2012… Judgement Year

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What will 2012 bring?

Like it or lump it, there is now and has been throughout time an entrenched power which compels humanity to err both collectively and individually. Whatever the purpose, there has been a massive, almost incomprehensible amount of energy invested by the controllers in the promotion of the importance of the year 2012, which is now upon us. ‘Officially’, if there is such a word, the date for end times is set as 21/12/2012. Unofficially, the end of the world has come for many people already, seeing their livelihood taken from them by the financial, political & judicial engine which operates using a logic set no longer fit for our time. However, as the majority of the western world is still operating with a veneer of ‘business-as-usual’, so the masses continue their weary trudge to the cube farms of cities across the world to collect their monthly credit units of varying denomination. The entrenched powers are very intelligent; having been around for a long time, they have learned well how to manipulate humanity and ‘herd’ them primarily using money and the lack thereof to shape behavior and habit. However, as the systemic error in using debt as the basis for money comes closer to being fully expressed, so we hurtle into the unknown of a world in which the idea of money as we presently know it may cease, albeit temporarily, to exist.

The forces controlling the controllers must be dark; for the amount of fraud, robbery, bloodshed, and countless acts of unspeakable atrocities are now blasted out of alternative information channels on an hourly basis. The counter-forces of light however are growing brighter and stronger by the moment; throughout the world, people have become wise to the international game of risk being played out by bankers and various globalists scrapping out for what they perceive to be the ‘top spot’. Where the majority of ‘normal’ people will face difficulty is likely with the hangers-on who still believe that they can carve out a life of comparative comfort and stability by perpetuation of the system which is slowly crushing to death those on ‘the other side’. The broken robots of the police, the rabid tax collectors of the In-land re-venue service, dysfunctional nationalists bent on attributing blame to brown skinned people, and of course, this reporters’ personal favourite: Die-hard government protectionists… those that believe without authority we would surely just destroy our neighbors as soon as smile at them, that we would eat the seeds rather than plant them.

Of course, a myriad of prophecies exist regarding the events that may or may not be about to befall us and our beautiful planet. But, saving sudden access to super technology on an individual level, there is probably not too much that you or I can do about financial Armageddon, or a supernova from the sun, or a fleet of invading ancient aliens returning to claim kingship over us, or a shy and retiring man with a beard and white robes championing the plight of a chosen race. Hoi, I tell you, there’s a lot of reputations at stake over 2012. Despite the uncertainties, how about we find a little common ground – some things we can all agree on. If there is a world wide currency collapse you can bet there won’t be a whole lot left down at Asda by the time you get there. You can bet that the financial machine will not stop in it’s pursuit to drain you and everyone you know until you are destitute and homeless, for that is the plan. You can bet that the people around you are going to be pretty shook up about all of this, as those that haven’t quite got it suddenly realize we are locked inside a societal train that just shot off the end of a rather large bridge, in flames, with psychotic smiling-depressive drivers bellowing “EVERYTHING IS OK, PAY MORE TAXES” as we plunge.

With that happy image in mind, the question arises ‘if there is a world-wide calamity just around the corner, what CAN we do about it?’. Well, getting very, very rich is one answer; that way you can buy a couple of years of storable food, and perhaps a pleasant heavily fortified, underground, radiation-free bunker. We wouldn’t be thinking that far outside the box if we left it there though; so what about the idea that the answer to your personal armageddon can only ever come from… you.  Within your heart is the answer to your problems, and like so many others who know this website and many hundreds of thousands like it, the call to action has been heard and now the people are fashioning their own solutions. We can be there for one another, we can give away what we do not need, we can show support and encouragement for one anothers’ efforts, and we can overcome the challenges of our own time.

Across the UK and the world, the people have awoken and continue to wake at an astonishing rate. The network of people who have attained knowledge and a level of expertise in dealing with the faltering control grid is flourishing.

Si Spaniard from the White Rabbit Education group returns to discuss life as a lawful rebel with richy, and dispenses valuable tools for those battling the legal dragons. Si is an inspiration for everyone as to what can be achieved by remaining calm, asking questions, and knowing who he really is.

Lawful Rebellion is here, the Controllers are here, and finally, 2012 is here. Set your VCR now.


Timings and additional resources

Start – Speaking about the education network spreading accross the island

5m – *You* are the silver bullet, not the paperwork!

6m – Dealing with alleged creditors: The basic premise of getting **your** question answered FIRST!

7m30s – Moors in court – questioning jurisdiction

10m40s – Leverage in court can be attained via your attitude

11m Resource: Jurisdictionary

13m Cause of action method: Obstructing, blocking and kicking out cases before they begin

16m Take the attitude of assisting the court in identifying defective paperwork

18m Most people are going into court on the premise of defective paperwork when the case could be thrown out!
Basic flow chart PDF

19m – Oaths of office / Seals: No tax collection without them. Council tax is illegal.

21m – Fraudulent coercion of voluntary payments.

22m – Local council portfolios
Legal services portfolio – details of the corporate councillors in the court and their associated oaths and seals.

23m – Making corporations pay

Parking machines / Junk Mailers / First Capital Connect – get ready…

29m20s The firstcaptialconnect offensive

32m30s – Occupy movement

33m40s – Legal vs Lawful: What’s the difference?

36m –  Your consent is key their key to jurisdiction

38m – Penn and Mead transcript
Nothing has changed in hundreds of years: Where is the jurisdiction here?!

42m – Starting out in lawful rebellion: be calm, don’t fear mistakes, question everything.

44m – Who are ‘they’?
– Lloyds of London 1936

Gambling on people’s lives: Insurable interest, and Wal-Mart

53m – 2012 approaches; Inaction is an action of doing nothing

57m – The benefits of seeking to change the corrupt system: The Universal Community Trust

59m – How to use the Universal Community Trust: Examples
– Being in a trust removes conflicts
– Your body is in trust & owned by the pope, his duty is to protect you
– The concept of diplomatic immunity; agreeing to be subject to natural law in accordance with universal community trust
– Theoretical UCT intervention
– Network development, the requirement for local law support (join in at http://lawfulrebellion.crowdmap.com)
– Development of a natural law-based state, holding the holders of public office to account

1hm16m – Final thoughts: Come together for peace

Email contact: White rabbit network
Local Support network: Lawful Rebellion Map

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