Wenlock & Mandeville, Rik Clay & 2012 / ZION Olympics

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Wenlock, Mandeville, 2012 olympics, ZION

Foreword from Richy

Syncronicity can show us improbable connections when seemingly unrelated events, people or places are joined by a common thread. In this case, it has shown me that i’m either totally nuts or I’m onto something totally nuts. Or both. Probably both.

The Olympic games of London 2012 are an esoteric ritual of truly epic proportions. Hidden within the mascots, the ceremonies and the paegantry it is possible to see connections which demonstrate that a pattern woven throughout time and space aligns the 2012 games with an unveiling of an alien presence which joins humanity on Earth. This theme has been broadcast into our subconscious for decades but extremely intensively in recent times via many films. The games is a major ‘establishment’ ritual whose zenith is surely the 2012 games, being in the historic control grid City of London, home town of the Templar Bankers of old and major prop within the NWO architecture. Unprecedented levels of attention will be harvested by the etheric network of ley lines running throughout not only London, but specifically through the Olympic stadium itself. Will those ley lines be charged with fear derived from a mass terrorist attack or blue-beam trick of the light?

This article has blossomed into something of a multi-update ordeal as Wenlock and Mandeville and other related highly esoteric events related to the 2012 games continue to be paraded around in front of manic londoners. Latest updates are at the foot of the article

Wenlock and Mandeville – A Star species reunited in the new world order as ascended master, and slave? What is coming this Summer may have far more to it than meets the eye at the London ZION olympics.

I have for some time been learning of the symbolism used both openly and esoterically around major events. Following in the footsteps of Rik Clay I have found a great deal hidden behind those two shitty mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville. Quite what is being encoded in their make-up is open to interpretation, but the effort undertaken to symbolically encode in these two guys and the event they represent nevertheless indicates it’s significance to TPTB.

ZION / 2012 - Hardly a stretch of the imagination to put that one together.

ZION/2012.. hardly a stretch, is it?

A considerable amount of controversy has surrounded the 2012 Olympic Games for some time now, even in the mainstream media. First thing to note is the day London ‘won’ the decision to award Lord Coe the games, was precisely the day before 7/7. Londoners were going out getting hammered, apparently delirious over the victory, and then the next day dawned and we had false flag terror on the streets. The pleasure-pain sequence in full effect, it would seem. Rik Clay has already provided this and a whole host of other insights into the initial layers of what is undoubtedly going to be THE major global psy-op of all time. He has provided solid research into the construction of the Olympic site, identified key aspects of media releases and much more which you can read about on any number of blogs out there who have picked up where he sadly left off. Rik Clay died after a short spell dumping incredible information which many will agree were way ahead of the times in which they were presented.


Research links: Rik Clay and 2012 Olympic decoding

Rik Clay



Continuing the story of the 2012 Olympics, I do see considerable time, effort & money is going into the agenda on the part of the powers that be, and all major corporations across the world (pretty much) are all now partnered with the 2012 Olympics.


The logo (clearly spelling Zion), and the adoption of the catchphrase/tagline: “Be a part of it”, suggest the intent of the powers that be. Your undivided, devoted, concentrated awareness – It must saturate your senses; it must capture your imagination. It must become the focal point of the nation and its peers in the global community. The logo has now spread around the world and is highly visible around the host City. The taxis zoom across London with the logo plastered all over along with a multitude of other equally tedious commercial applications. We have the national lottery every weekend with the winning numbers screen, “2012: Be a part of it!” is there, along with the crossed fingers/666 symbol.

2012 / ZION : Be a part of it

2012 / ZION : You’re involved

This Olympics is the 30th Olympics which is also a great excuse to wheel out the XXX symbol, another power play from the TPTB & cronies.

The XXX power symbol//emotional capture device?

The XXX symbol is a broadly-employed emotional capture device; being highly visible in various televised talent shows, highly visible to the camera & audience on the stage. XXX is classed as the most explicit porn, and associated with extreme sports. In fact in recent times the rise of ‘extreme’ is associated with anything desirable as a potent, hi-performance consumable.

Wenlock and Mandeville unveiled

Wenlock and Mandeville unveiled.. bits of molten metal or aliens?

Over the rainbow – Wenlock & Mandeville
Back to the point: we recently had the unveiling of the new Olympic mascots to great media fanfare. Let’s get the easy stuff out the way first – we are confronted with 2 shiny aliens made apparently of liquid metal resembling a bizarre Kang/Kodos Tellytubby cross. Wenlock after Much Wenlock, was the birthplace of the olympic society which later spawned the Olympic games. (Stoke) Mandeville was the slightly-later birthplace of the Paralympics, and shares its name with noted 17th century Social philosopher (read eugenicist) and Satanist, Bernard Mandeville, quoted as saying “what we call Evil in this World, Moral as well as Natural, is the grand Principle that makes us sociable Creatures“. What a pleasant chap. The name Mandeville has a family line running through it which could be described as elite.

There is a big ‘W’ in Wenlock’s head, he is the able-bodied games representative, and a giant M in the strangely also able-bodied Paralympics games representative, Mandeville. W can be read numeroligically as 66, from double Vs (VV), V being Vav, the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. M is Mem, the 13th letter, and is king over the water – which might explain the liquid-like styling of Mandevilles’ body.

Coincidentally (or not, depending on your point of view) Wenlock & Mandeville bear close resemblance to past partnerships of these names, in part, as Lyndon LaRouche points out “..The most influential figures on economics policy among the English and French, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries’ followers of Sarpi, were John Locke in his hedonistic principle of property, Bernard Mandeville in defense of unchecked licentiousness..” perhaps this particular connection is a stretch, but it matters not at this point.

Taken symbolically, we have a pair of aliens who represent the best of physical achievement in the able bodied and disabled world. They are M and W – the antithesis of one another, but in union as the WM or MW combined. Does the unity of Wenlock and Mandeville represent apotheosis, and the ability of man to become like a God?

Let’s look a little closer at the photo above as there is much said symbolically which hit me head on.  The characters pose in the familiar Usain Bolt position, fingers pointing skyward, standing in front of a large painted rainbow with white sun. The symbolism here is striking and I must refer to a recent  video created by Jake Kotze who I heartily recommend for those on the synchromystical trail. As we progress, you will notice that the same connections keep cropping up for Wenlock and Mandeville; namely the number 42, the rainbow & the lightning bolt.  In the following video we will see that this theme is prevalent & expansive.

Sync 1: Rainbow / 42 / Jupiter / Zeus / Lightning / Bolt/ Point synching

Jake Kotze lays out the JC / rainbow / 42 / Jupiter

Wenlock and Mandeville strongly resonate the idea of the gods and contact. They point purposefully after Usain ‘Bolt‘ and symbolically resonate with Jupiter, the 5th planet of the solar system and the place where we make contact in the film 2010. The roman version of Zeus is Jupiter, which is associated with the pointer finger, or trigger finger. Zeus was a God known for his wielding of lightning bolts.

Super sync for W and M

Super sync for W and M

How are rainbows, Jupiter, 42, Usain Bolt and Wenlock and Mandeville connected?

The angle at which light refracts and becomes a rainbow is 42 degrees, which also happens to be the number of the planet Jupiter (the fusion of the 4 and 2 together). In Palmistry the index or pointer finger is connected to Jupiter, who is synonymous with Zeus, (also interchangeable with hey Zeus), which resonates with the lightning bolts indicative from their Usain Bolt pose. There are many themes which these two get across with their pose and just by their symbolic existence.  We are meant to believe these two mascots came from a steel girder, yet their unveiling tells us that at least in a symbolic fashion there is far more to these two than meets the eye.


Sync 2: Sweet whispers

Further synchronicity occurs in the short animated films produced for the adventures of Wenlock & Mandeville which shows the creation of the two mascots and their subsequent adventures:

The creation story of Wenlock and Mandeville

This short film comprises a retiring steel worker taking home two drops of cooled molten steel, which miraculously come to life.  After a bit of prep work in the shed, W and M are put into boxes to give to the kids. The box Wenlock comes out of is 42 – Jupiter – and Man-devil is 41. A dog jumps at them (Canis Major the dog star, or Sirius). A rainbow light floods the room, the pair become self aware and fully conscious.

M and W are a fraction of the size of their creator (the Dad), perhaps a nod to their giant Nephilim creators? After some playful Olympic themed antics, they leave the room by riding away on their own separate rainbows, symbolic of their ascension in consciousness – the rainbow road. We are told that W and M have set off to tell stories to the people, knowing they will come across one another in London in 2012.  It appears as though once again a level of symbolism has been woven into the official mascots website video link also. We have W under what appears to be a sun, and M underneath what looks very much like a moon. It strikes me that there is little left to chance with this image as we look at the centre piece of the picture – the cake. Here we have a donut-shaped little number with decorative icing around the outside, clearly decorated as the W and M together.  Moments after connecting the dots I was cheekily winked by a favourite game of mine – Skate 3.

Something going on here? M and W - the icing on the cake.

Something going on here? M and W – the icing on the cake.


The overarching theme presented to the aware/nuts mind seems to suggest that we have an alien or stellar species brought to life by a creator. The two aliens W and M represent a theme – M appears to be the weaker, submissive role and W the dominant role. Why the weaker is associated with the Sun and why the dominant is associated with the moon is left to uncover. Why the M and W? Ultimatey, it is open to interpretation and I encourage you to do your own opinion forming. If you come up with anything striking about this information please let me know!

What I feel is happening here is that taken as a whole, Wenlock and Mandeville both symbolise the Gods and the creators of man. They are constantly & repetively associated with the rainbow.

It is possible that along with many of the grander plans of those hidden rulers that once again, they must announce their intentions to us first – symbolically or not, for the purpose of evading ‘karmic kickback’. What I mean by this is if you announce your intentions to harm or manipulate another, and that party does not deny or reject your intention, then they have accepted and allowed you to do so. The theme of Zion and Jerusalem have become blatantly apparent with the unveiling of the Olympic opening ceremony details. This idea of William Blakes’ Jerusalem suggests ideas of a new spiritual home; will we see a tale symbolic of the long-intended plan of the illuminated ones to create a new religion at Zion/2012? The religion must be based on spirituality, but it must deceive us all once again into slavery. The dark twist of the continued slave-master relationship is the mere illusion of freedom once again – is this their plan? Is this the suggestion that ‘Man-devil’ is himself a representation of – a sub class of species which at one point was identical in genome but has in time devolved (at least in the eyes of The Powers That Be)? Is that meant to be us?

The BBC would certainly like to tell you so – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6057734.stm

Many other speculations are coming to the forefront, and you would do well not to accept wholly or reject fully any set path, theory or viewpoint. What I will say is watch for the symbols, as they can contain hidden meaning known only to those who share it with one another; perhaps of something so esoteric that it is literally never spoken with words, only expressed through symbol. All we can do is watch and wait (or not) as the story plays out, remembering always that they seek, as they always have, only our attention, submission and reaction.

Richy, LR.org

M and W go over the rainbow to meet again at 2012/ZION

M and W go over the rainbow to meet again at 2012/ZION

Check out the Wenlock and Mandeville youtube videos – as you will see, they take almost every opportunity to connect the 42 / lightning bolt / rainbow to our plucky mascots, W&M

Video 4 - Tepid, but still encoding Wenlock & Mandeville with 42 Bolt Rainbow...

More resonance of 42 / Bolt / WM / Rainbow in Episode 4 ‘Rainbow to the games’

Further olympic occult reading at the Concrete Junkyard

Latest updates on the 2012 Apocalympic trail
**Updated 29/01/2012**

Giant Bell engraved with Shakespearean line to be sounded on opening of ZION Olympic Games. If anyone has read the Secret Fire you’ll know this is downright magick

**Updated 28/01/2012**

Curious Solar-symbolism discovered in recent ‘art’ exhibtion involving a giant model sun hung up in Trafalgar Square. Occult cosmic saturnalian relevance bestowed upon 2012 Olympics site

W&M Rainbow-laden film (“it was a rain soaked night in BOLTon…”): Wenlock & Mandeville in ‘Rainbow Rescue’

**Updated 30/05/12**

84 giant Wenlock and Mandeville Statues to greet Games tourists

84 statues like this one. What a tasteful touch. Oh, and 84% of all Olympic gifts were made abroad… it goes on.

Further resonance with the 42(x2) as bizarrely Wenlock and Mandeville will now appear as eighty four, 2.3 metre high, 1-ton plaster models “along six colour-coded walking routes, including the historic squares of Mayfair, the City of London, and the cultural sights of the South Bank”. London is going to be bestowed with these blobs of alien shite, 84 of them no less, as part of a £32 million ‘makeover’ of London. What a joke. They will be decorated to reflect their surroundings, so you can look forward to sights like this:
**Update 14th June 2012**
The 42 Wenlocks and 42 Mandevilles are not the end of the story however, as Danny Boyle revealed details of the opening ceremony which will showcase Englands’ ‘Green and Pleasant Land’, of William Blake fame. Of course, the connection to ZION is now undeniable as Jerusalem /ZION have the same meaning. The opening ceremony will showcase the countryside of England with livestock, cricket matches and fittingly, a reconstruction of Glastonbury Tor with a mosh pit at it’s base. This is an incredible confirmation of the direction and a suggestion of the intention or purpose behind the 2012 games – explore more at Merovee


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