‘Freemen’ and ‘Sovereign Citizens’ are racist murderers!

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Yep, you’ve guessed it, the media and the US Administration, as Bill Hicks would have said, ‘are cracking down’! I read a few months back a report from the FBI on ‘Sovereign Citizens’ issuing a warning to everyone to watch out and that they’re a threat to the USA:

“Many sovereign citizens don’t pay their taxes. They hold illegal courts that issue warrants for judges and police officers. They clog up the court system with frivolous lawsuits and liens against public officials to harass them. And they use fake money orders, personal checks, and the like at government agencies, banks, and businesses. Not every action taken in the name of the sovereign citizen ideology is a crime, but the list of illegal actions committed by these groups, cells, and individuals is extensive (and puts them squarely on our radar). In addition to the above, sovereign citizens:

  • Commit murder and physical assault;
  • Threaten judges, law enforcement professionals, and government personnel;
  • Impersonate police officers and diplomats;
  • Use fake currency, passports, license plates, and driver’s licenses; and
  • Engineer various white-collar scams, including mortgage fraud and so-called “redemption” schemes.

Sovereign citizens are often confused with extremists from the militia movement. But while sovereign citizens sometimes use or buy illegal weapons, guns are secondary to their anti-government, anti-tax beliefs. On the other hand, guns and paramilitary training are paramount to militia groups.”

This report was alarming because it was news to me that the movement over in the States was violent and corrupt. I also wondered that when something seeps out like the FBI report that more is to come. Low and behold, somebody posted this video to the site today, which is ‘Rick’s list’ on CNN where he was condemning ‘Freemen’ and ‘Sovereign Citizens’ to the ranks of murderers, thieves, cheaters and ‘proving’ that it’s roots are in White Supremacy. Do people like Rob Menard sound anything but kind and generous human beings who’ve just had enough with the System and are taking action in making his life and others better?

Yet we’ll be pushed hard to find anything about Lawful Rebellion or TPUC over here in Great Britain. I attempted many times to push major stories out to the media using their own Wires, but I never got a thing back – total media blackout. I believe this is because if the media begins to report that people, if they joined together, could stop the insidious Council Tax, hold the Government to ransom and stop many other forms of slavery, something would actually happen. We do need to hit the mainstream, so if any journalist wants to start doing your job properly, let us know how!

I will leave you with this insane video of the proof that ‘Freemen’ and ‘Sovereign Citizens’ are white supremacist murderers!

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