Lawful Rebellion is only where it starts

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If you want anymore information about Lawful Rebellion and all the retaliatory paper we’ve included in our website for you in the past, then this website from this point forth, and this piece of writing probably isn’t going to be for you all the time, so don’t expect anything more. But if you want to read about somebody who probably feels just like you do at times, who wants to express their journey, then please read on. We want to break away from being an exclusive Lawful Rebellion only website and movement.

I have lost nearly everything in the material world except for the things I need to help me with my journey. Why? Because I believed that Lawful Rebellion was going to solve all the world’s troubles and I wouldn’t miss having money. Before I found Lawful Rebellion I had forgotten the ability to reflect and consider other peoples’ points of view. But how can any of us ever make any progress in our lives if we are always busy doing other peoples work and using up most of our energy in servitude to the System? Catch 22 whatever that means!

Certain people, who some may call villains, cowards, evil or even sheeple, are just like us. There is a good chance most people think they’re doing the best thing they can think of at this moment in time, protecting their families; helping the environment; gaining control of a company; hiding from the truth; waging war on people; protecting their country’s culture; getting their own back; maybe even dicing some people up into tiny pieces. What does make something right and wrong? This is I suppose why I embraced Lawful Rebellion and let it completely change the direction of my life.

After studying all the theory of Lawful Rebellion, testing out the practises and then making myself a Sovereign in Law, I cannot say the conflict has brought me much success. Yes, I’ve stood upto an international bank; walked over the TV License; all fines; and helped many others do the same. For me, this part of the journey was just another way of me looking outwards instead of inwards. One of the most evident things I’ve learned along the way is that everything I say and do is only a reflection of my mind expressing itself through my five senses. And that it is much easier to pass judgment and transfer energy to another soul, rather than to dissipate the energy through reflection. I was and still am so lost from all the programming and social pressure that it is very natural to blame the visible programmers of the System. The people who control this ‘System’ have been allowed to dominate us. Great Britain in the name of its people kill innocent families every single day in places, most of us will never see. CCTV is rampant on this Island because we allowed it. The tax burden and the blind robbing of your pockets from the socially dominant is allowed by us every single day.

So why do we accept this reality, channel our energy into it, then on the other hand loath it and think about how to bring it all down? A sensible instinct is that my basic natural rights as a human being have been taken away. Not by them, but by me because I’ve allowed it to happen by playing the game. I have let others gain control of something that cannot be controlled. This is why I’m chaotic, confused, fearful and angry. I am trying to interact with a reality that is built upon something learned, called rationality. What is the source of this rationality? I believe it came from the only thing that we all still share with our rational minds, the ‘information highway’. I have got so used to taking part in this giant fountain of rational human information, that when I believe something is right or wrong, which isn’t rational to ‘society’, it’s repelled, as it unbalances the status quo.

Stupid rational minds!Status quo isn’t just reserved for the System, it’s also rampant with family and friends. Have you ever done things you regret? Then your family or friends sometimes don’t even give you chance to explain yourself before they judge, which could last years? It seems this rational reasoning is favoured by modern Western civilisation and has moved us into an era of dealing with situations plainly with our minds and not with our hearts. A perfect example of this transformation of the mind and heart is the physical manifestation of the Web. There is no contemplation, love or spirit inside the Web of our collective digital minds. It is the quintessential guidebook to rationality; and a place where everyone can instantly transmit vacuous sentiment and poor information without fear of reprisal. The Web is the ultimate battleground where man meets mind and all human focus is zombified into 0s and 1s, slowly gnawing away at our lifeblood.

If the System wants nothing more than for us to be sitting inside our homes connected to the Web dictating and watching our every move, then it’s ‘rational’ to assume that our minds’ want nothing more than to lay back and be programmed what to do. This theory isn’t bollox I’ve pulled out of the ether, it’s been scientifically-proven that our brains do their best to not think. It’s actually really hard to engage our minds’ is it not? Procrastination is a disease, which has spread across Western culture. Since the machines and slaves do everything for ‘society’ now, we have nothing to do except procrastinate in our free time. I’m not talking about procrastination in the typical definition. I’ve formed the opinion that the System is a manifestation of our minds’ taking over, resulting in this self-loathing reality, just so we can endlessly search for the answer as to why we’re here now doing what we do.

The Orion Nebula from Hubble

At this stage I’d like to pose what Lawful Rebellion means within the aforementioned paradigm? Is it a way out if you learn about how the System works; a conflict with bureaucracy; or an expression of the desire to make our world a better place? How can any of these suggestions be right if the popularised foundation of Lawful Rebellion itself is made up of pieces of defining and retaliatory paper? I now realise, the very System that I’ve been fighting against is there for the purpose of conflict, which is shrouded in justice and liberties – just another reflection of the chaotic order of the mind. How is this scenario any different than throwing rotten veg at the Village idiot who’s in the Stocks for committing anti-social behaviour; or everyone ganging up on the adulterer each throwing a stone at her in disgust. I’d like to ask, why are there ways in which we’ve found to ‘lawfully’ counteract the System? How can we be right and the whole System be unlawful? Don’t you think that’s paradoxical, if it’s supposed to be oppressing us? Please contemplate this for a moment, as it’s important you express this within your thoughts.

I see four distinct journeys in Lawful Rebellion. The people who want to maintain the System and just achieve fairer Serfdom; people who seek to discredit; people who have begun to question themselves and everything around them; and those who are already becoming enlightened, thus free from the prison, but directly suffering caused by attachments and judgments.

Humans can manifest so many objects, join them together to create physical spaces for no real reason than to escape. We can blame everything around us, and then destroy all the physical manifestations we believed to be wrong, only to see that later in history we’re building the same thing with a slightly new twist. So you see, to rebuild something that clearly doesn’t work like, The British Constitution, British Common Law or the System itself, is the illusion that the problems we face are merely physical, which to me is wrong and will result in the square root of buggerall. Why? Simply because it’s the rational thing for people to do. Our collective consciousness has allowed a Kingdom of rules and regulations for the governing of our minds with a hierarchy to match. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for all of this torture. Have any of you noticed how the System is continually modulating to the new frequencies of our enlightenment? The rise of CCTV, police domination and civil liberties giving people the power to condemn somebody to judgment in a Court because of an emotion or action ‘out of control’? These are all manifestations from the rational consciousness fearing instability will occur if any of us rock the boat. Thus resulting in good men and women fighting for what they believe is the right thing to do, by issuing Justice to those who just want to experience something irrational like rocking the boat. There is no way of telling what anything would be like until we all experience it for ourselves – not through books, media or whispers, just through our hearts.

Fear is the mind’s greatest weapon and it’s this very thing, which is at the core of the System’s construct. The System is nothing more than you and me. I cannot see how any kind of paper bureaucracy produced by Lawful Rebellion or individuals can be anything but conflict with ourselves. If fear is based on rationality, then surely to break the System, we all need to become irrational? Using this philosophy, it’s obvious that the System knows our every rational move, because it’s already anticipated it, or at extremes will use other rules to move the goal posts in order to maintain control. Does this sound like how your mind sometimes deals with difficult issues? I know mine does at times. This is where the element of surprise comes from and the System’s antidote is people fearing to express even the slightest ‘extreme’ viewpoint in case they’re reported.

Democracy, the Free Market (Capitalism) and freedom of expression for all Serfs is the perfect model to sustain control, because it shifts with our collective rational mind. We’ve allowed our entities to be segmented into various disorders, organisations, clubs, unions, groups, countries and races for the ease of flow of information and some crude form of identity, which has created divides like nothing seen in previous history. And we’ve allowed the Rule of Law, to develop a colossal body and voice in which for it to nurture its growth, the only reminders being Justice, sacrifice and the paper trail. Law has merely given the mind the ability to shift Liability, thus offloading any burden ‘rightfully’ onto somebody else.

Once we have all mastered as individuals the ability to be altruistic, which is quintessentially irrational to the System of the mind, Mother Nature will in time reclaim all control, hierarchy, economies, cities and ‘societies’. Only then will we be able to transfer our new light into physical manifestations stepping closer to enlightenment. I don’t think any of us will need anything more than to be with others; and have enough to live to accomplish this goal, anything else will be a distraction, thus outwardly-faced and within the confines of the System and mind.

This is a message in the change of direction with Both Richy and myself have decided that Lawful Rebellion’s boat needs to be rocked, as we feel it has reached the end of the universe with us both and we need to plot a new course.

Please leave comments about how you feel.

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