The Great Mortgage Illusion

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That's right.. mortgages are a biiiiig fraud too.


Most people who have one will spend the vast majority of their life paying off the debt accrued via their Mortgage. What most people don’t know regarding that debt is that it does not actually exist. In reality, the borrower actually creates the line of credit which the alleged lender lends back to them, usually over 25 years and at an extortionate rate of interest.

This multi-national fraud by non-disclosure, misrepresentation and abuse of position appears to be committed under an unconscionable and irrevocable Power of Attorney granted to the bankster in every Mortgage Deed. This allows the Mortgagee to create a Promissory Note in the name of the Mortgagor, for the purposes of securing and maintaining the legal charge registered against the property. The Mortgagor has no knowledge of the scope of this provision, which is used by the bankster to discharge the original debt before a single day’s interest is charged.

Freeman Michael &

In this Lawful Rebellion podcast, Richy talks with Freeman Michael of Michael exposes the most enormous yet provable fraud for the millions of mortgage payers in the United Kingdom PLC and countless more overseas.

To inspire a great awakening we must first have the time to do so. To have the time to do so we must stop worrying about the mortgage – it is the ‘death grip’ which holds so many in a trance-like, debt-driven, money-grubbing rampage.


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Main interview Timings

>1m30s+ Intro, Whats’ happening, the state of affairs worldwide, big changes coming soon
–>4m30+ The need to reframe our paradigm. Research into mortgage law
–> 6m+ Mortgage contract fraud, mortgage law is applied for the benefit of the banks, not the people. Evidenced in Law of property miscellaneous provisions act 1989,  Section 2. The need for signatures from both parties… Where is the banks on yours?
–> 7m30 Faliures in request to remove charges from the land registry
–> 8m30+ Promissory note presentment & refusal by the bank, Bank of Scotland hypocracy & the HBOS reorganisation Act 2006, Bills of exchange act, Promissory notes are as good as cash
–> 12m+ Promissory notes cont, what the banks have been doing with them
–> 13m20 Definitive case law for the mortgage scam: Sarheed case – no contract containing signatures of both parties therefore no charges can be held under the mortgage; no contract to enforce.

> 14m Michaels court experiences using case law
–> 16m+ Bank’ & receiver non acceptance of lawful payment, faliure of justice & corrupt courts
–> 18m Chilling effect tactics – The civil restraining order
–> 19m Establishment protects itself – denial of grounds for appeal, Lord Justice Lloyd

> 20m30 Nature of the mortgage fraud broken down
–> 21m30 Promissory note, unconditional promise to pay.
–> 23m The promissory note has already paid for the property. Creation of a credit line seen by the solicitor, not actual money.

–> 24m The mortgage debt cycle = global fraud.

–> 25m15s  “The laws of the United Kingdom are one gigantic trust, and the people are the beneficiaries, and the courts and the judges are trustees on behalf of the Queen, and they’re all in breach.” WOW – Richy

> 26 Remedies prescribed in the Act of Settlement are ignored; breach of trust

–> 26m20 Going up against the Crown or the banks & the web of deceit.
–> 27m30 – Our own faliure to take responsibillity over our own affairs

> 29 – Mass representative actions across the country: Game on Autumn/Winter 2011
–> 31 What happens if the case fails? The need for peaceful non violent change.
–> 33 The hand of Rothschild behind every war since Napoleon
–> 35 Police state develops by problem-reaction-solution.

> 35 – Just woken up?
–> 36m45 Don’t risk your own assets based on others ‘ advice
–> 37.30 Being considered exempt from tax by HRMC

–> 38 Registration of children – more taxpayers. Birth certificate is a certificate of title for the person. Life annuity is claimed after 7 years by…
–> 41 Land pirates & the seas of commerce
> 41.30  Michaels’ interaction with the pirates, declaring his condition of being alive & claiming his beneficary interest.
–> 44.30 Being on a subversives list

> 49 Michaels’ journey
–> 50 Heartfelt Intent

> 51 The community of self-realisation. Ideas for self sustaining trust associations
–> 53 If everyone knew how to create a privately-issued promissory note…
–> 54.30 Depositing promissory notes into trust accounts
–> 54 People’s public trust & law researcher convergence

> 55 Thoughts on Birkenhead. The need to exhaust all remedies.
–> 56 Magistrates courts virtually never follow due process
–> 57m30 Liens mean theres no such thing as immunity from prosecution!
–> 58 Power of liens to generate arrest warrants
–> 59m30s Peace is the path
–> 1h2m Convergence

>1h3m Michaels’ work on

>1h5m+ Close

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