Your 2011 Census will help Big Business make money

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A very interesting email came our way today that included a press release from the Office of National Statistics talking about why babies will be included in the 2011 Census… whatever on that front…

The interesting part was at the bottom where the ONS are promoting the reasons why people should fill out the Census. The following two points are gold dust, we just can’t make this stuff up:

  • Supermarkets, such as Sainsbury’s, use census data to help plan what food to stock
  • Banks, such as Barclays, and other commercial businesses use census data to help locate their businesses in appropriate places

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Who wants to help Sainsbury’s or Tesco to provide more targeted marketing to manipulate people to buy rubbish they don’t actually need? Who wants to support the destruction of local businesses for these huge corporations?

These companies are proven crooks and have been in trouble with the British legal system many times in the past, so how can the ONS enforce the people to not break their fake law, when the very corporations they’re helping are pulling faces at them behind their back?

Ethically speaking why on earth would anyone support these corporations through filling out the 2011 Census when they’re breaking so-called laws themselves all the time? Here are some brief CCJ reports on the following corporations that peoples’ 2011 Census data will be helping to line the pockets of even more!

This is the 2011 Census Rebellion!

26th March, Census Rebellion, 1pm North side of Trafalgar Square. You will see us with megaphones! Follow the Census Rebellion flyers if you can’t find us!

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