Latest Census Rebellion videos from Danny Shine

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Report by David Ophalus

The Census Rebellion is now in full swing and we’re getting so many emails from people who are helping out, telling us about their own Census Rebellion and we’re also getting loads of interesting links to more and more information.

Danny is doing a grand job out on the streets and doing more great phone calls to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Interestingly, The ONS says that people don’t have to sign the Census! I have absolutely no idea how a form can be addressed to ‘THE OCCUPIER’ and then there is no obligation to sign the completed Census – This is very strange – how can any Enforcement Officers’ or the Courts fine anyone without knowing who lives at the home? This could be a possible grey area, as the Authorities involved would have to access Personal Data from the Council or other Government departments to find out who is actually at the address. I’m guessing that they remedy this through the actual visit by the Enforcement Officers’ when they read out the Police And Criminal Evidence Act out to the Occupier – simply, don’t answer the door!

The most interesting points that are raised by Danny from our collective information, which is all thoroughly backed up and is available within the original Census Rebellion article here, is denied by the ONS as nonsense. For instance LOCKHEED MARTIN’s links with the NSA, CIA DARPA and how they are officially the most corrupt corporation in the USA is easy info to verify.

The ONS are already way out of their depth and I will go as far to say that they’ve completely lost the plot on the 2011 Census and we’ll be breaking the previous Census’s record of non-compliance. It would be great if everyone from the ONS would just start telling us the truth and if you don’t know certain things, why on earth don’t you? It’s not good enough to say, ‘it’s above my pay-scale’ – this is a serious matter that requires the full support of the British people in order for you to remain a credible source of information for people.

Come to the Census Rebellion! 26th March at Trafalgar Square, North Side at 1pm!

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