#Occupy London October 15 2011 report DAY1

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Occupy London Oct 15 2011

Occupy London Oct 15 2011

An ongoing report by Richy of goings on around the conflagration of the #occupy movement which started in as Occupy Wall Street  September 2011.

Over 850 live events have sprung up and focussed on October 15th as the day to mark a global uprising (even BBC admits it) against the culprits of governmental, and therefore public, indebtedness. Much has been reported by the Alex Jones show and other alternative media channels on  infiltration of the Occupy Wall Street movement (start at 1m0s), but ultimately no-one and nothing can orchestrate and control simultaneous uprisings across the planet… can they?

Occupy London has catapaulted to the forefront of the second wave of this *seemingly* leaderless UK movement, though it is freely admitted to be connected to the UkUncut organisation. The Facebook page of the occupy London event has already garnered massive support at short notice, with 15,000+ onside by the morning of the event.

The beginning – Occupy London Stock Exchange / Everything else – October 15th 2011

People gathered at St.Pauls beggining around 11am, with over a thousand people gathering by 12pm.  The initial plan had been to move into Paternoster square which had been signposted to re-assert it’s private status, but several hundred mounted and patrol police had effectively sealed off the square to the public. A peoples’ assembly began at 1.30 at the steps of St.Pauls, and wikileaks’ notorious head Julian Assange appeared to address those that had gathered.

Live streaming was set up from the start of various occupy events – Occupy London live stream & Global revolution stream, over 5000 viewers were watching the stream of occupy Ireland

#Occupy with Jesus

#Occupy with Jesus

Reports started to arrive of violence erupting in the 100,000+ occupy movement in Rome, though in other places the mood was decidely lighter. In the mid afternoon sun London was on the whole peaceful, with live streams showing people sat around, blogging, texting and otherwise communicating the reality of a massive popular awakening and uprising in response to the decades of gradual tip-toe-totalitariansim enslavement.

Much the same as the 26 March protests, police began arriving in significant numbers around 4pm, though the mood outside St.Pauls Cathedral was positively sedate.




Occupy 15 Oct 4pm St Pauls steps

Calm... 4pm #Occupy outside St.Pauls

By 4.30 pm however a long line of riot vans much the same as appeared on the 26th March, and the police began their slow, deliberate movements towards kettling all those on the grounds of St.Pauls. However, people began to sit down and the human mic was back in effect by 5pm amidst rumours circulating of riot police confiscating
and taking down some occupiers’ tents. Numbers in attendance kept increasing, the live streams showing thousands of people milling around the Temple Bar and St.Pauls Cathedral steps. So too however did the police presence, but by 5.30 the general assembly of the people was still ongoing. In Rome, the situation had massively deteriorated, with pitchhed battles in the streets, burnt out cars, and an unavoidable feeling of Greece 2.0 arriving.


Seemingly taking their queue from Italy, the situation in St.Pauls suddenly got a lot worse, though the inital cause was not clear there was visible violence from the police against those in occupation to the west edge of St.Pauls. There were angry shouts from protestors: “shame on

Occupy 15 Oct 6.20 Pm St Pauls

The boys in bright yellow close in on #occupy tents

you”, “we are peaceful you are violent”, and then general calls for the people to sit down. The Starbucks coffee joint and the walkway outside was cleared by a seemingly heavy-handed section of the boys in bright yellow, and relative calm was restored. However by 6.30pm it appeared as though the police were not finished, circling tighter towards the occupiers and the various tents which were being set up.

At this point the major live stream went off air and the last shot was of the police closing in on the tents.

Social media and live streaming has placed this occupation of the worlds financial centers under a microscope of dazzling resolution – and you

@OccupyLsx tweets a pic of 1000's at St. Pauls

@OccupyLsx tweets a pic of 1000's at St. Pauls

can view an excellent repository of information bulding up at OccupyWiki.org. Open speculation as far as what the night will bring. I implore people to exercise patience, humour, and love. Stay tuned; this is far from over.

As the evening progressed it emerged that the police had engaged violently with those occupying the area outside St. Pauls cathedral. According to @occupylsx, ‘Police charged up the stairs of the Cathedral throwing people down the stairs. People peacefully resisting‘.  Further live streams fromBambuser revealed that a calm was restored shortly after though with appeals for peace and non violence. Further kettling had seperated the #occupy  crowd who chanted repeatedly to be let back in to the main group on the steps of the cathedral.

Around 10.30pm live streaming resumed, and access to the main occupation area of St. Pauls was resumed,  ‘Relaxed happy vibe at #occupylsx, people free to come in and out #globalchange’. People had been jostled and pushed around by police and a few arrests had been made but on the whole it looks very much like occupy london will remain throughout the night – keep updated on the live feed of #occupylsx. The occuptation of London has begun and the world will not be the same again.

The media blackout

So far, it is the people of livestream, bambuser and justinTV that have told the real story about the occupation of St.Pauls, with very little live coverage making the ailing dinosaur that is mainstream media. Stories have appeared in online editions of BBC, The Guardian and elsewhere but frankly I can’t even be bothered to get the links to the stories I’ve read. Real emotions, real experiences and ultimately HONEST VIEWPOINTS are being conveyed by the people occupying the city and broadcasting their own stories. What is important to note though is that eventually there will be a story put together about this ongoing occupation in the dinosaur-state run BBC which middle england willl listen to, and what needs to be made very very clear from the offset is what this movement is about.

Awaiting the media distortion of the real message.

They will try to paint it as anti-capitalism. IT IS NOT ABOUT ANTI CAPITALISM.


The bank of England, just like the Federal Reserve, is a private corporation which is run for profit. It is not owned by the people of England. The bank of England creates money out of nothing and then charges the UK government for the privellege of receiving that money to issue as currency to the UK public at interest. lets get it straight: the moneyed powers of the world OWN the governments they claim to be a part of. Our politicians dance like 19th century marionettes.  There is NO LEFT AND RIGHT of politics. There is no LIB LAB OR CON. There is only fascism. Not like the Nazis; Fascism means the coming together of government and business.

There is only money and it is not yours, because we pay for the privellege of it’s use – every pound in circulation that is issued by government has a debt attached to it. What little of what was left has been gambled away, and now we are all supposed to pick up the bill? Generations of debt? This indebdtedness is done by design to set up the conditions  so that ultimately our corporate state merges with a larger corporate state which will then become part of an even bigger world coporate government run by the same people who’ve always run the show. The bankers and the elite psychopaths in government and it is bloody obvious by now!


Day 1 Footage from the Guardian – No commentary

Day 2

The occupation of St.Pauls has made it through the night. Mass was held after the vicar had given his blessing to the people camped outside St.Pauls, and told the police to go away. It’s early but it was a long uncomfortable night for many and none too warm either. People need blankets, tea and a roll up or two.  Richy and Matt arrived at about 1.30pm first spotting Charlie Veitch talking on the megaphone near to the road. A few people were listening, Charlie recently changed his mind again on the whole 9/11 conjob, now believing it to be a con once again. We found a space to park and joined the crowds after walking around. What had struck me from seeing the whole #ows Occupy Wall Street movement spring up during september 2011 was how organised things had become. This I believe is what drew speculation from Alex Jones, who provided plenty of evidence that infact there were potential usurpers of a popular movement. However despite some elements of media representatives trying to muscle in on the action for example with moveon.org in an attempt to constrict the message, there was still plenty of people talking about ending the fraudulent and private Federal Reserve bank which is actually provably privately owned. This is important because as with the Bank of England, every dollar issued has a debt attached which is created out of nothing. Narrowing the issues that become associated with movements is a key method of mainstream media in an attempt to stifle debate. Individual opinions matter and the key to a successful movement is 100 percent consent from everyone. That is ideal government – one that absolutely everyone agrees with. Is that possible? Time will tell. I don’t think it will be all achieved from the grounds of St. Pauls though.

I wanted to get as broad a cross section of opinon as I could because I personally had felt sure that #occupy idea is in fact the  self organising collectives of people model which has been forecast by Clif High. If you don’t know Clif High then please check his site + interviews via halfpasthuman.com. Essentially self organising collectives are leaderless with anyone and everyone contributing to it’s function and form; centering around essential functions of food, warmth, shelter. In terms of debate and discussion, so far, voluntary working groups put forward ideas for presentation and agreement at a general assembly. Of course there is room for corruption and coercion at every level, but the product so far has been fruitful. Slow, laborious and chaotic, but fruitful.

As Matt and I walked about, we chatted with people without reserve, as everyone else was doing the same thing. Before long I had collected several short interviews which I will present soon.  Day 3 has come and gone and things are going well at camp – with many tents still arriving it’s starting to look like a village down there. Live streams are set up from a media tent, there is a field kitchen, tarps to shelter under, an information point, surplus camping supplies and a recyling point – not bad for 48 hours.

Donations are coming in relatively fast – you can get in touch with people in the media lean-to tent at the OccupyLSX Twitter account.


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