Who is the Real April Fool? – Let’s all do something together!

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For lawfulrebellion.org and TPUC, April is such a joyous time in Britain. The sun starts to shine, people wear more colourful things, flowers begin to bloom, food starts to grow and for some of nature it’s a time of copulation! So what on Earth could spoil summer for many people before it starts?

Well, this negative entity is a bloated, greedy and manipulative idiot who we all keep stuffing our sweat equity into… Some call it the Government, the Corporation, the UK, the Constitution, the System or the State, but really, it’s nothing more than you and I. Hardly any of us can claim to be free from this beast, as in some way or another, we’re feeding the construct of this perpetual System every single day. Even now, you’re reading this from the Internet, which is in our Top 3 for causing the biggest carnage to our souls and communities.

Everything has seemingly become easy for many of us today. The media and commerce go on about how our world has shrunk and we live in a global community, well have you ever thought that they could mean this quite literally? The box and the chair is where we spend most of our daily lives. Whether it’s travelling to work sitting in a chair within a box on wheels; getting to work and sitting in a chair within a giant box to either make boxes or communicate with a box; eating food from a box that was put into a box which heats up food mashed into shape by a box; or sitting on a chair in a Wimpey Homes box, watching or interacting with a box that pumps out perceived light to our tiny mind boxes catching the latest spells from the broad-casting of wands made from Holly Wood. And cripes, if you’re unaware what’s happening, lucky for you, as we’re paying for all this with our deepest needs, truth, happiness and freedom.

This increasingly self-inflicted bombardment of laziness and apathy in alot of us now is, dare I say it, a pandemic. Whereby we’re consciously letting actors like Gordon Brown, Rupert Muroch, Beyonce and even your own boss take over the roles that many of us actually need to play within our families and communities. The resulting PAYment and judgement of us staying inside this fractal collection of boxes in just the month of April is:

  • The annual Government Budget (our sweat equity mono-judgement) for the false economy revealing increases in existing taxes and the presentation of new ones, which only ever penalises the masses
  • Hard-working people thinking they have to file their tax returns, which cripple and destroy more families every year
  • The PAYing of the corrupt Council Tax bill coming through the door
  • The paper mountain of quarterly bills smash through the letterbox, most of which are massively profit-based… remember we own everything they use to make us PAY, yet they threaten us through making it clear they will make you PAY, if you don’t cooperate
  • TV license reminders and the array of DVLA nonsense
  • Loan, bank and mortgage Notices flying through the door

So who is the real fool in all this bollox? Are we all going to continue to externalise all of these problems and create more apathy, hoping it will all end at retirement age; or are each one of us going to start dealing with it now?

TPUC and lawfulrebellion.org have come up with the idea of sending a special April Fool’s, No Contract Return To Sender (NCRTS) joke to any authority or business who we’ve had enough of and we’d love you all to join in somehow.

Whatever the letter or Notice is that you’ve had enough of, even if you’re dipping your toes in and it’s just this once, make sure it’s posted between the 29th of March and the 29th of April:

  1. Send the letter back with the printed label that’s provided below.
  2. Write the message down onto the envelope.
  3. Make up your own April Fool’s message with TPUC and lawfulrebellion.org written somewhere, so they know which community it’s from.
  4. Make up your own ideas and get others to take part using our idea of April’s Fool.

Please email us with photos of your envelopes and towards the end of April, we will post the most amusing ones up on TPUC and lawfulrebellion.org for a laugh.

‘Who is the Real April Fool?’ will run throughout April 2010 showing solidarity in that we want to end this System of centralised hierarchy based on Law and the Church, which takes away our sweat equity and freedom through threatening behaviour for things that only deepens the problems we face. But please don’t stop there, add your own ideas into the mix, just try to make it about the April’s Real Fool.

This is the first of many collective opportunities from TPUC and lawfulrebellion.org to send a message saying, we know their game and we’re not standing for it forever! Even if you can only manage one letter and you end up settling your accounts, don’t think you’re not contributing to the message. We know the fear that is produced because we all feel it at times too. Just remember, this is a flicker of light from you and with everyone joining in, one day soon we will end up burning our way through the boxes we’re prisoners’ within!

Good luck!

Download the envelope labels here:

Complete April’s Real Fool label

Title only April’s Real Fool label (write your own message)

Custom April’s Real Fool label (write your own title and message)

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