Trust in one another – a key part of lawful rebellion

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Darren Deojee, The Peoples Public Trust

When it comes down to it, having enough to eat and place to live in comfort is nothing less than everyone deserves. The earth is our home. It was entrusted to you, and as much as it is yours, it is mine. I trust you to look after our home, but if you do not where you have pledged to, then you have broken that trust and you must account for it.

These are the sentiments of a trusting individual who acts upon his beliefs in a positive fashion; they are shared by myself and many others in lawful rebellion. It is apparent that corruption lies everywhere. It is apparent that we have a choice to act upon that corruption in the right way – non-violently and with compassion. What has not emerged as yet is a coherent method to change our systems of government for the better. We all need a means of seeking remedy, accountability, and justice.  We struggle to find a reliable interface with the courtroom, which is where (some) of the levers of power rest.

With the court effectively under the presumptive control of the banks and the commercial construct, goal posts can be changed and victories can really just be delays. Darren Deojee of the Peoples’ Public Trust, giving a talk at a recent White Rabbit seminar, has taken the concepts of trust law and applied it in a positive fashion to our crumbling nation.

The methods suggested by Darren and the People’s Public Trust say core charges  can be brought against public servants using trust and common law and, with associations of trusts, the people can act as one to challenge jurisdiction and hold to account civil servants and dispel the power of corporations. During the talk Darren covered a wide range of topics regarding trusts and his story so far with the project as per approximate timings below.

The people’s Public Trust can be found at

Please note the abrupt start to this talk; Straight into the nature of trusts and trust law in court.

Timings are approximate

2m Intro, then starting rather abrubtly on Trusts
4m Public/Private
5m Real Property
7m – Subject matter / failing to produce
9m45s – Freeman in court
10m30s – The peoples public trust in court
12m30s – Registration takes the power of your name
15m30s – Core charges in trust and common law
16m30s –  Misconduct in public office
19m00s – Holding public servants to account
21m00s – Where is the change?
22m00s – Freeman method invites ‘us and them’ mentality, trust is inclusive
24m – Iceland collapse & sanctioning – the real story
26m – Associated private trusts, napoleonic law
29m – The PPT declaration (draft)
36m – What can be achieved (contains Nigels’story)***
38m – Planning law changes
39m – The heart of the beast : England
41m – The need for a proper interface
44m – Public duty, positive law
47m55s – Change in subject matter example: Non-response
51m – Breach of trust
53m – Contact the PPT –
56m – Protests
58m20 – The ruler & the measure – drawing a line with people as a symbol across the land
59m34s – Slight skip as tape was changed, drawing the biggest line cont.
1h2m+ – Transparancy & contribution, turning loss into remedy & denial of jurisdiction.
1h5m+ Close


Find out more about the People’s Public Trust . Thanks to Darren for the great talk.

White Rabbit Education can be contacted at whiterabbiteducation(at)


Richy 29/07

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