How far can we go? Interview with Neil Kramer

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“What is your investment in the system?”

Or indeed any commercial construct you’re part of at this time, is it emotional, physical or time-based? Is the system you’re part of right? Do you ignore injustices or have done in the past to avoid conflict or you simply feared your job and livelihood? Even if there is no direct correlation you can find with these questions, we have been indirectly involved in terrible things against others and the Earth itself. It’s drilled into us that the vicious wars across the world are for a just cause and that your sweat equity is required to build the machines to punish others into submitting to the authority of the Holy See and Crown. And that the Gulf Oil disaster is all part of the motions of corporate domination of the Earth’s resources, and that if you want to freely move around, accept the consequences on a land in which you cannot see. On an everyday level, we now accept Police battering people both verbally and physically on TV as entertainment; ignore managers of corporations regularly bullying people into submission of control; and pretend to believe that the pandemonium, called British Politics, actually has any benefit to our lives.

People will cling onto what they already have invested into these corporatised systems, but in order to fully appreciate this vision, my experience and Neil Kramer’s is that all investment in these systems needs to be suspended in order to see it for what it really is. This is indeed where we begin to see the cracks and your Serf classing changes overnight. Maybe to counteract this increasing shift in consciousness, the System is making it harder for people to sit around on benefits by getting them out to 9-5 slavery, as it’s these kinds of people who quickly become disenfranchised with the system, if not already. By studying advertising and government research, it is not hard to see correlations of ‘competency’ and ‘intelligence’ between the ‘Underclasses’ and the Upperclasses. The only difference is that one learns from life and the other learns in grand institutions – this is the magic of humanity in action and gives a vivid illustration that no matter your authority, you’re still no better than anyone else.

“Whether you’re a Teacher, Marxist, Politician, Cleaner, whatever, we all need to think how we can suspend what we’re doing to catch up with the reality from looking at the bigger picture. Everyone is guessing, even the people moving the chess pieces, its mad to think we’re all guessing.”

Retrospectively, Neil Kramer conjures up a definitive picture that most of the things we’re taught in schools and teach our kids now is total rubbish and it’s part of the ‘old way’. For instance, science is a religion because it’s based on a belief system and it’s this belief system, which is being fused with the corporate socialist ideology to create the future ‘State’ we’re in today.  John Harris asked me the other day, ‘where does electricity come from?’ Good question, I have no idea past the notion that it’s produced in giant complexes and pushed down wire to us. Without swallowing a whole load of scientific jargon for years on end, I would have no clue of their belief on this question. They talk about how a Photon (basis of the physical world we see) can only be observed and cannot be predicted, and that light is both a wave and particle – what was there is no more and what could be can happen, all in less than a millisecond. Science has gone from a factually based belief system to skewing itself more and more into metaphysics. Simply, we rely on guessing, our whole civilisation is based on a bunch of people all running around not really knowing what they’re doing – this can now be proven with science… HA! Does the universe allow us to observe the minuet details of part of itself in an attempt to help us realise something?

You get what you’re given…

Where does the metaphysical belief within science leave control mechanisms? Does this answer the fact that when we try to control, things start to move out of phase from the plan? We literally cannot plan anything because as soon as it’s observed, it changes because we never get what we imagined – we get a reflection. The reflection is produced by our intent, investment and programmed lives – this is why there is an attempt made to regulate every part of our lives with policy and insane fictional law. So that when we make the decision to do something, it will be within the realms of policy, so the system can keep control by predicting the most likely outcome – this is inhumane.

Neil Kramer talks in this podcast and in his new work about his antidote, the ‘Disavowal of the Shadow’:

“When we perceive our own inauthentic actions and continue to do nothing about them. This is exasperated by surrender to the dominion of the ego, me-centric thinking and self-absorbed pleasure hunting or escape. This principle is vital to the conscious evolutionary shift that is required to overturn the old hierarchy.

The core teaching is simple: we are the shadow. Each and every polarised negative entity that manifests in this world is our responsibility, our creation. The immutable flow from mind to matter, from consciousness to creation, does not allow us to disregard a given challenge. We cannot just let things go unresolved, try as we might. Negative energy patterns – destructive impulses concealed in dysfunction, fear and pain – cannot simply be abandoned. They must be faced and understood in order for their patterning to dissolve.”

Lawful Rebellion for me is as I’ve said before is only where it starts. It is just another way to realise that we create everything around us, and there is no other way for complete domination of us all without utter compliance from our minds, bodies and souls. There has been a steady increase through my life of a distortion between my mind, body and soul. This is partly achieved by creating the tick-a-box society whereby people subscribe to corporate hierarchy shrouded as ‘marketing tribes’, which is slowly replacing the class system. There is not one god anymore, there are 100s of demigods, and our minds and souls are being confused with our egos in fake portrayals of human behaviour. But the thing that physically keeps us controlled is the use of our bodies through 9-5 slavery, and the constant reiteration that our bodies are walking-talking fictional pieces of paper, which is the basis of our Serfdom and torture on this Earth.

A way to make a change…

Both Neil and I along with many others talk about how to be creative, stop what you’re doing and consider your actions. Your journey to and is a result of you beginning your journey of realisation because you sense something isn’t quite right. Everything is you and you are everything. Try something out, the next time you question something in your daily life maybe at work or on the move, do something about it, this action could completely change the direction not just of your life, but of others, especially if you make the right choice guided by your heart, no matter what the cost is to your physical world. I can promise you from my experience and Neil Kramer’s, the universe around you will reward you in some way. But you need to be open to feel the experience, as it can quickly be shattered by the ego within you, it’s happened to me many times – it is a learning curve and it gets better with time, so be patient. There are nasty people out there who we have created through not dealing with our fears that need our emotions to make things happen, which throw us collectively into more isolation from humanity. In order for our fears to stay real, we need to abide by the policy and laws of the System in order to safeguard the foundation of our construct. Why? We all have some real investment in disguising our fears and shifting blame onto scapegoats such as the Government and BP. This is quintessentially where Lawful Rebellion can become a stepping-stone or just another investment into the System. As if you continue to send out negativity through pieces of paper; avoid the system’s policy; borrow knowledge without full comprehension; and scapegoat the system you’re part of, you will only get back a reflection of your fears and you end up back where you started.

The question was asked to Neil in the podcast, how can people who have investment in the System and other commercial constructs stop what they’re doing without their families going hungry and them loosing their way of life? As this is the thing which people always resort to as an excuse or the ultimate argument to disembowel real change. Here it is, based on the podcast with Neil Kramer, his past articles and some ideas from Deep Ecology and

  1. Neil says, ‘There is a distinct difference between I would like to stop doing this and I’m stopping what I’m doing.’ Please contemplate this, as you will feel what investments you have within the system and begin to sense the control mechanisms deep in your everyday life – this will either make you more fearful or make you stop after an individual process of realisation.
  2. ‘Zoom out’, go away for a weekend with a notepad and pen and write down everything you think you need to do to sustain your existence and maybe your families if you have one. Do this with your partner if you feel it’s required. Look at the list and make up two piles, one ‘required’ one ‘consumption’ putting each ‘need’ into one or the other. To help you work this list out, maybe look at evidence of people who don’t use money for things in your list or use alternatives. We have a great podcast with Deep Ecology that goes into how people live outside of a corportised world. Do your own research.
  3. Once you’ve worked out what you need to live, whether it’s an amount of money for a long space of free time or ways in which you can share your skills to provide an existence. ‘You will begin to see it’s not as bad as you previously thought because your intent is real and resonates with your heart.’ Individual events will unfold that will help you on your way and you need to try and not stick to anything written down, see how things can work another way. You will begin to make new friends and feel their energy, which will help guide you on your way. This is not something that happens overnight or even in one month, you need least two months realisation and then the journey mentioned in this pointer can take a few years. I myself am only halfway through the process and I’ve been at this for around 2 years now. So be patient and stick to it if you want this, you can have it. If you fail, you will go back to the System at least with a new perspective on things and hopefully will try again or help others do the same, then come back and do it again yourself. There is no rush, you have all your life ahead of you. Becoming a Sovereign human is both an insane (from a corporate perspective) and a beautiful universal opportunity to do what you feel is right for yourself. I now see so many unique people and how others help me on my way with gifts and charity in return for my goodwill. This is something that can never be achieved in a corporate and hierarchal order.

Please enjoy the podcast! Any questions, leave them on the comments, I will answer.

David Ophalus

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