Beyond Lawful Rebellion with Deep Ecology

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I’m sitting here with the latest election babble in the background and it’s making me sick to my stomach listening to the utter rubbish coming out of the potential ‘leaders’ mouths. It’s drilled into us night and day about the benefits of being a cog in the Corporate machine, yet the negative aspects which are slowly draining our humanity are driven deeper by everyone who accepts status and property on any level. It seems that the signing of the Treaty of Verona in 1213 that sealed this Island’s fate, but there is much evidence that the worship of hierarchy has been going on since Sumerian times. What we call civilisation is nothing more than a plague on the human heart, out to fulfil the prophecy of a certain book, which coincidently uses content from the infamous Sumerian tablets dating back 15,000 years.

I’m concerned about Lawful Rebellion being pigeonholed as being the study of 10s of 1000s of Acts, legislation, PDFs and books to ‘lawfully’ fight the ‘System’. Trust me when I say all the research, learning and experiments can end up taking over your life sometimes for the worse, which will need particular attention. The other thing is that I know people don’t have much spare time. To spend it on something that could make you more stressed through finding out you’re getting buggered over more than you previously thought, can be the tipping point into a darkness that hurtles you into places you never thought you’d end up. I really don’t blame the people who keep a low profile just keeping abreast of the developments of such a young movement, as reality from our perspectives is vivid to say the least. So this is the perfect opportunity for me to begin a process of opening Lawful Rebellion up to other possibilities of imagination and attempt to get more people involved who are looking for progression within the movement in other ways.

All of us who have gone through the Lawful Rebellion revolution know that it’s a viable means to a natural end of the System that’s become a burden for all of us – even if some of you don’t think you’re part of it, you are. I’m not talking about revolution in the System or smoking out all the corruption, I’m talking about no ruler of the many, no monarchy, no elite and NO rights to take the land away from nature. We must live on this earth how we need to in order to keep it’s beauty for all to share.

What Lawful Rebellion is doing is producing a glitch in the System by showing people how they’ve sleepwalked into the invisible shackles of corporate slavery. But unfortunately it’s happening to Lawful Rebellion. We are now seeing politically motivated groups take the sentiment of Lawful Rebellion and repackaging it as a new frequency of the political spectrum, which is dangerous if people start accepting it. This is something none of us want, as our collective voice will end up on a phoney ballot paper one day, as part of the Free Market economy. But this occurrence is the quintessential element to the Free Market and Democracy – The freedom to create anything you like and turn it into a commodity. Even if don’t have any plans to turn your honest manifestation into a product of the Free Market, somebody else will if it’s good enough to steal. None of this will change unless we decide it needs to change.

Thomas from Deep Ecology has been exploring the different ways man has lived past and present and asserts that Tribalism is the natural way man lives even today, making the point that it’s a possible future for us. Luckily, even in the present corporate hierarchy it’s still completely impossible for the instincts of human nature to be erased from our collective consciousness. This is obviously where the money is on utilising media propaganda, corporations, schooling and institutions protected by a corrupt law system attempting to keep relative status quo and a stable hierarchy. I think we all have seen this System evolving at incredible speeds over the last 20 years. This is exactly why every year new ways to extract information from us are invented, the latest ones being Terrorism and Social Networks to gleam what you had for breakfast this morning.

Maybe what’s beyond Lawful Rebellion is the prospect of us all merging from every single group in the world and setting up examples of how we can all co-exist together in a community void of hierarchy and domination. It is a fact that if every anti-EU group just in the East Anglia region got together during the EU elections, there would have been a majority of like-minded people. It is a fact that if we all at the same time said ‘NO’ to any form of authority in Britain, there wouldn’t be any chance of the hierarchy maintaining their form of order without using force. You name, we can do it! But the problem is that most people, even if you’re broke, you’re broke because you’re attempting to maintain your lifestyle and comfort within this System. For this realistic exchange, the British are paying for it through being told what to do, how and when. But who likes being told what to do? It goes against human nature. We need to be free in manifesting our thoughts into experiences and sharing them with one another without judgement or fear of reprisal or there will always be unhappiness.

Who knows how everything will begin again, but that’s what this podcast is all about, finding new ideas and connections!

Thanks again Thomas for your time!

Deep Ecology

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