Be Not Afeard: The Zion Olympics

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Be Not Afeared – The London 2012 Olympics
A satanic psychodrama ritual whose bell will intonate chaos to corrupt the Omega point.

A meeting of two: eye to eye, face to face.
And when you are near I will tear your eyes out
and place them instead of mine,
and you will tear my eyes out
and will place them instead of yours,
then I will look at me with mine
-Dr. J.L. Moreno (1889-1974) Founder of psychodrama and sociometry

This article is a continuation of the Wenlock & Mandeville piece published mid 2010. It’s purpose was to attempt to uncover the meaning of improbable connections which persisted when reason offered no explanation as to why. The connections tied together the Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville so as to relate them to the symbols such as the rainbow, 42 and the lightning bolt. The picture became clearer when a secondary level of connections emerged and I realised that the prevailing theme being presented by the occurrences of such symbols, characters and actions conveys a hyperdimensional story. Those symbols intertwined with one another deliver a message when related to the Olympics and the wider context our time finds us in astronomically and psychologically.

42 Jupiter Zeus Rainbow Bolt Pointer Finger

An aspect of Jupiter / Zeus resonates throughout the Games. A singularity approaches.

It is important to contextualize; the magnitude of contrivances and ‘coincidence’ revealed indicates this Olympic Summer to be the most significant event or sequences of events we will ever have known. What follows is information leading me to contend that humanity as a collective mind is witnessing ‘the Omega point’. This is a singularity of thinking, an apex of understanding and awareness, and an inescapable confrontation which presents us all with a decision:  simply, suffer fate or grasp destiny.  The twist? There are those amongst us who know that this event is approaching, and will attempt to capitalize on that knowledge.  The event has many names; the Eschaton, the Singularity, the Christ consciousness, Sati Yuga, Timewave Zero and so on. The key factor in the progression of this event is our state of mind and this is where mans’ controllers will make a move. The ability to influence our behavior like the proverbial devil on the shoulder is a common thread throughout time and culture; the free will ability to knowingly choose to do wrong. An artificial state of mind can be induced, as we will see, for us to make bad choices. This is discussed in the appearance of the phrase ‘immanentize the eschaton; to artificially induce humanity in birthing a new consciousness and bring about ‘heaven on earth’

The manner in which the Omega point it will be brought forth is nothing short of stupendous, as the controllers makes a power play to surely outdo 9/11.

Our choices are controlled

Every decision requires a conscious choice. An intention must be present at the time of choosing which allows universe to progress our choice and deliver the consequence of that choice. Imagine for a moment that the choice we are talking about is of the absolutely highest magnitude. Say for example if we were in a desperate situation here in the UK (corporation). Imagine we found ourselves in a state much like any other less fortunate country that has suffered under the oppression of tyranny commonly found in history over the centuries.  It could be provoked for any number of reasons but for the sake of argument we can reduce it to the following:

A large scale terrorist attack involving bombing or bio-weapon attack
A global financial collapse
A pandemic disease such as mutant bird-flu
A event originating from space like a meteor strike
An alien invasion, real or imagined or holographically projected
All of the above, resulting in a failure of government

In any case it is not hard to imagine the consequence on the vast majority of people on the island, but let us focus only on London for now. Very quickly without the everyday logistics bringing food and services to urban areas, we would descend into chaos. Most people rely on the weekly convenience of the food shop for their family and very few have more than 2 or 3 weeks supply at best. Very few people have storable water. Our dependence on the daily function of commerce is near absolute, so without it the city area becomes incredibly volatile. We have already seen riots over the decades based upon feelings of ill-will and unease. If any of the factors above were to manifest, the simple fact is a huge proportion of people would not be able to sustain themselves and desperation would quickly ensue. And this is the key – in desperate situations, people do not think rationally and instead make stupendously bad choices.

The intention is to revert the process of conscious evolution and stagnate the body, mind and soul into blissful servitude.

It may even be proved that slavery is not a strong enough word, because as we will see there is a level of understanding demonstrated by our owners that suggests they might even be using us a power source. As we touch onto such an idea as presented in ‘the Matrix’, we see it provides the revelation required for protagonist Neo who undertakes ‘the Hero’s journey’.

David Wilcock details aspects of how the entirety of existence is taking that journey
David details ‘the Heroes journey’ around 1h32m

The hero’s journey is a spiritual calling, upheaval, questing, peril and triumph that is repeated in countless films. It is recognised by some as a persistent ‘grain of reality’ that is not confined to the silver screen. This story is consistent throughout the history of our cultures, theologies and ultimately it is within our own personal lives. It is a calling, if you are listening, to change.

What stupefying reality passes for ‘normal’ now suggests far more malice intended than mere control of us; it is a moulding of us. It is systematic degradation of our grace, humility and brotherhood, and a retreat into self-absorption and scarcity. It is the result of generations of perseverance from the social elite. A lineage of divine right, a legacy of conquest, governmental oppression, and mental colonisation. You only need look at the word ‘Govern’ – ‘mental’ to appreciate that all is not well in our mind. When we name our highest form of societal order as governmental policy, a policy of mental governance is what you get.  How can a society progress when we are beguiled to accept the profane? When we are coerced to celebrate banality? When we justify a mandate of servitude? We champion a type of thinking foisted upon the mind by secret society initiates and celebrate it.

Generations of social engineering have passed by virtually unnoticed

We struggle to fully realise just how manipulated our thinking goes, at least as far as running society;

The followers of Sarpi, notably including Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, David Hume, Voltaire, Pierre-Louis Maupertuis, Giammaria Ortes, Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, and John Stuart Mill, premised today’s dominant social theory, upon a directly opposite, bestialized notion of “human nature.” It is fairly said, that the latter dogma is based chiefly upon apotheosis of the “Seven Deadly Sins,” as the core of its teaching. This is generally known, variously, as the empiricist, British, Liberal, materialist, positivist, behaviorist, or psychoanalytical mind-set. Despite the secondary distinctions among the latter varieties of doctrine, they rest, each and all, upon a common species of underlying assumptions. Those assumptions are false;  their implications for social practice, are wicked.

The Wenlock & Mandeville connection rises again to the surface from the following passage of text; they are the thinkers who put this system into place.

The satanic doctrine of  “freedom,” derived from Hobbes, Locke, and Mandeville, embedded as the cornerstone of Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” dogma in particular, and Liberal political and social dogma in general.

Lyndon LaRouche, from:

Adam Smith was profoundly important in understanding the nature and intent here: he said that in effect, by trying to maximize their own gains in a free market, individual ambition benefits society, even if the ambitious have **no benevolent intentions.**

Wenlock and Mandeville – Antichrist consciousness? Jupiter Men?

The Wenlock Games became the inspiration for the **modern** Olympic movement. The Wenlock Olympian Society founder William Penny Brookes specifically states that they were originally designed “to promote the moral, physical and intellectual improvement of the inhabitants & neighborhood. The Wenlock Olympian Society website says that William Penny Brookes had a ‘desire’ to ‘develop the need for structured physical exercise and education for the working classes’ – How elitist can you get?.

are W&M  apotheosis-resonating magical masters?
There is something magical about the unity of WM that resonates throughout our language. That we have Wenlock and Mandeville featuring prominently as moulding societies’ thinking towards ‘Olympism’ is no coincidence.

Reality is myth, math and metaphor brought forth in the alchemy of time (magic) to experience then awaken sleeping consciousness. Magic takes us to Merlin the Magician, the Masons, the Magi and the Bloodline, Saint Germain, the Persian Prophet Zoroaster aka Z, Hermes and Mercury the Messenger. Mercury brings messages out of the blue. We find many ‘M’ words which take us to M & W in Time.”

They need your Rainbow Power

The McDonalds mascot marathon features Wenlock and Mandeville asking for children to give them their ‘Rainbow Power’ which they generate by wearing Happy Meal toys which clock up your physical movements. Perfectly innocent in one respect; but symbolically this can be taken as worship or even sacrifice.

Wenlock and Mandeville are on a tour across the country and are ending up symbollically charged full of rainbow energy from the children of the country.

The Jupiter connection: mental governance is a form of possession.

The story of the ‘Jupiter Man’ speaks of spirits who are Satanic possessors of men who seek to enter a mans’ soul without his knowledge by tempting him to choose to act in base, lower chakra ways.

“Steiner describes a class of Satanic beings which he calls “Jupiter man,” which will not reach their “human” stage of evolution until the next, or “Jupiter” incarnation of our solar system”

It is a significant finding of spiritual-scientific research, one that needs to be taken very, very seriously, that we have entered the phase of Earth’s evolution when those beings will assert themselves who, in the subsequent Jupiter phase of Earth’s evolution, will have advanced to human form. p 167

‘Jupiter Man’ – Satanic Posession

The priesthood have been here for a long time

There is a priesthood class whose efforts have confounded our speech, they believe they are Sorcerers and we are their energetic cattle. Shortly their biggest ritual will come to pass in the heart of London. The planning has been meticulous, the expenditure a brazen obscenity, the propaganda stupefying. But there is a symbolism resonating throughout this ritual which defines a point in time when our progress or failure may manifest more or less as easily as if we could choose it. As a crude comparison, think about the Ghostbusters’ encounter with Gozor the Gozarian – “choose your destructor!!”. What we don’t realize is, it is only our state of mind that influences our choices.

I contend that their intent is to show us our shadow and our shameful actions through a form of psychodrama. This last forms part of a satanic ritual which allows as the introductory poem suggests a forced self-examination through ones’ own eyes of another which comes in the form of a stage act. It will subject us to a catalyzing event of consciousness which is a stage of the hero’s journey. This narrative has been mass projected into our homes subconsciously for decades.  It has been part of the fabric of entertainment in it’s progressive forms for several centuries and has grown with us in terms of sophistication. It is an effort once reserved for Sorcerers; whose spells were cast with wands made of holly wood and now whose antennas broadcast from Hollywood. Over time, magical rituals became the subject of fantasy. But as with 9/11, 7/7 and a host of other smaller false flag staged events, perhaps yet another duplicitous attempt on our free will is about to occur.

The Olympics: Sporting event / mass participation ritual?

It would be a very hard argument to make that the Olympics is solely about athletic competition. Such is the size and scale of the Olympic ritual now that preparations for it have to begin within the host country at least 4 years in advance just to get the infrastructure of the country ready. ‘Modern’ Olympics have months and months of buildup involving complicated torch processions, mascots, opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies which clearly take precedence in terms of people who actually watch it considering the Olympics as a whole.

Unsurprisingly, terrorist hype is at an all time high.

Unprecedented private & foreign military security levels

An ex G4S Olympic Security employee went public on revealing details of 200,000 coffin liners being shipped to London, automated drones patrolling the airspace and a ‘defining event’ after the Olympics finishes.

The total numbers of security are in excess of 50,000 & feature all western secret services, troops from multiple countries, the largest battlehip of the navy and residential surface to air missle systems.

Such an elaborate and wildly over the top security force earmarks the occasion as of supreme importance and very little is being left to chance. It is the biggest domestic security operation in UK history and more soldiers will be deployed than are in Afghanistan.  Such a bizarre, obscure set of mascots, such elaborate ceremonies and such ritualistic performances as discussed later provide a distinct chance of historical events to come.

And I suggest the reason for this ridiculous level of security is to make sure that everything goes to plan.

The Olympics is actually about religion, according to it’s founder

Pierre de Coubertin is the modern Olympics creator. He was an aristocratic, Jesuit-educated social philosopher (a theme which will become common) who became obsessed with the institution of physical education in France. He got the idea when visiting Thomas Arnold, an Oxford trained professor,  and granddad to none other than Aldous Huxley. Thomas Arnold was another social philosopher that believed the state had power over the church in matters regarding punishment of sins.

The flag was designed by Jesuit Pierre de Coubertin is 1914. Coubertin made it very clear as to the nature of the Olympics: “The first essential characteristic of ancient and of modern Olympism alike is that of being a religion.”
“The Philosophic Foundation of Modern Olympism”,In: P. d. C. The Olympic Idea, 131. P)

The Olympic flag symbol matches an alter stone found at a temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece.

The Temple of Apollo Stone & The Olympic Flag

The Olympic movement has a charter – a charter is defined as “A written grant by a country’s legislative or sovereign power, by which an institution such as a company, university, or city is created” but which country are we talking about, and whose legislative (or sovereign) power is it?

As a clue, the International Olympic Committee is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Swiss Guard, Pope, Cern, Bank of International Settlements. Power centre of the world?

The Olympics rituals & the Prometheus mythos

The intentions of Prometheus, one of the Olympians was to save humanity from destruction by their own slovenliness which Zeus was to destroy them for.

Prometheus Torch Lighting Ceremony. 13 Virginal women. Total Ritual.

The prometheus mythos resonates with apotheosis (to deify or make divine) Prometheus promotes the evolution of humanity through apotheosis which is strongly connected to the rainbow. The rainbow features heavily in this Olympic games via Wenlock and Mandeville, which also gives us a clear connection to apotheosis. Full circle!
Wenlock & Mandeville film – Rainbow life force:!


Vigilant Citizen

Promethean Games

From ** One of the symbols linked to the Olympic Games is the Occultic Promethean Torch. The Occultic and pagan nature of the Olympic Games may be traced to the origin of the ancient Olympics. The Olympic Games began in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece. The prizes were olive wreaths, palm branches and woolen ribbons. The Olive wreath, denoting Peace, was the symbol of Pallas Athena the Goddess of Wisdom. The palm branch was a sign of triumph and victory in pre-Christian times. The Games first started in Olympia, Greece, a sanctuary site for the Greek gods, especially Zeus.

The Olympic Opening Ceremony – 27th July , 2012. A visceral emotional drain.

This has been subject to huge interest and subsequent attempts to keep secret the real nature of the opening event. After an emergency bailout to further fund proceedings a large press conference was held where Boyle unveiled a huge model of the opening ceremony which immediately ‘rang bells’

‘Danny Boyle wants the detail of the event to unfold “like a puzzle” on the day, the British event will be small as well as big; invoke the individual as well as the collective; and have a touch of anarchy amid the tightly controlled choreography’.  (telegraph)

He described the ceremony as ‘like a film that will be shot live – crucially, using not only wide angles but also close-ups‘. It’s going to be a mass participation event to invoke your emotions. Remember, BE A PART OF IT!!

The BBC confirmed that it would supply two short films to the opening ceremony and Boyle said it would differ from previous Games in being more cinematic in tone, rather than relying on scale alone.

One of the film is called the arrival and stars none other than 007. The first secret agent who signed his name 007 was John Dee. More on this from Sandra Barr

“We’re trying to make you feel like you’re watching a live film being made,” said the Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting director. “It feels like when you’re planning a big sequence in a film. We’re trying to make it feel like a live recording of a film that all happens on one evening. We’re trying to shoot it in a very visceral way.” (Guardian June 12 2012)

Isles of Underworld
Danny Boyle’s friends, Underworld, will be the musical directors for the opening ceremony, models of which are below. Essentially he has opted to symbolise the green and pleasant land of Brtain/Jeusalem in a superficial sense with the countryside, sheep & cows, village cricket and rain clouds common in albion. Overtones of Shakespeare and Peter Pan have been found, as a huge model of Prospero the Magician waving a huge wand and a giant Hook and Pirate were photographed by helicopters. William Blake offers a clear connection to Zion via the word Jerusalem as they are essentially interchangable as spiritual homes. The Glastonbury Tor does not feature the legendary St Michael’s tower, which dominates the Tor, is completely absent from the models presented to the public by Boyle recently. In the place of the tower stands what appears to be an Oak tree, which is the sacred tree of Jupter again resonating the same theme. Of particular interest is that opposite the Tor will be the worlds’ largest harmonic bell directly above a ‘posh pit’ of people embued with ‘the spirit of the promenaders’

The opening ceremony certainly has many surprises in store, but what has already been revealed officially is enough to put together a distinctly manipulative, contrived, satanic ritual.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Stage featuring transformative scenery

The Orbit Tower (transmitter?) Complete with secondary big bell at bottom.

The morning of the opening ceremony – all the bells ring

On the morning of the opening ceremony the Olympic Festival and Artist Martin Creed wants the whole country to frantically ring any bell they can at 8.12am for 3 minutes. Such a discordant practice of bell ringing would cause a cacophony and immense dischord, a perfact start to a satanic day.
More detail on all the Bells and subsequent criticism nationwide

The Satanic Connection

Satanic rituals often set out to mock religious meaning and ceremony, often parodying them as an affront, and 27th July is a religious date for many religions – a hyperdimensional religious date:

27th July is Tisha B’av – this sad Jewish Ceremony commemorates the ‘Mourning the destruction of the First & Second Temples in Jerusalem, and more generally for all calamities which have befallen the Jewish people.

In the Christian calendar it is a feast day remembering the ‘Seven Sleepers‘ which is connected to the idea of awakening people (through loud noises) as per the inscription on the bell. – Personally I feel a strong connection here that this is intended to symbolize the seven deadly sins ascribed to man by thinkers such as Bernard de Mandeville in the fable of the Bees. Mandeville thought they benefitted man; but then he would, because he was a Satanist.

In the Satanic calendar the 27th of July it is a time of the ‘grand climax’, involving sex ritual and sacrifice after a seven day build up.

I have already mentioned that the Olympics opening ceremony may be part of a Psychodrama, and likely one practiced by Satanists due to the date of commencement.  Anton LaVey dispels the common notion of black magic popularized in mainstream media  today and stressed the main influence is of a Satanic ceremony is psychological.

The usual assumption is that the Satanic ceremony or service is always called a black mass. A black mass is not the magical ceremony practiced by Satanists. The Satanist would only employ the use of a black mass as a form of psychodrama” – The Satanic Bible (1972).

As we will see, this  particular Psychodrama involves  15,000 actors, pyrotechnics, an evolving set detailing our past, present and future, a giant harmonic bell, a million watt sound system, the director of 28 days later, set within the context of the biblical city of revelation whose energy grid lies directly on the Olympic stadium.  If this were a film we’d be in the fantasy section or the horror section, although perhaps that is the point.

Vexen Crabtree talks of the psychological nature of magic in Satanism:

“Magic and ritual in Satanism is mostly self-centered, and most of the time is only explicitly concerned with psychological techniques, psychodrama and advanced social skills. Rare communal rituals are more traditional, concerning altered states of mind as a result of the environmental and inspirational aspects of the ritual” … “In Satanism, the self is the sole source of power in all magic and ritual.”

Satanic Ritual and Satanic Magic: 1.1. Magic in Satanism” by Vexen Crabtree (2002)

The ceremonial bell is a form of mental preparation

It is important to understand just how consciousness can be affected by tone, resonance and harmonics. You can ring the bells to set intentions, programs and resonant energies in place within yourself or others. ) There are very complicated reasons as to why frequencies affect consciousness, but simply put; bells literally exist to focus attention about something happening now. That’s why we have them.

The record breaking Olympic bell has raised many eyebrows due to secrecy and strange behavior around it’s manufacture. Whitechapel Foundry confirmed that the Bell was not being made in the country, but by an anonymous foundry in the Netherlands who cannot be named due to a strict confidentiality agreement. Though it has been admitted that the full specification and composition of the bell was designed entirely by Whitechapel Foundry, the 500 year old foundry responsible for Big Ben.

Its likely the foundry which will manufacture is Royal Eijisbouts as there are no other foundries I could find that might be capable of the feat of producing the worlds largest harmonic bell in time.

The secrecy is such that no details will be released for 12 Years by Whitechapel foundry. Katherin Hughes told me the reason for the secrecy was so that it would be a surprise on the opening day.  Bells are commonly made for each Olympics, but never of this size and symbolic significance. At 2m wide by 3m high, the bell will weigh 27 tonnes and will be the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world. This is important especially from the perspective of performing a ritual, bells being widely used to initiate states of consciousness.

The sound produced by the bell will be determined not just by the size and shape but also from the use of metal contents or composition. The metal composition of the Olympic Bell is under strict confidential agreement and no details have been released.  However the main determining factor of the sound is the size; the bigger the bell, the lower it’s pitch.

The BELL, using in Satanic ritual is symbolic of the vibration explained above. When we repeatedly vibrate words of power, mantras, runes, etc., while focusing and directing the energies, a ripple effect takes place on the astral and manifests our desires in the material world. This is the symbolism of the bell in Satanic Ritual.


A simple Satanic ritual can be performed with a single candle and a Baphomet. However, more elaborate rituals may include A bell which is rung nine times at the beginning and end of the ritual; the Satanic priest rotates counter-clockwise as he rings the bell

Other ritual tools include a gong, sword, elixir (usually wine), phallus, and parchment. They and the chalice and bell are placed on a small table near the altar

The 7 Sacred Metals Used in Ancient Metallurgy and Planet Relationship and a connection to Jupiter

Metal/Planet  Gold/Sun  Silver/Moon  Mercury/Mercury  Copper/Venus  Iron/Mars  Tin/Jupiter Lead/Saturn (Plus Zinc, Nickel/Meteorite and other trace elements).



Danny Boyle revealed to BBC the bell would be rung at the beginning and the end of the ceremony. The inscription on the bell comes from Caliban (the noble cannibal) from the Tempest:

The line on the bell – “Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,”
Full verse spoken by Caliban
Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices,
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me; that, when I waked,I cried to dream again.”

Sounds great doesn’t it! Happy days. The character illustrates the corruption of dark magic upon the natural world. Caliban, the spawn of a hag and Satan himself, born with inhuman form and evil so deep within him that, despite the efforts of Prospero the civilizer, he can only take what he is given and twist it into something crude. The name is an anagram of the Spanish word canibal (Carib people), the source of cannibal in English.

The character may be seen as a satire on “Noble cannibal” from Montaigne’s Essays (A.30, “Of Cannibals”)

Speaking  of twisting into something crude, it is curious to note that the Lashmir Mittal Tower has a giant rusty bell at it’s base, and will be extremely close to the

The Orbit is hideous but neatly hides a huge bell shape at the bottom and a coiled antannae tower

ceremonial bell. Some have speculated that the tower itself is a form of stargate that has folded upon itself and collapsed, others feel it is more like a twisted, corrupted DNA strand.

The opening ceremony will feature a one million watt sound system and the global audience is expected to be over a billion. That’s a big enough chunk of the world population to make a very significant impact on our conscious or energetic state. According to the ceremonies’ executive producer, Stephen Daldry, the narrative will invoke “who we were, who we are and what we will be”. Both Boyle and Daldry used the word ‘visceral’ (meaning proceeding from instinct rather than intellect)

In a seperate BBC interview Boyle stated that this pleasant image of the England Countryside is but the start of the show, and that it is to be involving and inclusive. Further comments revealed by the Evening Standard relate to the sequential manner of the Ceremony and later stated that the ‘Satanic mills’ will feature as part of the stage.

Danny says the show will say ‘Where have we come from, where are we going, and what we are’

He says there are changeable parts of scenery.

Green and Pleasant Land, Satanic Mills, ZION logo… we are now clearly in Jerusalem territory.


Jerusalem: a prophecy of the second coming

William Blakes’ prophetic poem Jerusalem describes a false second coming: as it was inspired by the apocryphal story of young Jesus, accompanied by his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, a tin merchant, traveling to the area that is now England and visiting Glastonbury during Jesus’ lost years. The legend is connected the Book of Revelation (3:12 // 21:2) describing a Second Coming, wherein Jesus establishes a new Jerusalem. Joseph of Arimathea carried the Holy Grail to Glastonbury. He recognized the amazing resemblance between Mt. Tabor and Glastonbury Tor when he shifted the archetype of the Holy Grail from Old Jerusalem to New Jerusalem

Glastonbury – The heart Chakra of the earth and round table of the stars

From **

The Glastonbury Zodiac, also called “Merlin’s Round Table of the Stars”, is the world’s largest landscape temple. Large earth formations reflect the heavens upon earth. The 12 signs of the zodiac and all of the stars visible from southern England are marked within a circular area 15 miles in diameter. From this sacred site are generated myth, prophecy, and the energies of the Holy Grail

” The Quest of the Holy Grail has led many a seeker of Truth to the Vale of Avalon… In July of 1967 I received a revelation of a global Omega Point emanating from the Heart chakra of Glastonbury. There is a Promethean Gift of spiritual fire waiting to be liberated from Glaston that shall free humanity from every limitation and bring peace to this suffering planet… I offer these dreams and aspirations with a prayer that they may hasten the coming of this historical event“. from Voyage to Avalon

Glastonbury Tor –  The Global Omega Point

The ceremony is therefore closely linking the Tor, The Bell and, as we will see, symbolically linking The (St Michaels) Mount to The Tor.

Omega Point is a term coined by the French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881–1955) to describe a maximum level of complexity and consciousness towards which he believed the universe was evolving.

Teilhard argued that the Omega Point resembles the Christian Logos, namely Christ, who draws all things into himself, much like the concepts found with the Eschaton & Timewave Zero mentioned previously. Syncronistically, the Omega Clock marks the countdown to the start of the games – their omega point?
Omega Clock

The clock stopped
Symbolic opening ceremony Warm up show encodes 2012 to start at 20:12 2012

“Before the 20,000-cast event kicks off on 27 July at 21:00 BST, with the tolling of the bell, an Olympic Stadium packed with 80,000 spectators will be entertained by a pre-show that will start at 12 minutes past eight – 20:12 BST.” – watch this closely!

London: Biblical City of Revelation, The London etheric earthstar grid, and the Olympic stadium

Way back into history, London has been thought of as an extremely important, holy city;

I will not cease from mental fight
nor will my sword sleep in my hand
until we have built Jerusalem
in Englands’ green and pleasant land
(William Blake, Jerusalem)

London <> Jerusalem <> Zion : a metonym for ‘Paradise to come’

Researcher Chris Street has spent many years piecing together a stunning ‘earthstar’ whose pattern is present on the £20 note (fiat paper, negotiable instrument). His work is closely studied by freemasons. It is a pattern revealing a 20 mile wide ‘Earthstar’ of a sacred geometrical pattern. Close by the lines are many of Londons’ famous landmarks, stones, holy wells, mounds, monuments, churches and other energetically significant locations. An interesting highlight is that the new BBC broadcasting house is it’ exact centre point.


London Earthstar

The London Earthstar at 20.625 miles wide is precisely 1080 times the size of Stonehenge (above) and shares identical squared circle proportions. The radius of the moon is 1080 miles. St. Paul’s Portland Chapel at the centre of the London Earthstar, demolished in 1905 to make way for Brock House, offices of BBC Radio, recently renovated  as part of an £813 million refurbishment at BBC Broadcasting House W1, due to be completed in 2012. n.b. The original St.Paul’s Chapel was 39.6 feet long (3960 is the mean radius of the Earth in miles) and would fit precisely 2160 times into the 16.2 mile inner circle of the London Earthstar. 2160 is the diameter of the moon in miles. (


2012 / ZION cosmic alignment

The basic theory goes, we’re perfectly aligned… for something.

Earth – Sun – Centre of the Galaxy, 21/12/2012 11:11 of course it’s looked like this for a while, but mathmatically this is ‘era 2012’ or the absolute centre.

The 2012 alignment is a projected centre point when the Earth is more or less aligned with the centre point of our entire galaxy, and our Sun. The date was found to be the precise End/Start point fo the Mayan Calendar. Pope Gregory had Clavius a German Mathmatician re-work the Julius calendar to form the Gregorian Calendar we live under.


The precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998 (Jean Meeus, Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, 1997). Thus, the Galactic Alignment “zone” is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 – 2016, or era 2012. As to why this point in time? It is connected to the Sun Cycles and the release of alot of energy, according to Clif High:

The whole 2012 date continuously points back to the holy cross, or the swastika.  If you look down on a swastika, it’s both the double cross, indicating the 4 sided pyramid, or 5 sided counting the bottom, but it also represents a solar effect.  This solar effect can been seen from the sun or from outside the earth but we can’t see it from here.  The effect twists somewhat to create an image similar to the swastika.  the swastika was encoded as a reference to solar activity that will occur around 2012.”

More at

So this puts the Earth into an interesting position; given that the date aligns us with the Sun and the centre of the galaxy and the potential for a huge releash of energy. Is this part of the Omega point ‘event’? The energy grid of Earth’s ley lines could receive a huge charge or change in energy.

Olympics ley alignment

The Olympic site sits on an important ley line which extends a series of chapels and churches which precisely connect to the Mount in MaraZION.

Please check the google earth file available at Interestingly, the line runs along the same path as described by Langfield in the Secret Fire.

The Olympic Stadium connects multiple ancient churches and chapels on a ley to The Mount in Marazion

What if Londons’ monument alignment was part of a hidden gridwork based on John Dee’s sigiliium?

John Dee, astrologer to the Queen, developed what he claimed was a form of Enochian magic, it used geometric shapes embued with Hebrew. At it’s centre was a pentagon which was said to bind spirits.

The practice of energetically encoding, setting an intent, corrupting a will, could be floating around us right now.



Would it be possible that this sacred energetic network, or man-made counterpart of it, will be utilized to channel either to or from the Olympic site tremendous amounts of etheric energy?

This concept was perhaps explored within the story The Secret Fire written by Martin Langfield
In “The Secret Fire”, the novel’s villain Isambard  says ”ringing the bell” at a sacred site can be taken as a metaphor for  accessing whatever earthly (or unearthly) powers may reside there. The ley line which the Bell at the Olympic opening ceremony connects several holy wells which were in fact built over after the bombing of BVSH / Bush house area of Aldwych that sat above an ancient holy well of London

Bush House before WW2 & the Holy Well site. The whole of Bush House is to be emptied by 16 July, many nearby large buildings are empty too.



The BBC has now moved all of it’s operations from Bush House in Aldwych, leaving Australia house and India house either side of it. and I have had confirmed by one of the few remaining businesses inside Bush House that the entire building is to be emptied by July 16th ahead of the Olympics opening ceremony. The future of the building in a closely guarded secret and none of the businesses leaving know what will happen there next. The lease on the building is actually owned by a Japanese company, and a huge amount of renovation in the roads down to Temple and along the Strand are vacated for major redevelopments.

This is a massive move which reveals something of importance. The ley line in the fictional book actually connects Bush House with the London energy earthstar grid and the Olympic stadium itself. The entire grid work is a revelation of centuries of precise alignments of massive buildings, churches, mounds, monuments and holy wells throughout London.  It extends directly to The Mount in Marazion, Cornwall, which is known in mystical circles as the seat of God. The Mount is also directly aligned with Glastonbury Tor, which ties us back to the Opening ceremony starting lineup; and a spiritual connection to the ley lines of the whole planet.

Is this the reason for the bell / Tor alignment and if so, why the tree on the model?

Whatever energy prevails at the games will prevail worldwide via the energy grid upon which the stadium sits.

The flood connection;  the final countdown.

There are countless stories of catastrophic mass flooding being in every record of civilization. It is part of an inundation of mainstream entertainment based on forms of apocalypse and it saturates mass consciousness right now. Well no apocalyptic scenario would be complete without a flood.  Zeus grew angry with Man and had plotted to destroy him for his lazy ways. The Prometheus mythos tells us that Prometheus was a supposed benefactor to man and brought him fire from Zeus’ (Jupiter) lightning bolt, and that he warned a man named Deucalion of an impending flood of Zeus’ making.  Cornwall as a whole has historically suffered huge flooding, Glastonbury & Arthurian myth features flooding

Now we have Clif High’s latest data sets producing language of flooding in coastal areas, a conclusion reached by an independent remote viewing organization called futuresight – listen here .

Concluding remarks

I preface everything with this: make your own mind up. Feel free to think this is sheer madness. However, this is my crude interpretation;

The information presented are elements of a grand plan. It is the same steering influence of an organized, intelligent effort to lead man on a path of development which is carefully controlled. The people doing it to us may be possessed by forces they are unaware of. Our ritualistic celebrations of their occult dominance empower their actions. The indication of Zeus/Jupiter at the centre points us in the direction of our mythological Creator & our illuminated leaders, whose ritualistic ringmasters are about to enact a ceremony. The geomantic and cosmological aspects reveal the Omega Point of our collective journey, false or genuine. The hidden controller wants our absolute attention at this time on the stage act. That makes me feel it is false.

What we feel and what we do as a result of what they will attempt to show us is the key to how events unfold.

I have literally just scraped the layers of detail available to the researcher and I now invite you to explore the information presented. There are far more connections than I am able to make, so please contribute. Whatever is coming, and whatever future we face, we face it together. This is a moment for the people of albion to show who they really are; not the ‘look after yourself’ bunch we are told to be, but rather the look after each other community we were, are, and will continue to be.

Thanks for reading



Loads more footnotes / additional links

Sandra Barr has some stunning information collated into the ZION Olympics video series

Lady Gaga to die at Olympics?

100 year old Diana/Dinah to carry the Olympic flame (will she symbolically die as Diana did?)

Wenlock has a ‘W’ on his head. Freeman Fly states that the letter W relates to the fallen angels:

FM – “You know, in my research, I found out that W was the letter of the Fallen Angels, because the numerology for this is 66, and the Hebrew translation is V V or W.” – Ahriman, negative choice of man.

London Ley Lines charged with etheric human fear?

Map & Info on Leys

Diana, Zeus and Jupiter

In Daniel 2:31,32-35 we find the image to represent the world kingdom of the flesh. In Acts chapter 19-23 it is revealed to us that the great Diana, the goddess of the Ephesians, is the temple guardian of this great image which fell down from Zeus
(Jupiter, Marduk, Bel, Nimrod, Gog , Devil, Satan).

The beast from the sea is the Grecian beast of passion and lust and he was Bacchus “the refiner of souls” (Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop) also known as Zeus. Diana was Asherah the “lady from the Sea”. The beast from the earth in Revelation 13 is the false prophet Cush who was Ham’s son of the curse and became deified as the god of confusion. The false prophet desolates our temple mount with a god of passion and lust and a temptation which makes us choose which god we will serve God or love of self.

Springmeiers mind control doc


Aria TV Stunning Video on the Olympic Conspiracy

‘the greatest event of our time’ Stephen Frys’ closing line in the Wenlock & Mandeville animated series, referring to the 2012 games.


27th June – Queen shakes hand of IRA commander responsible for IRA atrocities.

28th June – Bomber Command Memorial opened by Queen , commemorating the 57k+ lives of men aged on average 22 years old who lost their lives as part of the WWII bombing campaign. The memorial has been delayed since the war until 2012 due to massive unrest regarding the firebombing of Dresen which killed over 20000 civilians when the war was in effect already over. The BBC interviewed (someone from the RAF) who claimed only ‘some’ pilots ‘had been made to feel guilty’ about the mass slaughter of innocent lives for no reason. Bomber Command Memorial is directly on Ley Line from Olympic Stadium to Mount.


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