Danny Shine is on the Census case!

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We know that there are no clear cut boundaries of how you should rebel against the Census, everybody needs to do it their way, so they feel comfortable with being part of this collective Census Rebellion.

We sent Danny Shine our Census article before it was published to give him a head-start with the truth about the 2011 Census. Being Danny, he looks for humorous loopholes and appeals to common sense and wit of individuals in ‘Authority’… without doing anything ‘illegal’ or against the ‘Law’, whatever that means in this Country!

This video post is an absolutely spliffing example of  how the Office of National Statistics (ONS) ends up directly lying on the phone about LOCKHEED MARTIN’s involvement in the development of the 2011 Census.

If anyone caught The Wright Stuff the other day about the Census, you’ll also hear Mark Wright being screamed at by the producers about a Lawful Rebellioneer talking to them about LOCKHEED MARTIN’s involvement with the Census, needless to say, our man was cut off.

If you look at the full Census article here, you’ll find all the FOI requests between Lawful Rebellion and the ONS, which clearly state that LOCKHEED will be providing the ‘systems’ for the electronic control of the Census – this is proof that what the ONS Officer said over the phone to Danny Shine was lies:

lockheed martin census rebellion





Also, news just in from a member that LOCKHEED MARTIN are collecting all of the RAW DATA coming from peoples’ electronic submission of the Census:

“Just ran a visualroute trace on the census login page:

https://onlinema1.census.gov.uk = Lockheed Martin UK

So much for the assurances that Lockheed Martin were not being given access to the raw census data (ONS states that Lockheed Martin will only have access to data stripped of personally identifiable information).”

Anyway, without ranting anymore here’s an excellent couple of videos of Danny’s response to the Census:

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