Comic Book Fascist Britain Fiddles Fag Figures

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Disclaimer: All words herein are merely made of 0s and 1s and opinions, thus completely fictional, unless you give it energy, then a can of worms will appear.

First let’s get the definition of Fascism out of the way for all those who don’t know, E.G. Noel O’Sullivan’s five major themes of fascism are:

“Corporatism, revolution, the leader principle, messianic faith, and autarky. The Fascism Reader by Aristotle A. Kallis says, ‘Corporatism. The most important claim made by fascism was that it alone could offer the creative prospect of a ‘third way’ between capitalism and socialism. Adolf Hitler, in Mein Kampf, spoke enthusiastically about the ‘National Socialist corporative idea’ as one that would eventually ‘take the place of ruinous class warfare’; whilst Benito Mussolini, in typically extravagant fashion, declared that ‘the Corporative System is destined to become the civilization of the twentieth century.’”

Judge Dredd’s ‘America’, from the famous 2000AD comics, tells the story of the Fascist Mega City One (not unlike Great Britain) from the point of view of the citizens. Dredd’s strong monologues, in which he eulogises about rights, freedom and the Law’s place in society, illustrates that they deeply believe in what they’re doing and is prepared to back up their beliefs with reasonable arguments and huge force. The story plunges into chaos, as the Judges can’t win their battle against humanity’s need to be free and unrestrained from responsibility.

British people are spun propaganda every single day about how we need to ‘Do The Right Thing’, which is governed by legislation for every part of our lives. Schooling is a perfect example of how it literally takes 18 years to deprogram the human side out of kids, so they become ‘mature’ and accept the machine’s new program.

The poignant aspect of Judge Dredd is that many of the things that were predicted in the Judge Dredd comics are now reality, as Alan Grant from Judge Dredd explains:

“In Mega City one, we had the Judge’s banning smacking, which has come to pass; we’ve had the Judge’s ban smoking, which has happened across Europe; we had them banning white refined sugar, which hasn’t actually happened yet, particularly in the fight against obesity; we had them banning coffee because it is also an addictive drug… [Even though there was a Smokertorium in Mega City One], it is fairer than what’s actually happened in Europe now.”

This passage was taken from an abstract interview on Newsnight on whether or not we live in Mega City One or Great Britain. This excellent interview directly resonates with a stink going on in the media about banning smoking around children. Professor Steve Field talks about how smoking near children, especially in cars, is a ‘form of child abuse.’

This is backed up by the incredibly fiddled YouGov poll commissioned by The Faculty of Public Health (FPH),

“The overwhelming majority of the British public now support a ban on smoking in cars carrying children… Three quarters of Britons want new rules for cars with children travelling in them.”

The Facility of Public Health parades manipulated figure on their website

This false statistic is all over the media with the FPH’s name next to it and they are parading the utter lies across their website (see above), which can only be described as overwhelming to cover the real truth behind their ‘fact’ and their funding and their questionable charity status, they say,

“Subscriptions of members, but also from investment income, examination fees and educational conferences.”

The ‘self-supporting’ FPH is a registered charity and a good proportion of their income is from poor students and State doctors; NHS budgets; and ‘selling on’ cheap doctors from abroad. But one of the shadier parts of FPH is who’s included in their ‘Ethical Investment Policy’, surely the following companies can’t be described as ethical?

  • Aviva
  • Glaxo SmithKline
  • HSBC
  • RBS
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Tesco
  • UK Government stocks
  • EU investment bank
  • A full list can be obtained here

This smoking ban campaign being pushed by the FPH and trumpeted by Chief Judge Dredd, Professor Field, is somehow being supported by the media who seem to be not doing their jobs, i.e. dig around for perspective. It’s obvious an expensive survey was commissioned to a company, i.e. YouGov, who then subcontracted it to a pestering teleresearch company; and a skinny latte drinking PR agency was probably paid to push the press release’s angle.

The use of the word ‘fiddled’ doesn’t come lightly because it’s not the figures that have been fiddled, it’s the perception of the Public through the calculated misguidance of the report. Neither the media nor the FPH mentioned that only 1,448 people were surveyed to come up with the ‘fact’ that most Britons want this particular smoking ban. The report is buried deep inside YouGov website and can be found here. If the population of Great Britain is 61,792,000, give or take 1/5 of children, that’s 49,433,600. This means that only 0.0029291817711030554% of Britons were asked this question. But only 0.002167594510616261% of Britons truly oppose people smoking in cars with children around.

If this isn’t a classic case of corrupt political lobbying through using the media and marketing to distort the Public’s opinion then what is? Professor John Britton, chairman of Royal College’s tobacco advisory group, one of the many shills and Judge Dredd’s working on this agenda says,

“Society’s views about the acceptability of smoking must be changed and the easiest way to do this is a blanket ban in cars and vans.”

Don’t forget the FPH is a charity and charities by definition:

“…cannot be directly political. The definition of political here is far wider than party political and includes campaigning. A charity cannot trade, unless this is very closely associated with its primary purpose.”

In a nutshell, we have a charity that is directly lobbying the Government through the use of a manipulated and bogus campaign distributed via the media; trading money for shares with some of the biggest non-related corporations in Great Britain; and employing investment companies to ‘wisely’ trade in stocks for them.

Alan Grant also makes a very good point about smoking and passive smoking and that if it was a cause of death then why is it not on Death Certificates? He goes onto say,

“If people want to do something, there isn’t really anything Government’s can do to stop them. They can do it up to a point, but if somebody wanted to smoke in the street and the Government said ‘no’ how would they stop them? Put them in jail? It seems to be a draconian measure to take for a cigarette.”

Simon Clark, Director of the smokers’ lobby group Forest, also said:

“These proposals go way beyond what is acceptable in a free society.”

The Government seem to be sitting this one out as they watch their ever-increasing taskforce of Quangos and Third Sector organisations to do their political bidding for them, which is going exactly to plan… The ‘Third Way’… Fascism.

Alan Grant predicts that the next things to be banned will be:

  • Free speech
  • Ability to travel will be severely reduced under the guise of global warming
  • Taxes will be increased to mitigate ‘global warming’

But who would have guessed the prediction that Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster would ever make it out of the comic book into reality?

Judge Dredd's Lawmaster is now used by UK Police

Community Support on cycles just like Judge Dredd, opps Judge Ken

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