Roger Hayes – Council Tax Lawful Rebellion – Judge arrested

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Council Tax Lawful Rebellion Birkenhead County Court

Council Tax Lawful Rebellion Birkenhead County Court

Have you ever wondered what happens when one man stands up to the council over his findings about the unlawful nature of council tax?

This was a massive event for peaceful, lawful rebellion and sets the tone for the shape of things to come.

Video links for Lawful rebellion at Birkenhead:
Full Video Hats Off Productions – Rebellion of the people
Check the Photostory from the day here:
The arrest of the fake Mc Judge:
Peaceful (&Noisy) Lawful Rebellion Inside the Fake Mc Court at Birkenhead
Do your job – Point Made.
Footage from the court room feat. Ray Sinclair:
Typically shit BBC vagueness:
The main audio reporting for the duration of todays’ events pushed the technological limit. Live bursts from the scene and commentary: Universally Aware Blog Talk Radio show

Vic Populi – Roger Hayes did not pay council tax, fought the system and won


Roger Hayes of The British Constitution Group has long questioned the legitimacy of the council tax. Specifically, he asks how can one be made to perform – as in become legally obliged, to perform certain actions (payment) without a form of contract taking place?

Duly understood, a contract must have a signature of the parties’ agreement. This has been Roger’s key to unlocking the fraud from the get-go. There is no signature on any contract, therefore no agreement, therefore no debt and no jurisdiction without c-o-n-s-e-n-t. Period. The end. Winning. Duh.

The court cannot proceed as there is no debt, no case and no jurisdiction to hold Roger accountable under. The trick as we know involves steamrollering or getting Roger to consent to answering to ‘State your name’ – therefore agreeing to represent the corporate fiction on which the Judge operates. The trustee to the trust. The strawman. The birth certificate. The corporate you. Et-freaking-cetera. MR ROGER HAYES – a legal appelation or entity which can be held under Admiralty jurisiction and CONtract law, ancient mystery religion sacrifical voodoo law. Complicated shit which enslaves us through our ingnorance to the deception.  Not any more.

History >>
Roger Hayes, nailing a previous hearing, forced the judge to demand the prosecution prepare their case adequately. He did so by repeadetly insisting on the fraudulent nature of the proceedings based upon invalid summonses. He insisted on remaining outside the Jurisdiction of the court and did so. Read the Full story on UK Column >

Rise like lions >>

People Enter the Fake McCourt for justice 'n' fries

People Enter the Fake McCourt for justice ‘n’ fries

The court hearing today (7th March 2011) has bought some interesting consequences for the courtroom staff, police, media and one judge of Birkenhead at the County court. 500+ protestors, organised by a collaborative effort of alternative media websites and social networking sites assembled outside the courthouse after meeting at Hamilton Square.



Hundreds more people turned up and hung around outside the court chanting

Hundreds more people turned up and hung around outside the court chanting

Various newspapers from the area have covered the events that proceeded:

Daily Mail
Wirral Globe
Liverpool Echo

And websites:
World Freeman Society
Truth Hunter

The protest outside the courthouse remained largely peaceful and the message of lawful rebellion is truly manifesting. It is about numbers. It is about solidarity. It is about looking after one another and doing what is right to remove this corporate parasite by denying it the power to operate any more. That power is the peoples’ agreement. Do you agree? Or do you peacefully remove your consent? Lawful Rebellion is an idea. It was birthed by TPUC and John Harris. It has now spread throughout the island where beacons are lighting up everywhere. This year we must come together and stick up for one another. Fear will enslave us, Love will set us free.

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