails asking for proof of ‘successes’. What is success? For most people it is simply getting people to ‘go away’. The financial vampires cannot and will not stop in the ruthless pursuit of everything we have. That means more tickets, more tax, more fascism. It is a mathematical certainty that our and every other fiat currency must collapse.  So; whilst you may try to fend off an individual PCN, the experience will vary because ‘they’ don’t ever play fair. You will just have to find out and take responsibility for your own actions. The big solutions we seek will not come from commercial court victories; they will come from people learning to think for themselves about what a state the world has become, and what they can do individually and as a community to sort it out. The solutions must be simple, and easily understood by everyone.

To my friend ‘Lucy’.. all humanities’ battles may be fought in one man, but all humanities’ dinners will not be cooked by one man 🙂



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