Lawful Rebellion in 2012 – The clock is ticking

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Ed’s comment: This is a popular logo seen on the street and the web. It is ironic that it symbolically represents themes classically opposed to basic principles of freedom

Endorsed by the UK Column and the British Constitution Group.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”…….
Thomas Jefferson US President 1801-09



By Justin Walker,

The clock is ticking…..

As I start to write this, the clock is ticking away the final moments of 2011.  It has been a very interesting and informative year for those of us who are putting together a series of action plans, initiatives and strategies to finally expose and bring down, once and for all, the evil and elite corporate mindset that is seeking global governance on their terms.  All over the world people are waking up in increasingly exponential numbers to the intrigues and criminalities of the so-called New World Order.  The tide is finally starting to turn.

We, the decent, humane and law-abiding people of the world, number in our billions – the sociopaths and psychopaths that make up the corporate globalists, along with their useful idiots, number no more than one per cent of the world’s population.  They may have made up the corporate rules and statutes that we are supposed to abide by.   They may have placed by deception their people into positions of ‘authority’ over us.   And they may have superior military, policing and surveillance technologies with which to use against us.  But all of this will be to no avail as they will find out during the next two years.  The dam that is holding back the vast reservoir of truth is cracking!  Very soon the world will re-discover itself and its peoples will be free!

We are finally on the move and nothing, repeat nothing, will stop the overwhelming force for good that is starting to come together.  All over the world the Rothschild Zionist created ‘system’ is now being exposed and challenged.   And as the exposure of this cruel and heartless corporate global system becomes more obvious to the waking people, so will a mass campaign of civil disobedience and non-compliance evolve from the grassroots that will cause this criminal system to crash to the ground like a house of cards.  The game is afoot!  And we, here in the United Kingdom, have an enormously important role to play in this final victory over those who seek the corporate debt enslavement of the planet.

As I look back at 2011 and our continual piecing together of the ‘truth jigsaw’ that is starting to give us the full picture of how we are all unlawfully controlled by the corporate elite in our daily lives, I am mindful of two particular ‘revelations’ that I experienced this year which made me realise just what we are up against and how deeply engrained into our country’s supposedly good governance this evil system actually is.


Arrest the judge!

The first ‘revelation’ took place back in February at a court hearing about the (lawful) non-payment of council tax.  This was held at the County Court in Birkenhead, in a small administrative courtroom – a Court de facto, a court for handling the arbitrations of disputes between legal fictions and not, repeat not, human beings.  A court, as we have since discovered, which covertly acts as a dispenser and enforcer of corporate rules and has nothing whatsoever to do with Common Law justice, but has everything to do with corporate money making.  Judge Peake strode into his courtroom for this hearing and was almost immediately confronted by the ‘defendant’ asking him the simple and polite question:   “Are you here today, Sir, under your oath of office?” An easy question to answer you might think.  For nearly half an hour I witnessed a Judge squirm, prevaricate and filibuster rather than answer this simple question.  Why?

Well, the answer is simple.  Had the judge said “Yes, I am here today under my oath of office”, then his court would no longer be a Court de facto, but would have been transformed into a Court de jure, a Common Law court, where a jury of twelve good men and women true would have to be sworn in to listen to the case and who would then decide whether of not the defendant’s actions had been reasonable or unreasonable.  Had he said “No, I am not”, then he would have been no different to anyone else in the courtroom and would have no jurisdiction to hear the case.  Judge Peake was between the proverbial rock and the hard place and all he could do was steamroller ahead with the proceedings even though in doing so he was committing treason.

This inability by Judge Peake to be honourable and to come clean about what has now been discovered about Legal Fictions and Administrative Courts is regrettable.  It is now widely believed that he has committed the criminal act under Common Law of impersonating a judge.  Indeed, three weeks later, when the same defendant, Roger Hayes, was in court again and the judge still refused to confirm his oath, around five hundred supporters of Common Law and Lawful Rebellion descended on the County Court in Birkenhead and arrested Judge Peake in his own courtroom.  Even though the police unlawfully released the judge a few moments later, this show of strength by ordinary decent people sent shock waves nationally through the police, judiciary and Whitehall whilst going viral on the internet.  And this is only the beginning!

Up and down the land these unlawful Administrative Courts are fleecing the British people who have absolutely no idea how corrupt our judiciary, legal system and police have become.  Indeed, the Administrative Family Courts are openly practicing child stealing by the State for profit as various distressing cases during 2011 have shown.  Judge Peake was a wake-up call to me – I naively believed that our court system and judiciary were still largely honourable and could be relied upon to support the common people in their hour of need.  Instead, we find them in cahoots with the criminal global elite and fully embedded within the profit making corporate system that is steadily taking over the world.  However, on a more positive note, since Birkenhead, we have heard of some judges who are not happy with these types of corporate administrative courts so we must hope that they will have the courage to speak out in 2012 and support our growing movement to lawfully expose this deception and criminality whilst restoring the supreme precedence of Common Law.


Good old Abe!

My second ‘revelation’ during 2011 occurred when I was reading an article about Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Greenbacks’, the paper money he introduced debt free and interest free in order to win the American Civil War.  I came across this quote from The Times in 1865:

“If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost.   It will pay off debts and be without a debt.  It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.  It will become prosperous beyond precedence in the history of the civilised governments of the world.  The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America.  That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe”


Wow!  Abe had really struck a nerve and upset the House of Rothschild.  I had often wondered why a responsible government elected democratically by the people couldn’t issue its own money debt free and interest free for the benefit of all.  Here’s what the President himself said about this common sense initiative:


“The government should create, issue and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers….. The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of Government, but it is the Government’s greatest creative opportunity. By the adoption of these principles, the long-felt want for a uniform medium will be satisfied. The taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest, discounts and exchanges. The financing of all public enterprises, the maintenance of stable government and ordered progress, and the conduct of the Treasury will become matters of practical administration. The people can and will be furnished with a currency as safe as their own government. Money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity. Democracy will rise superior to the money power.”

Abraham Lincoln. Senate document 23, Page 91. 1865

Quite simply, Abraham Lincoln was the first leader of a country to prove that a government could issue its own paper money, legally, honourably, and rightfully, and make it full legal tender for all debts, both public and private.   In an open letter to President Obama after his inauguration in 2009, Ellen Brown wrote the following:

“The bankers had Lincoln’s government over a barrel, just as Wall Street has Congress in its vice-like grip today. The North needed money to fund a war, and the bankers were willing to lend it only under circumstances that amounted to extortion, involving staggering interest rates of 24 to 36 percent. Lincoln saw that this would bankrupt the North and asked a trusted colleague to research the matter and find a solution. In what may be the best piece of advice ever given to a sitting President, Colonel Dick Taylor of Illinois reported back that the Union had the power under the Constitution to solve its financing problem by printing its money as a sovereign government. Taylor said:

“Just get Congress to pass a bill authorizing the printing of full legal tender treasury notes . . . and pay your soldiers with them and go ahead and win your war with them also. If you make them full legal tender . . . they will have the full sanction of the government and be just as good as any money; as Congress is given that express right by the Constitution.”

The Greenbacks actually were just as good as the bankers’ banknotes. Both were created on a printing press, but the banknotes had the veneer of legitimacy because they were “backed” by gold. The catch was that this backing was based on “fractional reserves,” meaning the bankers held only a small fraction of the gold necessary to support all the loans represented by their banknotes. The “fractional reserve” ruse is still used today to create the impression that bankers are lending something other than mere debt created with accounting entries on their books.1

Lincoln took Col. Taylor’s advice and funded the war by printing paper notes backed by the credit of the government. These legal-tender U.S. Notes or “Greenbacks” represented receipts for labor and goods delivered to the United States. They were paid to soldiers and suppliers and were tradeable for goods and services of a value equivalent to their service to the community. The Greenbacks aided the Union not only in winning the war but in funding a period of unprecedented economic expansion. Lincoln’s government created the greatest industrial giant the world had yet seen. The steel industry was launched, a continental railroad system was created, a new era of farm machinery and cheap tools was promoted, free higher education was established, government support was provided to all branches of science, the Bureau of Mines was organized, and labor productivity was increased by 50 to 75 percent. The Greenback was not the only currency used to fund these achievements; but they could not have been accomplished without it, and they could not have been accomplished on money borrowed at the usurious rates the bankers were attempting to extort from the North.” Ellen Brown,

The House of Rothschild and their fiefdom, the City of London, realised what Lincoln’s initiative would mean to their vulnerable house of cards, debt creating power base.  The threat of sovereign governments printing interest-free and debt-free paper money had to be removed.  On April 14th 1865, a certain John Wilkes Booth shot and mortally wounded Abraham Lincoln and with his death ended the debt free ‘greenbacks’.  However, almost one hundred years later, another US President paid the price for standing up to the Rothschilds by doing exactly the same again.   On June 4th 1963, closely advised and supported by his brother Bobby, President John F Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which authorised the US Treasury to bypass the Federal Reserve Bank (a private Central Bank controlled by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers) and issue $4.29 billion as debt free and interest free money based on the value of silver bullion certificates.  Once again the assassin’s bullet conveniently removed the problem for the Rothschilds – both the President and Bobby dying violent deaths.   There is some considerable doubt that Executive Order 11110 was ever rescinded and many believe that it is still valid today.  However, the US Treasury notes were quickly taken out of circulation and since then all the Presidents and their administrations, just like our own Prime Ministers and their governments, have been compliant and obedient to the wishes of the Rothschilds and their criminal network of debt-producing bankers.

On a slightly lighter note, it is widely believed that Benjamin Franklin once remarked that “in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”  Well, I have news for dear old Benjamin.  Science has proved that energy cannot die….and we are energy – welcome to the world of frequencies, dimensions and quantum physics.  And as regards ‘taxes’, well, if the government takes a leaf out of Abraham Lincoln’s book and responsibly creates the money needed for the defence and general wellbeing of our country and nation, then taxation will not be needed.  Now that should be a vote winner!

Here it is – the Big Question they cannot and will not answer:

So now we come to the big question that we must put to everyone in the country.  Every waking day, this question must be put to all of our decision makers.  We must send it in to our local newspapers; we must dominate the air waves and the news media websites with it; and we must make sure every time there is a discussion about the ‘deficit’ and further cutbacks to our defences and vital services for the vulnerable that this question is asked:

Why can’t the British government through its Treasury issue debt free and interest free money based upon the wealth, the common wealth, of this country – worth trillions – why do our politicians go straight to the private bankers, the Rothschilds and the like, who create money completely out of thin air….just figures on a computer screen….and when this ‘money’, or more accurately this ‘nothingness’, is received by our government, we, as taxpayers, start paying the interest which is currently costing the British people at least £125,000,000 a day, or £44,000,000,000 a year?

Please, copy and paste and just bombard everyone you can think of with this question and, in the case of decision makers, insist on an answer.  The banks are practicing deception, fraud and criminality.  They have hoodwinked us into believing we have to go to the central banks for loans to fund our country’s needs and infrastructure.  They have put us into debt servitude.  This is all wrong, very wrong and history has proved it.   There IS another way and 2012 is going to be the year that the House of Rothschild and the City of London meet their Nemesis.  Nice one Abe!

The traitors, cowards and robots in Parliament:

On November 30th, Robert Green, the high profile private investigator exposing the terrible truth about what happened to Hollie Greig (, took part in a well publicised presentation in the Jubilee Room at the House of Commons on organised ritual child abuse.  The evidence that people in positions of trust, including some senior politicians, are involved in paedophilia is appalling enough, but there is now growing evidence that satanic rituals take place in some quarters and real unspeakable evil is meted out to some of our most vulnerable children, including ritual sacrifice!.  So you would think that a presentation on ritual child abuse might attract a standing room only audience. Well, out of 650 MPs, only three bothered to turn up, and even then one of them for just a few minutes.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s it!  Our country deserves better and our present parliamentary system is clearly not fit for purpose.  It has to go!

Every MP in Parliament has been repeatedly sent essential and truthful information that would have them all asking the right questions in the House of Commons if they were thoroughly decent, honourable and wise people.  We all know that the dreadful things happening in the world cannot just be put down to systemic failures due to human error and poor planning.  The real reasons are quite simple.  The whole global corporate system is rotten, fraudulent and designed to enslave the peoples of the world.  It ensures that a tiny minority of one per cent in all countries enjoy a luxurious and obscene lifestyle at the expense of the rest of us.  And the ingenious part of this corrupt system is that we have all been brainwashed and programmed into believing that there is no other way and that this is what ‘life’ is all about.   From cradle to grave, we work (if we are able), we consume (on their terms) and we pay their taxes (without question or dissent).  They control this extraordinarily complex  and criminal corporate, legal and banking system by dividing us into political parties, religions, cultures and all manner of ‘ologies’ and ‘isms’ to ensure that we never work out the complete truth about what is really happening to all of us.

To put it very bluntly, our MPs are a bloody disgrace!  They are just party robots.  My own MP, Tim Farron, the current President of the Liberal Democrats and MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, quietly told me five years ago that he had a problem with the official narrative of 9/11 after seeing the visual and scientific evidence that proved that the ‘attacks’ were a ‘false flag’ event and had nothing whatsoever to do with militant Islam.  He remained silent, not asking one searching question in the House of Commons even though British soldiers continue to die fighting this bogus War on Terror, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children who have perished in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I’m sorry, but in my book he has displayed appalling cowardice!  But he is not alone….all the MPs  in the House of Commons over the last seven years have been consistently alerted to the glaring inconsistencies concerning the official account of what happened on that fateful day, and not one of them has done anything to find out the real truth.  They are a disgrace!  They will not go where the evidence takes them.  As I say, they are just party robots doing as they are told.

And some of the MPs would appear to be openly traitors.  The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and the junior MP for Penrith and the Borders, Rory Stewart, both attended the Bilderberg Conference in Switzerland last year.  For those who haven’t heard of the Bilderberg Group, it is supposedly a ‘think tank’ for some of the most powerful people in banking, business, politics and the media, along with a smattering of European royalty, where they can all meet as ‘equals’ to discuss openly and confidentially the big issues of the day.   The reality is quite different – like the Committee of 300, Chatham House, the Trilateral Commission and the Council for Foreign Relations, it is where key decision makers (useful idiots) meet to receive their instructions from the House of Rothschild, the main driving force for the New World Order and the planned corporate enslavement of the world.  It is also a fact that when political unknowns, like Rory Stewart, attend a Bilderberg Conference, their careers suddenly take off (Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher….the list goes on, but, out of fairness to Mrs T, she did eventually fall out with them over the EU and this is what caused her political demise).  So the question is this, what’s planned for Rory Stewart?  Despite repeated polite requests to him to find out what was agreed and what was said at the latest Bilderberg Conference, Stewart refuses to answer, believing instead he has a right to a private political life.   This is incredible!  We elect MPs to be the protectors of our country’s sovereignty and wellbeing, and yet they seem to think they can get away with conspiring with criminals to carry out hidden agendas designed to distress our country and its people into even greater servitude and debt slavery.   In the case of Rory Stewart, we will be asking the police to investigate his actions as we believe a Common Law charge of treason can be successfully brought against him.




Before reading any further, I would urge the reader to look at this short video:!

This is cutting edge science being undertaken by open minded scientists.  Incredibly, we are all one.  That’s right!  We are all from the One Consciousness… when it comes to the controversial issue of immigration, I want people to please look at things in a slightly different way.  Yes, our country is becoming overcrowded, and yes, we must stop this planned uncontrolled immigration which the global elite have deliberately inflicted upon our nation in order to create tensions and problems to the social cohesion of our country.  Operating clandestinely, some of our elected representatives have worked to a criminal globalist agenda for over fifty years – an agenda that aspires to see alien cultures flourishing whilst creating social tensions as well as breaking down the sovereignty and identity of strong, well established nations as the global elite prepare for their planned European Superstate.

Now, my viewpoint is very clear and very simple.  All of us in Great Britain who reside here lawfully, regardless of our skin colours and cultures, are the victims of the New World Order.  We must all stand together, arm in arm, to defeat this global threat peacefully and effectively.  Yes, from a purely practical viewpoint, we must close the immigration flood gates, but we must do so with humanity and compassion….not an easy task I know.   But remember this!  Once the truth comes out about how countries all around the world have been unlawfully distressed, exploited and plunged into debt by the criminal psychopaths; once people can see a clear way to removing ALL poverty in the world as well as ALL tyrannies, then the need for economic migration and political refugees will become a thing of the past.  People will quite simply want to live and be happy in the countries they were born in.   Problem solved!


Islam in Britain:

Now we come to a subject which I know divides some people within the Lawful Rebellion movement….and that is the spread of Islam in Great Britain.  Let’s get one thing straight right from the outset – throughout history, all religions have been created and encouraged by the hidden controlling elite in order to control and divide humanity and so prevent it from ever finding the ultimate spiritual truth.   Knowledge is power and the ancient Mystery Schools and Secret Societies were well aware of this.  All religions were created to have a tremendous amount of good about them, but there were always enough poisonous lies and ruthless religious hierarchies to ensure that no one religion would ever become too dominant and that religious wars and bloodletting were guaranteed.

In my humble opinion, if you want to search for the truth about life and who we really are, you can’t do better than to look at the wisdom of the world’s surviving indigenous peoples who are unaffected by imposed mainstream religions and who have oral traditions and histories going back thousands of years.  Couple this with the latest discoveries coming from cutting edge quantum physics, along with an open and questioning mind, and I think you have an excellent base line from which to start your spiritual journey.   Certainly, the overwhelming numbers of people who have a religious faith are good and sincere people and we are all united in defeating evil…..and it is that evil, in the guise of The New World Order, which Lawful Rebellion will expose and bring down.

Islam, being the newest of the mainstream religions, has been enjoying a recent surge in countries where Christianity is the prominent religion.  This surge is met with approval by the New World Order as they desperately try to trigger a ‘clash of civilisations’, a clash between Christianity and Islam that will endanger and put at risk the sovereignty and well-being of many of the old, well established and conservative thinking European countries that stand in the way of the New World Order’s plan for global governance on their terms.  We must remember this every time issues concerning Islam in Britain come up.

In recent times we’ve seen the emergence of the English Defence League – this is an organisation which has been created by those who seek such a ‘clash of civilisations’.  There is overwhelming evidence to link the EDL with Zionism and the State of Israel, the Rothschild created fiefdom.  Yes, there are hotheads and fundamentalists within the British Islamic communities who are behaving extremely foolishly and in ways designed to incite the indigenous population.  They may have hidden controllers stirring things up, they may not.  Certainly the attempts to introduce Sharia Law to some parts of Britain must and will be scuppered – only Common Law is allowed to exist in our country and no other.  But let’s just step back a moment and consider these two essential facts.

Firstly, the attacks on the 11th September 2001 were ‘false flag’ attacks not carried out by Muslims, but by Rothschild Zionist rogue elements within America to initiate the bogus so-called ‘War on Terror’.   Secondly, Islam does not support or practice the use of usury within their banking system, unlike the Rothschild Zionists who have used usury to plunge nations and families into unlawful debt.   However, I’m not an apologist for Islam, far from it!  I am well aware of how badly women are treated in some Islamic countries like Afghanistan and how child brides and paedophilia are allowed within some Islamic communities.  This must be condemned outright and stopped.  But please remember how children are being harmed by Catholic priests and how the truth about paedophile activities within the Roman Catholic Church are only now slowly coming to light and being grudgingly recognised by the Pope. So please be balanced when criticising the Islamic religion.   They have problems.  We have problems.  They have easily controlled fanatics.  We have easily controlled fanatics.  Let’s simply come together and work in harmony together as human beings to expose and defeat this evil mindset that seeks to control us all.

Suppressed Free Energy:

When we see with what criminality and deception this planet has been controlled by, it hardly comes as a surprise to see that all sorts of technologies, which could be extremely useful and beneficial to the entire human race, have been kept from us by the corporate global elite.  Top of this list is Free Energy.

Just imagine for a moment if Free Energy technologies were available in our homes, in our places of work, running our transport systems and serving the National Grid.  Putting aside the fact that man-made global warming is a New World Order scam in order to control and tax us more (CO2 is a benign gas that actually follows temperature increases), just think how beneficial to the Earth’s ecosystems this would be.  And just think how conventional economics would be turned on its head with Free Energy powering our industries and homes.  And we haven’t even mentioned the ending of political tensions over oil and gas in the Middle East and elsewhere as ALL countries have access to free and infinite energy supplies.  If you think this is all too good to be true, please spend some time looking at these websites and make your own mind up: In the 1930’s, Nikola Tesla, an incredible inventor well before his time, was working on advanced energy transmission systems, but JP Morgan, on behalf of the global elite, pulled his funding before Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower project was finished.


A Manifesto that cannot fail:

We have a wonderful vision of the future to offer to people….and it can genuinely be said that this vision is now meeting up with reality!  When people wake up to the truth, as they are doing in ever increasing numbers, everything will become self evident as common sense is allowed to reign supreme.  Clearly there will be a period of transition as people adjust to this new world without the influence of the House of Rothschild and their cohorts.  There will no doubt be a bumpy ride at times as old mindsets have to be broken down.  And there will be periods of utter amazement as suppressed truths and technologies become known.  It’s going to be a fantastic time to be alive.

Now, I’m just one individual and it is not up to me to come up with THE manifesto for our wonderfully diverse, original and vibrant truth movement that is coming together under the loose banner of Lawful Rebellion.  But I will take the liberty to put down some markers which I believe will receive widespread support from ordinary decent people.  I also know that I will leave a lot of things out and will have to revise this list as others, better informed than myself, start to contribute.  So I give here a flavour of what I believe will come…..and yes, I know I’m sticking my head above the parapet ready to be shot at by all those who are still embedded in the present criminal and corrupt corporate system, not to mention those who are always quick to criticise without being able to offer solutions themselves – but anyway here goes:

First and foremost must be our Constitution.  Here we must see the restoration of the complete supremacy of Common Law and Common Law Courts and the ending of all Administrative Courts, including the dreadful secretive Family Courts.  We will oversee the immediate dismantling of the deception based ‘legal fiction’ taxation system as well as reviewing all important Statutes passed by Parliament – those Statutes that support Common law and common sense will be kept.  A Common Law Judiciary will be established and the current The Law Society will be transformed into the Common Law Society, thereby divorcing itself completely from the deliberately complex legal fiction, legalese world of greedy money making lawyers profiting from corporate laws and statutes.

As the Government will issue its own debt free and interest free money to pay for all the things it is responsible for (Defence, Education, Health, Farming, Environment, Transport, Local Government etc. etc.) there will be no need for taxation.  A Basic Income Scheme for all people will be introduced to cover the essentials to live on, paid for by the Government and which can be then supplemented and enhanced by salaries from formal paid employment.

The unlawful National Debt and the Deficit will both be written off with the simple signature of a pen as null and void, as will most of the people’s personal debts if the deliberate deception of the banks can be proved.  The City of London and its dealings will almost certainly be closed down as the entire Rothschild created financial system of the world goes into meltdown as truth, integrity and transparency grab the reins to restore business to its rightful pedestal as part, and only part of the human condition.

All political parties will be banned along with the obscene ‘whipping system’.  New ways of electing our MPs will be arrived at and which will almost certainly involve a much more vigorous vetting system to make sure we only get candidates of integrity, experience, humility and wisdom.  I personally believe that a candidate must prove at least fifteen years of service either to their country and/or to their community before they are even considered, thus removing forever that recent rather loathsome animal, the ‘career politician’.   This will leave us with a House of Commons made up of honourable individuals or independents who will come into the Chamber to debate without pre-arranged outcomes.  The Government will be formed by having the Prime-Minister and the Cabinet elected by the Commons.  There will also be a restored House of Lords set up as a constitutional revising chamber – its makeup would be subject to full public consultation.   The Monarchy would be kept as a constitutional safeguard, but the House of Windsor will have to answer some very searching questions as to how the present situation was allowed to happen on their watch.

Our membership of the European Union will be immediately declared null and void as provable treason was committed when Prime Minister Heath took us into the EEC.  As Common Law was clearly breached, there will be no need for a referendum.

A real health service will emerge where the pharmaceutical companies are put in their place and suppressed medical cures, such as biophysics, will be allowed to flourish for the benefit of all.  All the dangerous and deliberate health risks engineered by the global elite, such as fluoride in drinking water, aspartame and artificial sweeteners, electromagnetic pollution and chemtrails etc., will be outlawed.

Our armed forces will be given the equipment and numbers needed to guarantee our country’s defence and sovereignty.  The Royal Navy will once again have a proper ‘deep sea’ fleet complete with the two planned carriers plus Harriers along with an extensive and flexible amphibious force.  New offshore patrol vessels will be built to provide a proper coastal defence force for the close security of our coastline and to properly protect our fishing grounds.  The Royal Air Force will not lose any more front line squadrons but will see a significant increase in its airlift capability with more transport aircraft and helicopters.  There will be a greater emphasis on preparing and training all the armed forces for the rapid deployment of humanitarian missions and genuine peace keeping operations anywhere in the world.  With the removal of the globalists’ hidden and criminal agendas, any future deployments would be done purely to save and protect innocent lives under Common Law and not to protect the financial interests of the banking and corporate elites.

Our education system will be considerably enhanced with all community schools protected from closure and with new ones opened to replace those shut because of the so-called ‘cuts’ made to tackle the ‘deficit’.  The new corporate inspired ‘academies’ will be abolished..   With the release of huge amounts of suppressed information in history and the sciences, syllabuses will have to be reviewed and updated to make sure that the pupils are only learning the real truth.  The whole system of examinations will be completely reviewed as will the role of universities.

There will be a huge shift away from dependency abroad for our essentials by re-invigorating our home industries (including fishing, ship building and the railways).  The cut and thrust of the corporate market place, coupled with the constant maximising of output to meet artificially inflated consumer demand, will be replaced by sensible production to meet the real needs of the people and the nation.  In other words our industries will tackle need not greed.  Trade will once again be more about exporting those commodities that we specialise in and importing those commodities that we will find difficult to produce ourselves.  Consumer choice may suffer but the quality of life for everyone will be enhanced.   And with less waste and with clean ‘Free Energy’ technologies finally allowed, industrial production will be very different from today.   The jobs available to people will be fulfilling; there will be full employment and more leisure quality time for families to enjoy.  The consumer rat-race to feed the corporate banksters is coming to an end.  Happiness, God forbid, will break out as we get our lives back!


2012 – The year when we must all get off our arses!


Sorry to be so crude but Lawful Rebellion will only work if you actually decide to do something yourself, as well as persuading others to join you.  Excuses just won’t do any more.  The cell door on humanity is starting to close – your children and grandchildren deserve better…..and I really hope you’ve got your answer ready for when they ask you why you didn’t do something when you had the chance!

How much more evidence do people need?   How much more do we have to prove to the closed and distracted minds that still make up the bulk of the British population that something is dreadfully wrong?    Two countries, Greece and Italy, have just had two unelected bankers imposed upon them as prime-ministers to destroy what’s left of their freedoms and sovereignty.  These two individuals, who are now firmly in power, are answerable only to the international private bankers led by the House of Rothschild.   They are tasked to solve these countries’ spiralling ‘debts’ – ‘debts’ which have been unlawfully engineered using deception, fraud and criminality by the bankers themselves


Lawful Rebellion is about refusing to cooperate with a criminal system.  It is about peaceful non-compliance.  It is about standing up to be counted.  It is about doing something we British are good at……using humour to belittle and degrade a bully (in other words, if we are not laughing as we carry out Lawful Rebellion, we’re not doing it properly!).   The simple fact is we’ve all had enough of this so-called New World Order with their appalling arrogance and their incredible deceptions – they’ve finally pushed us too far.  But we must all act together in unity if we are to achieve this breakthrough.  As you can see from the above ‘manifesto’, we have everything to offer ordinary decent people.  All we have to do is accelerate the waking up process and create the inevitable tipping point in the human consciousness – the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome as some scientists call it.


This is especially important as this year, 2012, has been painted by the Rothschild Zionist controlled media and film industry as the year that may see the ‘end of the world’ Mayan style – December 22nd if I’m not mistaken.  I can assure readers that this is all complete and utter bollocks!  If anything, this year is the start of the real transformation of the human consciousness – in other words remembering who we really are both spiritually and scientifically and ridding ourselves of all the fear packages that have been so cunningly imposed upon us.  However, it does appear that the New World Order are plotting and engineering some kind of awful Malthusian inspired, cataclysmic events in order to reduce the world’s population quite dramatically – to rid the world of its ‘useless eaters’ as they so nicely put it – so we must be mindful of this at all times as the more mayhem they create, the more accepting people will become to a world government on their terms.

I’m often asked by people what my politics are – they seem determined to put me into one of those boxes that I mentioned before.   I usually answer by saying that I am just an open minded human being who supports benign nationalism within a framework of international Common Law.   And what do I mean by this?   Well, I am a patriot, I love my country but not to the point where my patriotism becomes a threat to the sovereignty of other countries.  I also believe that the basic tenets of Common Law – that is you don’t do harm to anyone, you don’t cause loss to anyone, you don’t commit a breach of the peace and you don’t conduct your affairs with mischief – should apply to the whole world.  This is what the United Nations and International Law should really be about……and who knows, once the Rothschild created corporate yoke has been lifted off the human race, this might be the way forward.  But for now, it is time to take the yoke off the British people.


So what do we do now?


First and foremost, we must organise, and organise quickly and effectively.  Each and every one of you reading this must now find three or four friends living nearby who share the aspirations of Lawful Rebellion and who want to start working together as a tight and effective little group.  A quick trip to the pub, golf club or even the local WI should have the recruitment problem sorted if current murmurings and moans at social gatherings are to be believed!   Please don’t fall into the trap of having a hierarchical structure for your group (like political parties do so that they can be controlled).  Keep yourselves as a small informal group of friends having fun and having a good laugh as you get the very serious message across to your local community about what is really happening.  If you are not laughing, you’re not doing the job properly because the other side hates it if you are.  They’ve set up a system that is supposed to have you in fear all of the time and the last thing they want is for you to be laughing and making fun of them.  So please bear this in mind at all times – you will always win people over much more successfully by using humour.

As a group, take a copy of this letter entitled The People’s Voice ( and personally give it to your local MP at one of his or her regular surgeries along with a brief verbal summary highlighting your main concerns for the country’s future.  Ask him or her ‘that question’ highlighted earlier in red concerning the issuance by government of debt-free and interest-free money and record their pathetic attempts to give an answer.   Make sure that when you do go, one of you takes a video camera to record what happens. Afterwards, take copies of the footage to the news editors of your local newspaper and radio station, explaining to them the extraordinary seriousness of the situation and show how the MP reacted to your reasonably put concerns.  If the MP’s responses are really shocking or entertaining, get it up on You Tube.

As part of the educational side to Lawful Rebellion, arrange for your group to visit your local police station and ask to see a serving officer (sergeant or above) and thereby hopefully start to build a rapport with those police men and women who know that things are not right.   The good coppers are your natural allies.

It’s important that the unlawful Administrative Courts and Magistrates Courts are made to realise that they are operating in breach of Common Law.  Go down as a group to your local courts and enter into friendly dialogue with the court officials there, many of whom are just decent people doing what they are told to do as a paid job to pay the bills and are oblivious to what is really going on.   Creating dissent and worry amongst the staff will help undermine this unlawful system of corporate control.   There may be a Statute Case that one of you is affected by and as a group would like to contest using Lawful Rebellion and Common Law jurisdiction.  Whatever you do, be friendly and humorous – it unnerves the other side.  If you display anger and aggression, they will surely win.

Obviously large actions like the lawful arrest of Judge Peake last year will continue to happen and information will be put out in good time for your group to have a chance to take part.  The main thing is keep battling away at the people who are prominent in your community and who are starting to wake up to the real truth.  And if people want to donate money to help spread Lawful Rebellion, please contact the British Constitution Group at:

Finally, always remember to visit these sites regularly to keep your group up to date with what’s going on:

Help sell or give out copies of the UK Column newspaper to potential supporters.

Check to see when the next British Constitution Group conference is.

The daily updated ‘Headlines’ section is an excellent way to see what is really happening in the world.  The ‘Archives’ too are an excellent resource.

Excellent resource base for understanding the ‘mechanics’ of Lawful Rebellion

Helping to get justice for Hollie Greig and a good link to other sites helping abused children and families

All good sites with useful information for a lawful rebel!

Excellent site for lawfully getting out of debt.

Excellent site for exposing suppressed science and technologies – especially the pursuit of ‘free energy’.

Comprehensive site exposing the bogus training charity Common Purpose.

Please read up the excellent work Albert: Burgess has done to expose the provable treason that the Heath government committed to take us into the EEC

Holding Public Servants Accountable

Setting up a Community Trust.  Become part of a New Reality

This exciting new but benign banking initiative will only take off if people like you register your interest in it.  Have a look and if you are in agreement, please get involved today – it’s the numbers that count to make this happen.  We will use the banksters’ system of ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’ to give people, not lend, more money than they put in!

And finally, finally enjoy this wonderful ‘The Mouse that Roared’ site and help Stuart of Forvik to win his day against the British Government.  Great fun!


Okay, everyone, that’s just about it!   Let’s make 2012 the year that historians will long remember for all the right reasons.


Good luck!


Justin: Walker  January 5th 2012

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