200 UK quangos extinguished whilst the EU fire rages on

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200 quangos go on david cameron's bonfire - witch hunt

200 quangos go on david cameron's bonfire - witch hunt

In 1996 Tony Blair said he was going to, ‘consign the Quango state to the dustbin of history’. As we all know nothing changes in Politics, so it comes to no surprise that David Cameron promised a ‘bonfire of Quangos’ if he came into Government. Finally after 15 years the Government is giving its Quangos an overhaul, i.e. slashing funding or shutting shop entirely, well that’s the official message anyway. But the ‘bonfire’ message is too strong not to question – Is this media campaign symbolic of the looming Guy Fawke’s Night, when a Roman Catholic group tried to burn down Westminster? Are these the very people who have always been behind the UK Government, European Union (EU), The See of Rome, all operating from Portcullis House directing the changes in Great Britain?

If you were part of the public-face of the UK Government, ruling in a place where most people don’t know what the EU means, nor even wants it, and Portcullis House is giving you Directives, how do you carry out the task without waking the masses? The truth is that all those bottom-feeding quangos are doubling up on the newly appointed EU’s quangos, so the old ones have to go or be reduced to just the right size to administer incoming EU Directives. ‘Why pay twice’ is probably the conniving backroom’s current phrase in harmonising UK’s infrastructure with the unconstitutional power’s of the Roman Catholic EU Regime.

It’s starting to make sense why Tony Blair said he’d do what David Cameron is now doing, and why EU’s first President, Tony Blair, cough cough, converted to Roman Catholicism. But somewhere along the line, these plans got pushed back, changed, and it ended up becoming David Cameron’s gig, not Tony Blair’s to push through the EU quangos, regulating every orifice of the UK.

This is another great example of how a Government media smoke and mirrors exercise is either fooling journalists or journalists are fooling the Public with the notion that all this is happening because of cost-cutting. We all know that nobody really wants the EU, and this is exactly why the Government from day one have hidden the realities about how the EU is sweeping across the corridors of power in Great Britain affecting our lives, for example:

“Casualties are likely to include Consumer Focus, the Consumer Watchdog and the Office for Fair Trading, which could be merged with the Competition Commission.”

OK, let’s break this announcement down…

Has anyone shopped down the High Street or online over the past 6 months? Or quite rightly completely ignored any of the Company’s Returns Policy and asked the Shop to print out proof that their Returns Policy overrules your Statutory Rights and The Sales of Goods Act? Don’t fall for their dirty tricks if you didn’t know this already! Anyway, there have been alot of EU Directives superseding the old Consumer Rights, Statutory Rights and The Sales of Goods Act when buying Consumer Goods. The EU Consumer Directive has in fact weakened the Buyer’s Rights over here in the UK, and introduced new postal order terms:

  • You can return anything with no reason bought from an online shop within 7 days
  • You can return anything that develops a fault within 2 years
  • You can demand a refund for a faulty product within 6 months

Before this EU Directive, UK Legislation stated:

“If your goods are not satisfactory, you may be able to make a claim for up to 6 years in England and Wales and 5 years in Scotland after the purchase of your goods, for a refund, repair or replacement.”

You can see firstly, the EU is great for Consumer Slavery; and secondly proof that the Government is spinning this whole  ‘cost-cutting’ quango campaign to hide the continual transfer of Great British Legislative power to the EU.

On closer inspection of the ‘Quango scheduling document’, the Government has released, there is more evidence of the real reason behind this major public-focused media campaign. For instance, the following are telltale signs of the switch over to the EU Constitution, which was brought in during the 1st of January 2010 and that the Government are awaiting Direction from the EU on matters:

  • The Animal Procedures Committee, is being ‘retained on grounds of performing a technical function. Subject to consultation in due course when new EU directive is transposed into law.’
  • The Crown Prosecution Service is going to ‘merge with Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office. Public Bodies Bill will legislatively complete the reform, which was effected in Jan 2010.’

What a great ‘feel-good’ campaign for the British Public this is. The innocent will simply not want to know to boring details and think that the Government are doing a good thing, as who needs obscure quangos and commissions like the Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Arbitration Tribunal and Main Honours Advisory Committee anyway?

Quango bonfire document in more detail

Looking through the whole of the quango document is as boring as politics itself, so the following part to this article are some of the most interesting highlights of the official burning of the Government agencies and the real reasons why they’re being ‘burned’.

The Fabian Society Wolf in Sheeps ClothingThe following quangos alteration is typical of the Third Way, which is by definition, ‘the way between capitalism and socialism’, which Adolf Hitler and his financial backers spoke enthusiastically about and their successors still do today in the Chambers of the Roman Catholic EU. The only difference is that they now use disarming ‘180 degree opposite language’ and NLP training, like the young Ed Milliband and all those Fabian Society members, nothing is socialist now, it’s all about profits and accountability:

  • Community Development Foundation will ‘no longer an NDPB – Has charitable status. Support to move to adoption of social enterprise model.’

UK Land since January 2010 has been regionalised by EU Directives; and Land property has moved into the realms of the Services Directive. They have cleverly pushed alot of land issues into their Environment policies like the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive. If anyone wonders why Health & Safety is so insane these days, and why everything to do with Planning permission takes so long now, blame yourself for not standing up against the EU:

  • National Housing and Planning Advice Unit, National Tenant Voice, Infrastructure Planning Commission, The Office for Tenants and Social Landlords are ‘no longer an NDPB – Abolish body and function.’
  • Rent Assessment Panels/Residential Property Tribunal Service, Valuation Tribunal for England, Valuation Tribunal Service, Legal Deposit Advisory Panel, Agricultural Land Tribunal are ‘no longer an NDPB – Abolish and transfer jurisdiction of this tribunal into MoJs tribunal service.’

How odd that the EU is harmonising Directives for the Gambling industries a few days before the announcement of the disappearance of the National Lottery into the UK Gambling Commission, which is actually an EU sister entity:

“On 12 October 2010, the Belgian Presidency of the EU, in cooperation with the European Commission and the Belgian Gaming Commission will organise a conference on the role that authorities can play in regulating gambling. This conference aims to advance the debate on the role of regulatory authorities, the prevention of illegal gambling, and the problems and solutions surrounding the social impact of gambling.”

It makes sense why the National Lottery and all its money is being sucked up by the EU:

  • National Lottery Commission will ‘merge with Gambling Commission, as previously announced.’

EU is destroying Great Britain - 200 quangos bonfireEU’s introduction of Codex Alimentarius is definitely moving into our lives now, so whilst several committees are being burned here, 29 new committees have been created by the EU making sure all EU Citizens are being dictated on a dietary level what they can and cannot put into their bodies using the precautionary principle. Since 2002, over 300 EU Directives have been approved behind closed doors, which have been enforced since January 2010. Most people have no idea that our right to buy natural health products, food and drinks which different cultures have been consuming safely for thousands of years, often steeped in ancient history and beliefs has been regulated to the point of ineffectiveness to the body. Instead the EU welcomes lobbying and introduction of mechanised EU super farms, GM development and the reintroduction of previously banned substances for the production of food and drink – if you disagree with this, please read the document here. It is no wonder the following organisations are being burnt at the stake, not unlike what the Roman Catholics did to Natural Health experts, once called, witches, in the Middle Ages:

  • Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances, Advisory Committee on Packaging, Advisory Committee on Pesticides is ‘no longer an NDPB – Reconstitute as a committee of experts.’
  • Advisory Committee on Organic Standards is ‘no longer an NDPB – Abolish body and functions.’
  • Advisory Board on the Registration of Homeopathic Products is ‘no longer an NDPB – Reconstitute as a Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) committee of experts.’
  • Committee on Carcogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment is ‘no longer an NDPB – Reconstitute as a Department of Health/Public Health Service committee of experts.’

It’s pretty hard to know where to start with how the migration over to EU Farming policy has literally rinsed peoples’ pockets dry to the tune of £95 per year per head, in return for cheap dirty meat and fruit; vegetables; stuff you may never consume; and donations to Europe’s elite. The EU is so corrupt that the likes of Haribo, Coca-Cola, Queen of England, Heineken, Nestlé, KLM, British Airways, Dänish Crown and many more are able to apply for subsidies to the tune of £11 billion every year, most of which only either own land or process food and drink. The Duke of Westminster, who’s worth £5 billion, has received £799,000 in subsidies in the last two years for his 1,200-hectare farm near Chester. Around 80% of the subsidies don’t even go directly to farmers – this is where all the politics, administration and other obscene ‘costs’ factor into the equation.

The need for cheap meat in the EU has got to the stage whereby it’s run out of land to produce animal feed, for instance Germany’s want for meat is so high that it would need to cover one third of its country with animal feed crop to satisfy their demand. Super farms are changing the EU’s Countryside into giant stinky industrial complexes, which cannot process the manure that’s now polluting the soil, air and water. Not to mention dwindling Bee populations because of these giant fields, some even GM, farmers are now keeping. Go see this for yourself, travel to the Countryside where there are big fields, scan the landscape for diversity of Wildlife. Follow your nose to those big farm warehouses, peep inside and look at the habitat of Pigs, Cows and Chickens. People are so disconnected from nature, they even give other names for these animals, Pork, Bacon, Beef, Poultry, etc to hide the reality of conditions not fit for any living creature.

Rainforests getting cut down for soyThe EU is the second largest importer of Paraguayan soy and without it, people simply wouldn’t be able to afford to eat meat everyday, just how it was a few decades ago, when the British public were coincidently healthier. According to The Ecologist:

“[The EU is attracted by cheap land prices [in Paraguay], poor environmental regulations and monitoring, widespread corruption and low taxation on agricultural export commodities, agribusinesses have long viewed Paraguay as an ideal country in which to do business. In recent decades increasing chunks of rural land including Rainforests have been bought up and turned over to export-orientated soy cultivation.”

So hopefully you can now see the truth as to why the 100s EU committees and quangos have replaced the UK’s defunct organisations below. Any kind of accountability is being taken further away from the reach of the Public, just as planned:

  • Farm Animal Welfare Council, National Standing Committee on Farm Animal Genetic Resources, Pesticide Residues Committee is ‘no longer an NDPB – Reconstitute as a committee of experts.’
  • Food from Britain, Agricultural Wages Committees, Animal Health and Welfare Strategy England Implementation Group, Commission for Rural Communities, Committee on Agricultural Valuation, Commons Commissioners, Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales are longer NDPBs – Abolish body and functions.’
  • Agricultural Land Tribunal, Plant Varieties and Seeds Tribunal, Sea Fish Licence Tribunal are ‘under consideration – Currently considering, by the end of 2010, scope to transfer jurisdiction of this tribunal into MoJ’s tribunal service.’
  • Sustainable Development Commission is ‘under consideration – Future of body currently being considered in light of Defra’s decision to withdraw funding at end of 2010/11; as previously announced.’

The future?

There are nearly 1000 UK non-governmental bodies and billions are spent on them, and their top CEOs are given salaries totalling way over £52 million per year – this doesn’t include pensions, benefits, relocation fees and bonuses. These people in some cases have more powers than MPs and change the very nature of how people ‘act’ through Legislation. But with the EU now in full effect, the money being circulated around thousands of organisations and individuals is literally not measurable according to previous EU accountants like, Marta Andreasen, Paul van Buitenen and Bernard Connolly, who concur that every kind of fraud and corruption had been committed from 1999 and reports continue to poor in. For these individuals honesty, they were bugged, pressured and treated like criminals by the elite of the EU Regime. On the other end of the spectrum, during 2009, the EU Regime fined UK’s Department of Agriculture £60 million for incorrectly administering farming subsidies, which taxpayers will pick up – This is what good people are up against.

It’s pretty hideous and sickening that this article is only a short summary that highlights a practically untraceable Regime’s dominance that’s finally coming to bear across Europe, after about 1,500 years of manipulation and eradication of cultural history. There are countless books and films that have been completed on the corruption of Europe and the people behind it, but still somehow nothing happens – what will the tipping point be? There’s plenty of evidence spilling out of all the independent media organisations, but hardly ever anything in the mainstream press. There is major rioting and striking going on inside the EU, and has been all Summer and Autumn 2010, instead all the BBC can report on is disruption to businesses by strikes and rioting.

But if Portcullis House’s plans ever get introduced scrapping PAYE, and all employers begin to pay HM Revenue & Customs all the salaries of their employees for them to be handed back out by this corrupt Department, who will benefit from the interest made every month? This surely will be when people stand up for what is right, when their livelihoods will be badly administered and in control of an unaccountable EU Regime?

I just off to shoot myself, as if they will lie about something so simple, what else is there?

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