Videos from the Census Hardnuts! You’re not alone!

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By David Ophalus

There are many of you emailing us and writing comments about what you should do about filling in the Census, and we’re trying our best to get back to each and every one of you, but this is sometimes impossible.

The things we’ve been finding is that putting Notices up on your property threatening fines works well and filming the ONS Officials also works well – you are literally making Census history when you film the ONS knocking at your door, as back in 2001, most people didn’t have video cameras, let alone video phones, as we all do now – so use them!

If you type into Google and Youtube, there are 10s of 1000s of people just like you who are in the same position of not answering their doors or attempting communication with the ONS Officials. Though it is amusing to film the ONS Officials, some of which are in this post, we feel it is best to literally never answer your door to anyone, unless you have guts made of steel! Why do we recommend inaction? Simply because a top bod in the ONS categorically said on a recorded phone call to Danny Shine and myself that, ‘it would be very difficult to prosecute anyone who doesn’t give over their name.’

How far will the ONS or should I say LOCKHEED MARTIN go in fining people? Well, that will depend on the numbers, if we all stand firm and say no to the end, they will not have the resources to fine anyone. Remember, over 1m people didn’t fill out the 2001 Census, only 38 were fined – the likelihood is minimal if you keep your mouth closed and remain ignorant to these wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing…

SERIOUSLY… don’t feel threatened about the fine, they cannot issue anything to the OCCUPIER – they need your name – so I will repeat, if in doubt and you want to partake in this Census Rebellion, just don’t answer the door… They will eventually disappear.

Let’s make this the biggest up yours to the Census in history! Burn it, wipe your bum with it, shred it, send it back or even be a good citizen and recycle it! Join the Census Rebellion!

A special message to all those who have given in and filled it out because of the fear of a fine, we all understand. It’s very tough to stand up to such a strong authority. Remember though, the fact you’re here and you at least went through some of the way is a step in the right direction – good on us all!

Without further waffling here are a ton of Census videos to give us all courage!!!


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