Lawful Rebellion – Guy Euden – Life in the Matrix

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Guy Euden on living life in the Matrix Lawful Rebellion 2012

PODCAST Direct download: Lawful Rebellion with Guy Euden 2012

As the financial world accelerates into a brick wall, Guy Euden returns for a 2 hour conversation on life lived in Lawful Rebellion. Guy has spent years studying various law forms and has developed a formidable level of experience and knowledge, as you will find out here. Having known Guy for several years, we have both trodden our paths and formed our own conclusions about the uncertainties presented to the individual when attempting to parry statute ‘law’, rebut assumptions of liability, or even just see to it our babies are not considered property of the state. Please see timings below for the large variety of topics that were discussed, plus links to hundreds of audio files for in-depth study of topics.

Timings for Guys’ podcast

-Intro 0-3min
–3m How Guy awakened
–Early days, TPUC, Seeking answers to a world falling apart

-6m Commercial Redemption
–6m30s Token Wins
–8m Freeman route // Commercial Redemption
–10m30s Nobody had any authority over us, really
–11m30s Creating indemnities with Bonds
–13m30s The risk involved

Show Remaining Timings & Resource links »

-14m after Commercial Redemption
–14m30s ‘Affidavits are not the thing to send, they are more corporate’
–15m30s Proclamations
–16m30s Trusts, trust terms & positions
–18m30s Trusts within corporate structures
–19m20s Dean Clifford resources
–19m20s Christian Walters resources
–21m45s Trusts applied to humanity
–23m Ego
–24m30s Ownership is liability

25m30s – Interactions with the land pirates, Starting with council tax
–30m15s Special deposits of private & confidential information
–36m Combatting the Census paperwork
–39m30 We’ve been carefully prepared for the system
–40m30s Council tax in court
–41m Hallsburys
–44m Stepping out from Standing under the Crown Corporation
–45m Age of Majority, appointing trustees
–47m Deconstructing the presumptions in place
–48m30s The clerk of the court & the ecclesiastical role
–49m30s Ucadia & Frank O’ Collins resources
–50m Pro se cutis & witnessing your own confession
–52m The unaware becoming aware
–54m Progression & growth
–58m Commital orders
–60m30s Rag tag liability orders & improper conduct
–62m Dealing with the door stepper
–1h4m How they raise the stakes with added charges
–1h7m Words: Preceeding and Proceeding
–1h11m Being removed by the police from clown court
–1h12m Being a peaceful inhabitant
–1h13m Waiting for the prosecutors to finish reading Guys liens
–1h15m No claim to the name, no liability
–1h17m Licences – Remember, you’re not a government employee
–1h19m Marsdens, the early-calling bailiffs
–1h21m Peaceable entry must be granted, otherwise no enforcement
–1h24m Age of majority, being the executor
–1h26m They only power they have is to harrass

–1h29m Cars, The DVLA & Hydrogen systems
–1h34m Becoming the (not registered) Keeper
–1h41m Interating with the police in a private car
–1h46m DVLA changing their language
–1h47m Etymology with officers
–1h50m The Scriveners (link TBC)
–1hm51m Teabreak. Part 2 soon.

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Guy please email with a subject line ‘FAO Guy’ and the nature of your enquiry.

Notable News

Lord Blackheath 15 Trillion outburst, Constiution halts Sherrif & KONY 2012 worldwide meme implodes

16th Febraury – Lord James of Blackheath

Incredible house of Lords live expose of $15,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) transfer to the Royal Bank of Scotland from mysterious sources in the US in this video. Where has this money gone and what is it being used for?

20th February – Constitution Halts Sheriff

On Feb 20th 2012 this video of Ben Gilroy turning away the attentions of a Sheriff from his attempt to execute a warrant to evict an Irish family from their home was aired on youtube. This video went viral; it received 40,000 views in less than 48 hours. In the video, Documents were presented by the Sheriff and lawfully refused. A very significant moment indeed for Ireland and the wider world.

5th March – Kony 2012 Global Viral Mega Movement meme implodes

In the early days of March 2012 the Invisible Children / Kony 2012 global viral mega movement imploded. Days after meteoric rise to global consciousness. Why? because upon mass critical examination a seemingly benevolent charity pledging to bring the arrest of a child-army directing dictator was actually a thinly veiled intelligence agency / n.w.o propaganda ploy to bring the US into Africa. The spectacular implosion of the world record setting awareness campaign was underscored by the man behind the campaign being detained after masturating in public amongst other bizarre actions. Notably, this is the first true global attention acquisition campaign with shady backers and a equally shady hidden plan in a classic bait and switch ruse. It goes to demonstrate what is possible from the alternative media to attain the same level of attention to a message which is integral and moral, and focussed solely on the freedom of all from would-be dictatorial, ruling generational autocrats bent on the mental enslavement of us all.

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