2011 Census Rebellion!

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Fines not Lines for Naughty Census Rebellion!

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The 2011 Census seems to have been pushed aside by the media for more pressing stories like the X Factor, Recession, the new political model: coalition politics, Korean, Iranian and Egyptian propaganda and the looming Royal wedding. Yet for some of us who believe we’re not subjects of the Crown nor like to be told what to do, the Census is a vivid example that in fact we’re merely Personalty (living movable assets), and not free human beings, to the people in high places and that it’s their God-given Right to tell us what to do. One of the Government’s own website’s boasts:

“Governments of every era have recognised the need to collect information on their most valuable asset – their people. Slaves, peasants and serfs, nobles, clergymen and monarchs have all taken part in censuses.”

The first Census was taken in 1086 for tax purposes and displaced many Britons through the dividing of land – this was another step in destroying Cymric and Cornish culture, by not granting them the same Rights as Englanders. And only just in this 2011 Census, the ‘Welsh’ (Cymric) people have been given ‘status’.

The Census has repeatedly been used for propaganda, new tax policies and financial control, along with serving as a head count for various wars. For instance, the Napoleonic wars and the two world wars used valuable Census data to plan how to use human beings, as cannon fodder for their domination.

Rebellion to the Census began with opposition to the demographer, Thomas Malthus, who published his essay on the ‘Principle of Population’ in 1798. Malthus suggested that population growth would soon outstrip supplies of food and other resources, Britain would be hit by famine, disease and other disasters. Such lobbying pressures on Parliament caused the introduction of the Census Act in 1800 and the first official Census of England and Wales was on 10 March 1801. This strategy sounds eerily like the plan used to drum up support for the Western Forces to conquer countless defenceless cultures.

Britons have always held the Census with contempt, and quite rightly so, why should we as human beings be treated like cattle at market? The history of rebellion began with the Women’s Freedom League, who encouraged the boycott of the 1911 Census by not being at home during the night of the Census – this is something the Office for National Statistics (ONS) are trying to stop by introducing a part where the ‘home owner’ has to fill out who exactly is staying at their homes during the night of the Census!

There was also a 1m large Census rebellion during the year of 1991 over the Poll tax and also the fact that people knew that the Census was a way of the Government producing new tax policies.

And just in 2001, 390,127 Britons found other ways of rebelling through saying their religion is Jedi! An absolutely novel and impressive way of rebelling in typical British style! A tradition that is continuing to successfully mock the idiocy of the people who think they can dominate us and tell us how to eat, shit and breathe.

So this 2011 Census needs to be a fitting gesture to the Government, that we aren’t their cattle and we won’t be told what to do by silly pieces of paper in buildings that look like Churches by Judges who look like Catholic priests!

After all of this, do you think it’s ETHICALLY right to assist in channelling your private details and tax money to the largest war-machine and most corrupt corporation in the USA, LOCKHEED MARTIN, under legal enforcement of the Crown, WITHOUT our consultation? The data of which will be then used by 100s of Government agencies and private companies for the purposes of working out new ways of extracting more of your Sweat Equity; and to hatch new plans in how to create their fictional Utopian societal domination?

This Census is designed to get into our collective minds more than ever before, you can make a choice to help them or resist them in whatever way you can manage…

This is the 2011 CENSUS REBELLION!

We will be campaigning and attempt to support you all in standing up to these brutes who think that it’s their authoritative right to treat us as their assets, PERSONALTY. These particular people live off the fruits of our labour, whilst most of us have to survive in relative poverty, worrying about whether we’re going to have a job in a year’s time and how we’re going to be able to afford to feed and educate our families, coupled with the fact of our Sweat Equity being worth less and our freedom of movement being sanctioned more and more.

Here’s a great video on what somebody is doing with the Census:


WARNING: You don’t need to read on, if you don’t want to! Please download the action pack below to spread the word!

Click here for the action pack for to use. This pack includes:

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  • A Word letterhead you can use to send your own letters
  • A cut out NO CONTRACT message for envelopes


You have no Rights and will be an ‘Enemy of the State’ if you don’t comply with the 2011 Census. Decide what to believe:

It’s a fact that the Crown will own your personal data when you fill out the 2011 Census survey. Just as your name and number becomes a legal fiction at birth through your parents unwittingly signing your Crown copyrighted Birth Certificate, along with other more ancient religious methods of recording your birth date for slavery. Through the transition from childhood into teenage-hood, most of us are successfully programmed to keep our Person alive by using credit facilities, accepting a National Insurance number, paying PAYE, being on the Electoral Register and voting in Governments.

The notion of us being owned stretches across everything else you think you own … Every ‘thing’ is merely granted to your Person making it easier for them to monitor their assets… Personaltyyour property is theirs, don’t be fooled! They will come and take whatever they like, whenever they like through their Mafia Court proceedings and incomprehensible Legalese.

We will repeat, the Crown can do anything they like with your personal life, because they literally own it – this fact is stipulated through the enforced compliance of the Census Act. The Crown and its Government agencies have made it very clear that Enforcement Officers’ will be fining everyone £1000 who doesn’t do what the Crown tells them. Furthermore, everyone who resists payment to the Crown and Government will eventually be able to ‘legally’ enter your Person’s dwelling and strip it of £1000 worth of assets until the debt is settled. Proof you own NOTHING and have no control whatsoever of your personal life. In ONS’s own words,

“The Census is compulsory and there are no ethical reasons or legal exemptions for not having to complete a Census questionnaire with the exception of the question on religion which is voluntary.”

It’s a given some of you have already thought about how to get out of this legally, and the Act that immediately springs to mind is the Human Rights Act 1998, which is compatible with the EU version. Well we researched this and the response from the ONS is:

“Article 8(2) of the ECHR makes provision for the public authority to interfere with a person’s rights to privacy and respect for family life if such interference is authorised by law and is for the one of the permitted aims of the Article. The requirement to comply with the Census is therefore entirely in accordance with the Human Rights Act in that the lawful authority is given by the Census Act 1920 and this is the necessary for the economic well-being of the country and for the purposes of the protection of health and the rights and freedoms of others.”

They added more evidence regarding compliance with District Judge Parkinson’s, ruling in 2002, who was in favour of the Census, giving no Right to invoke the Human Rights Act:

“[The Census] is necessary for the benefit of society at large – to plan strategy spending policies etc for central and local government; education; schools and other organisations.”

Let’s unravel this particular Judgement, so everyone understands their disgusting way of addressing Human Beings:

“Article 8(2) of the ECHR makes provision for the public authority to interfere with a person’s rights to privacy and respect for family life if such interference is authorised by law and is for the one of the permitted aims of the Article.”

What ‘they’ actually said:

  1. We have designed ‘society’ and democracy carefully, so we cream off the top via the Class System, Canon Law and labour. We have to protect our privileges at any cost, and this includes any Conditional Rights, Citizens think they have, if what we created is deemed to be at risk.
  2. The Public has no privacy when ‘Public Authority’ lobbies a move that would contradict so blatantly break real Human Rights, if they actually existed. But we’ve designed the Human Rights Act in such a way that we give people their Rights with one hand and take them away with the other – this seems to trick people on the whole.
  3. We are the lawmakers, as well as the authority – we know this a conflict of interest and we continually manipulate the Law to our benefit everyday to keep what we have created.

“The requirement to comply with the Census is therefore entirely in accordance with the Human Rights Act in that the lawful authority is given by the Census Act 1920 and this is the necessary for the economic well-being of the country.”

What ‘they’ actually mean:

  1. If you don’t comply with the Census, you will affect the ‘economic well-being’ of the Country, so what are all those who don’t comply? You will simply become a benign Terrorist or an enemy of the State, which will then give them the Right to spy on you. It’s quite apt at this point to slot in where such tight regulations apply for people in Banks and the Government Mafia – if we will be arrested and taken to Court, surely the Bankers and Government will be in there first?
  2. ‘They’ designed the Human Rights Act and ‘they’ use it as a weapon for propaganda when ‘they’ see fit. What is the Human Rights Act, but merely a two-tier stitch up phone contract that you seemingly have to pay for even if you don’t get any service? Answers in the post please!

“For the purposes of the protection of health and the rights and freedoms of others.”

What ‘they’ actually mean:

  1. If you don’t comply, you will affect the way the private sector align budgets to continually save money at the expense of Human life for the benefit of the few at the top of the hierarchy.
  2. If you don’t comply, you will affect the rights and freedoms of the Elite at the top of the hierarchy, which means that they will use all enforcement using their private army, the Police, to scare you into submission.

Interestingly in 2001, over 1.5m households failed to return their Census and only 38 were prosecuted. Why is this? Simply because it’s way too difficult to police the Census Act, as they’re strapped for cash and don’t have the resources to cope with a mass rebellion. They’ve tried to offset this, as they know that there is going to be at least pockets of rebellion, and there is profit to be made from the £1000 fines – hence why they’ve employed lots of Enforcement Officers who will have absolutely NO AUTHORITY whatsoever to make you do anything – REMEMBER anything you do with them will be contractual and your choice – Don’t dig your own grave by even talking to them! The legislation and pseudo-law they state is as powerful as them trying to make you pay your TV Licence. It will be up to your strength of heart over brain matter! Tough – no seriously, if you do it, you’re very tough and one of maybe 1m people who will stand up and be counted.

Private Shareholders will ultimately manipulate 2011 Census data to develop new draconian Tax and legal policies

The Census has become even more intrusive, and as Britain becomes more and more openly privatised, it begs the question whether any corporation should be able to use any information given by the people, if it’s only going to generate increased profits for their Shareholders and people at the top? For instance:

  1. If the Highways are sold off to the Rothchild’s empire, this would mean that they would be able to access Census data in order to develop price plans for another Road Tax (vehicle excise duty); and be able to fund the live tracking of all of us on the roads.
  2. All the greedy water companies will be able to access new Census data so they can seek new ways to increase prices of already what is considered to be liquid gold to corporations, pocketing £billions a year.
  3. Local Councils will be able to access new Census data about how many rooms are in your dwelling, along with who spends a lot of time in your private dwelling both family and friends, whether they’re staying over (found in the ‘Household Questions’). How else would the Councils use this information than to produce a new taxation system; and tighten the benefits belt further? Or this is a double-whammy, so they try and capture all the people who try to hide around other houses!
  4. There are interesting and very intrusive questions in the survey relating to jobs, which are revealing for example:

“If a job had been available last week, could you have started it within two weeks?”

After speaking with people on benefits, they say things are changing rapidly and that they’re being forced into manual labour under blackmail that their benefits will be cut. These specific questions will surely drive new policy for the benefits system, as a PR gimmick to satisfy the mass of ‘hard worker bees’ making sure the Government are being tough on the unemployed.

Ask yourself:

What is the real purpose of the 2011 Census?

How do we all benefit from the Government and the Crown knowing more about our private lives than ever before?

The officially severely corrupt and taxpayer-sucking corporation, LOCKHEED MARTIN, spies on you and you and you and helps to kill them over there and there and there…

An interesting detail is that Staff with various levels of access to the full Census data set or substantial parts of it will have to apply security markings to handle material classified as, ‘UNCLASSIFIED’, ‘CLASSIFIED’ and ‘SECRET’ (assumed 3rd category) under the UK Government’s classifications. This system will obviously be a way of keeping everything that should be made public away from the public ‘for our own protection’. So basically anything that’s going against official public policy will be labelled ‘SECRET’, i.e. give them the green light to send whatever they like to LOCKHEED MARTIN or any EU private company they wish; or turn a blind eye at the amount of espionage going on all the time by agencies across the world, let alone in their own office! Funnily enough this list of LOCKHEED’s and NSA’s includes UK’s own allies, using technologies like the sophisticated spying sky network, ECHELON, which is in our own back garden.

Just in 2001, agencies were caught eavesdropping on, ‘anyone who is politically active’ – absolutely nothing was done about the case once it reached the EU Parliament. There are numerous companies involved in ECHELON’s production, namely LOCKHEED MARTIN, who is at the top of their game in surveillance technology and provide services to these agencies.

LOCKHEED is an interesting company taking $1 in every $13 of US Citizens’ tax, as surveillance, guns, war and killing seem to always be at the top of peoples’ minds whenever the American flag is seen – this is not natural is it?

LOCKHEED are also all over the UK Police supplying them with the staff and resources to forcibly take peoples’ DNA, fingerprints and photographs – where does this data all end up?

Yet despite the facts, the Crown has appointed this American war machine intelligence technology corporation to manage the whole 2011 Census from start to finish. Oh and for those that don’t know, LOCKHEED MARTIN designed and built the clever little F117 Stealth Bomber that so precisely bombed Iraq in all those TV videos and so skilfully assist the West in bombing little brown people across the planet – Shock and Awe – the years that followed, it’s estimated that over 500,000 children died as a result of the attack and sustained embargoes.

Here is a nice little selection of LOCKHEED products that assist Governments in spying and killing people who disagree with their beliefs and policies:

  • Air-to-Air Missiles
  • Anti-Armour Missiles
  • Fire Support
  • Precision Strike
  • Strategic Systems
  • Fingerprint ID systems
  • Shuttle
  • ISS
  • Orion
  • MRO
  • Phoenix Mars Lander
  • Mars Global Surveyor (MGS)
  • 2001 Mars Odyssey
  • Stardust
  • Hubble Space Telescope
  • Spitzer Space Telescope
  • Nuclear Systems & Solutions
  • C-5 Galaxy
  • C-130 Hercules
  • F-16 to the F-22
  • F-35
  • F-22 Raptor
  • F-35 Lightning II
  • Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM)
  • U-2 (shot down over Soviet airspace before)
  • SR-71


“Whether it’s providing satellite imagery to track threats or developing systems to analyze complex security data or deploying fingerprint ID technology for rapid first response, Lockheed Martin offers the depth of expertise and technological capabilities to help protect our homeland… Our information security capabilities span secure communications, computer network defense, intrusion detection and prevention, and the full array of information operations.”

LOCKHEED MARTIN is ruthless and beyond the reach of any real global Government control

One of LOCKHEED’s contracts is with a company called, CIFA, a Defense Department Agency, providing consultancy and staff for data mining and intelligence gathering and got surprisingly got caught ‘illegally obtaining information on American Citizens’ according to The National Security Archive:

“CIFA did not comply with the 90-day retention review policy specified by that directive and the CORNERSTONE database did not have the capability to identify TALON reports with U.S. person information, to identify reports requiring a 90-day retention review, or allow analysts to edit or delete the TALON reports.”

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) started the Information Awareness Office in 2002, its function was to gather as much information on American citizens as possible and be used by secret agencies. Data Mining included internet activity, rental car records, social security numbers, credit card purchases, driver’s licences, airline tickets, medical records, educational history, utility bills, tax returns, etc.

DARPA was disbanded in 2004, but the data-mining was contracted out to agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA), the Defense Intelligence Agency and the FBI, who contract out to companies like good old LOCKHEED MARTIN.

The US Act that allows Government-appointed agencies to spy on whoever they see fit internationally is the Patriot Act:

“Section 215 of the Patriot Act allows the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to authorise broad warrants for nearly any type of record, including those held by banks, libraries, internet service providers, credit card companies, even doctors of ‘persons of interest’.”

After all this damning factual information about LOCKHEED MARTIN and their fluid jurisdiction, it seemed logical to ask the ONS (a little British Statistical Department), exactly how they’ll be managing to stop LOCKHEED MARTIN (the foremost Intelligence contractor and war-machine maker in the World) from obtaining the Census 2011 information whilst LOCKHEED will be managing the whole process from start to finish including:

  • Questionnaire printing
  • Data capture and coding – the scanning of paper questionnaires and online data capture
  • Questionnaire tracking
  • Provisions of a telephone helpline

ONS wrote back and said:

“ONS has put in place additional contractual and operational arrangements in the 2011 Census contract with Lockheed Martin UK to ensure that US authorities could not gain access to census data. Those arrangements include:

  • All data processing will be carried out in UK – no data will leave or be held at any point outside the UK
  • All data is the property of the ONS and only UK/EU owned companies will have any access to personal census data
  • The only people who have access to the full census dataset in the operational data centre will be ONS staff
  • No Lockheed Martin staff (from either the US parent or UK company) will have access to any personal census data
  • ONS will control system access rights to all data systems
  • Everyone working with census data will sign declarations of confidentiality
  • Independent checks by an accredited UK security consultancy of both physical and electronic security are carried out for ONS.”

Surely LOCKHEED MARTIN will be able to commission one of its agencies or contractors to accidently crack the code they developed and deliver the Census information to whoever pays the price? This isn’t conspiracy, it’s an assumption based on imperial evidence of LOCKHEED MARTIN’s previous record of spying and illegal data mining.

How loose can a Government get in keeping peoples’ information confidential, unless it’s all a public show (surely not!)… Especially when they will be subcontracting out to these companies as well:

  • Cable & Wireless
  • Logica
  • UK Data Capture
  • BSS
  • Steria
  • Polestar
  • Barron McCann
  • Web Technology Group
  • Oracle

It baffles the mind to think that if the priority of the ONS were confidentiality, then surely they’d be trying to minimise the amount of corporations involved, especially ones that won’t have such rigorous methods of secrecy? Obviously, they trust every corporation involved, and had lots of nice lunches with all of them probably at the taxpayers’ expense.

LOCKHEED MARTIN’s involvement in torture, bribes, illegal wars and arming war-torn countries, snippet by Jeffery St. Clair of CounterPunch:


“More than 80 percent of Lockheed’s revenues derive directly from federal government contracts. And most of the rest comes from foreign military sales to Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Chile. Israel alone spends $1.8 billion a year on planes and missile systems purchased from Lockheed. Lockheed sells its weaponry, from F-16 fighters to surveillance software, to more than 40 nations. “We’re looking at world domination of the market,” gloated Bob Elrod, a senior executive in Lockheed’s fighter plane division…

With Lockheed, it’s sometimes difficult to discern whether it’s taking advantage of US foreign policy or shaping it. Take the Iraq war. Lockheed’s former vice-president, Bruce Jackson, headed an ad hoc group called the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. This coven of corporate executives, think tank gurus and retired generals includes such war-mongering luminaries as Richard Perle, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Gen. Wayne Downing and former CIA director James Woolsey…

After meeting with White House functionaries, members of the Committee would fan out on cable news shows and talk radio to inflame the fever for war against Saddam…

In 2002, the Bush administration called on Jackson to help drum up support in Eastern Europe for the war on Iraq. When Poland and Hungary came on board, Jackson actually drafted their letter supporting an invasion of Iraq. His company was swiftly rewarded for his efforts. In 2003, Poland purchased 50 of Lockheed’s F-16 fighters for $3.5 billion. The sale was underwritten by a $3.8 billion loan from the Bush administration.

Lockheed also made out quite nicely from the Iraq war itself. Its F-117 Stealth fighters inaugurated the start of the war with the “Shock and Awe” bombing of Baghdad. Later, the Pentagon stepped up orders of Lockheed’s PAC 3 Patriot missile. The missile batteries, designed for use against SCUD missiles that Iraq no longer possessed, sell for $91 million per unit.

After the toppling of Saddam, Lockheed executives saw an opportunity to gobble up one of the big private contractors doing business in Iraq, Titan Corporation. The San Diego-based company was awarded a $10 million contract to provide translators for the Pentagon in Iraq. Two of those translators, Adel Nakhl and John Israel, were later accused of being involved in the torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. Titan translators, who are paid upwards of $107,000 a year, were also implicated in a scandal at Guantanamo prison.”

Contracts are simply pieces of paper and have no authority unless you sign them

As we all know, contracts issued by the Crown and Government of the UK aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, especially Legislation that matches that of policies such as the TV Licence.

The evidence regarding how LOCKHEED MARTIN seem to be very accustomed to data mining and gathering intelligence of the Public at large is astounding. And even if LOCKHEED MARTIN gets caught, they know on the whole a blind eye will be turned – just part of that special relationship between the UK and USA. So if LOCKHEED MARTIN think they’re above the ‘law’, then it’s easy to see they aren’t worried about a thing. Yet we can potentially end up in Court with a £1000 fine! Is this Democracy in action, as we’re slightly confused over here at Lawful Rebellion. J

The average bloke must think all that’s been documented is a joke and will be naturally questioning why such a corporation as LOCKHEED MARTIN will have complete unofficial control of British personal data.

And just in case, for those who don’t know, this arrangement is predicted to be part of the deal the Americans brokered back in the 60s – complete disclosure of every British Citizens’ personal data, free reign to spy and extradite who they choose, in exchange for a public share in global nuclear dominance. As one of my dearest friends, John Harris, says,

‘Look at what they’re doing turn it around 180 degrees and you can see what’s happening in plain sight.’

The trick is very simple, stamp a ‘CLASSIFIED’ or ‘SECRET’ seal on anything the Slaves aren’t allowed to see, and if they do, we have the Right to throw them in prison if they tell anyone what they’ve found out – Hence why we never hear anything of relevance with anything in the mainstream media.

Ethics means nothing to the Authorities, only to us, the people

If there isn’t a straightforward legal way to not comply with the Census 2011, and then let’s try putting some spanners in the works, we can choose to:

  1. Ethically refuse the Census due to the nature of the contractors the Government has chosen. LOCKHEED MARTIN is clearly a rogue corporation who has been caught, along with their agents, spying on the American and UK Public, lobbying for the illegal Iraq war and arming conflicts making the world a more dangerous place. We cannot as the people of this Island, trust this kind of corporation with our private information.
  2. Ethically refuse the Census until the Iraq war was ‘legal’ and justified and that LOCKHEED’s involvement didn’t cause a bigger problem and indirectly killing 100s of 1000s of people. We don’t want to be involved in any way, shape or form with this hideous corporation.
  3. Not comply with the 2011 Census until the ONS can prove that the Census data won’t be used directly or indirectly for the service of Shareholders in all the corporations involved in the running of Government services. A popular theme on the streets from people is that we’re paying more for less or our Sweat Equity is worth less – so how can the Census help us other than to squeeze more from our pockets?
  4. Refuse to comply, if our private information is going to be used to form profit-making Strategies and Policies that we know will affect the wellbeing of our families and us. It should be optional and everyone who fills out the Census to at least get paid £5000 for their time and private data. If we’re living in practically a privately run Government, then why can we not have control of our own Assets?
  5. We’re positive how they’re dealing with this is very similar to how the TV Licence prosecutions are carried out. In essence, don’t contract with them, talk to them, sign anything or fill anything out, and the only tools they have to get you prosecuted cannot be used or will cost more than the fine’s worth to pursue.
  6. Do it the official way, complain and complain and complain, asking over and over again the questions you have about the Census and that you don’t agree with it. Captain Ranty is very good at this method, ask him for tips!

Are the Terrorists in our own back garden?

LOCKHEED MARTIN has broken many laws in the States and some over here, what’s to say they won’t follow the ‘law’ this time around? Also look at the Crown and the Government and find all the ways you have found where they can be defined in The Terrorism Act and Counter-Terrorism Act – this is FUN! There is enough information in this article and the links at the end of it for anyone to assist in this legal concept.


Under the Terrorism Act 2000:

“1 Terrorism: interpretation.

(1) In this Act “terrorism” means the use or threat of action where—

(b) the use or threat is designed to influence the government [For an international governmental organisation] or to intimidate the public or a section of the public, and

(c) the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious [racial] or ideological cause.”

Under the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008:

“Meaning of “ancillary offence”

(1) In this Act “ancillary offence”, in relation to an offence, means any of the following—

(a) aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring the commission of the offence (or, in Scotland, being art and part in the commission of the offence);

(b) an offence under Part 2 of the Serious Crime Act 2007 (c. 27) (encouraging or assisting crime) in relation to the offence (or, in Scotland, inciting a person to commit the offence)”

After reading the definitions within these two Acts, and all the information pertained within this document, do you think we have a case?

Let’s stand up to these brutes! Their secret is out, we aren’t their slaves! THIS IS THE 2011 CENSUS REBELLION!


Action Pack:

Click here for the action pack for to use. This pack includes:

  • A4 poster and A5 flyers
  • Various sized logos for web use
  • Various sized web buttons for you to add onto website and forums
  • A Word letterhead you can use to send your own letters
  • A cut out NO CONTRACT message for envelopes


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