BANNED POLICE VIDEO: How to deal with Police Officers

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I learnt something once from travelling up to Scotland with John Harris once, where he was stopped by Police and refused to take any paperwork from them. This meant that he wasn’t subject to their Judge Dredd summary judgement on the side of the road and that if the Police wanted to proceed with anything, they’d have to do tonnes more paperwork by getting in touch with the Courts. After 6 months, John didn’t hear anything, which mean that any proceedings would be invalid.

I carried on passing this knowledge and even tested it myself and it works. All you need to be is polite, give them your name and address, just don’t accept or sign any paperwork. You are entitled to use this method, but you have to make sure you’re nice about it. Police also have to read you the exact piece of legislation before they can administer any ‘justice’.

The more we get this information out there, the more we can effectively create a more level playing field when dealing with the Police, who to me just seem generally like angry wasps buzzing around the place looking for trouble.

The following video from Danny Shine (I’m so glad you released it Danny!) is a great example of how anyone can effectively run rings around the Police, as they just aren’t used to dealing with people who aren’t scared of them; and know in reality the Police don’t have many powers if you refuse to contract with them… ENJOY:

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