Lawful Rebellion – Action Stations

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The whole world is awakening - what about our little island?
This event info was copied from – A website & man I respect for unflinching dedication to the cause of a free humanity and a return to paradise on earth. Roger Hayes is founder of the British Constitution Group and I met him with John Harris two years ago at his home in Merseyside. We need to act as one to have an impact and get the mainstream attention in this hardcore mind-controlled, Kleptocratic island. The world is waking up in 2011 – help make a difference – here’s your chance.

An Appeal for Lawful Rebellion action – Urgent

Seismic event – Monday 7th March – 1pm – Hamilton Square. Birkenhead. Wirral.

Everybody please bring black umbrellas – this is not in anticipation of rain – this is for a high profile publicity event…

We cannot say too much… details of what is ‘going down’ will be released minutes before it happens… and we will have a team of co-ordinators on the ground to direct activities. But we must have large numbers. It is clear that the word is going around the internet … but we need to keep pushing this event AS HARD AS WE CAN

If there is one event that has the potential to wake the whole nation up – this is it. We anticipate national TV coverage – in fact the channels will be embarrassed if they do not cover it. The Aussies will be staying awake to watch as events unfold. There will be a live stream to the internet.

We will have our own TV crews covering events as they unfold… but everybody is encouraged to film, record to witness events.

Please email, text, facebook, twitter this event… near and far.

We sincerely believe that this will be history in the making…. but it depends on YOU.

Thank you


Driving: M56. M53 … to Birkenhead – Hamilton Square.

By train: Liverpool Lime Street – take underground (any train) to Hamilton Square.

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