Census law is ‘crafted’ to enforce completion

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Report by David Ophalus

Hello all

Highlights raised in Danny Shine’s new video:

  1. It is a crime to do nothing.
  2. According to the ONS, if your completed Census is lost in the post, you have to prove that it was indeed lost in the post – this means it’s not the Post Office’s responsibility, it is yours from when you post it until it hits the Census factory – how odd.
  3. The Law is ‘crafted’ to the advantage of the Authorities.
  4. There is no law that you have to open your mail.
  5. There is no connection between the words ‘OCCUPIER’ and ‘HOUSEHOLDER’ in the Census questionnaire and Census Legislation.
  6. There is some ground to cover on the Data Protection Act, if the ‘HOUSEHOLDER’ gives over your information without consent.
  7. The questionnaire is apparently in ‘Plain English’, yet the ‘OCCUPIER’ is a term in Law.
  8. According to the ONS, Lawyers make money from contradicting the interpretations of law in Court.
  9. The Authorities cannot prosecute a house, if people decide to no fill in the Census, don’t answer the door or communicate with any of the Census Body Corporate – it wi ll be ‘very difficult’ to prosecute somebody.

Seriously, these people are bonkers. They have no right to demand anything from us but love.

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