Police, Mental Health Officers, Cybernetics and Us

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How many of you have been called insane, mad, stupid or mentally ill since you’ve been talking about Lawful Rebellion or the incessant corruption that we’re all part of? I know I’ve been called all of those at least once just in the past year. Sometimes the people in my past used to hold me back or plant seeds that ended up corrupting my own actions. And a few times they used past experience to judge my present actions without seeing the truth with their real eyes. Instead they used the blind faith of their own ‘mind’ and shared experience of other friends to build a theatre and the role I could just slip right into. It’s a given that when you change, people will perceive you differently or completely ignore the change – this is when people can think you are going mad or insane.

Worry can take over and manifest in the ones you love and can make its subject think it’s true. Where does this worry come from, this fear of saying or doing things ‘out of character’ or unexpected? One of the sources is through the programming at school and the battering by the media, constantly telling us what’s right and what’s wrong, what to wear and what not to wear, what to feel and how to feel, who’s desirable and who’s a twat. The list is endless. But we had little choice as kids growing up, we merely accepted the World around us.

For most of us, Mum and Dad both worked hard, so the Schooling system was entrusted with keeping us safe and teaching us about the World. What a mistake that was for us all eh? Today it’s even worse! We have Nursery School kids being given over 400 tests under the Early Learning Curriculum. So in about 14 years, we’re going to have a mass of 18 year olds with minimal Left-Right brain capabilities. The early years of kids are crucial for brain development. Creativity is one of the only ways to develop expressive thought, which eventually gifts us all the ability to question the World around us. Am I tripping or are there more little kids out there these days who are click, click, clicking, more than whining, why, why, why!?

“[This is] an education [system] that has gradually been taken over by the State has deprived man of active striving; it has made him into a devoted member of the State structure. The State lays claim to the child and he is trained to fit the patterns of the State; he ceases to be a person and bears the stamp of the state.” – Rudolf Steiner

So who are the ‘mental’ ones in this terrible act of mental child abuse? The authorities, parents or us all? Where are the Mental Health Officers’ to take away the parents or the Authorities who dreamt up such insane strategies? Tell you what, let’s forget about it, close this web page and put the kettle on shall we?

Kids today are called, ‘Digital Natives’ in the World of Bollox. Computers and mobiles are artificial limbs, the Internet is the gateway to the truth of their World and ‘privacy’ is an obsolete word. So let’s pose a possible future when these Digital Natives embark on becoming ‘Adults’ (whatever that means). Will these kids resist RFID chips/Verichips and cybernetics? What will they do with all those who resist the bodily presence of technology? I’m not talking about how things changed when computers took over the World in the 80s. I’m talking about when humans will actually attach digital devices and the Internet to their bodies and brains. And don’t forget, these kids will not have much Left/Right brain ability. They could be 100% susceptible to the constant flow of informational intelligence from the Establishment, dictating their Theatre and the roles to play. Where will the Mental Health Officers’ be in this future? Probably the same place where they are now, at the beckoning of the Establishment!

The chessboard has been laid out since the Bible was published and the pawns have only just started to be sacrificed. Every so often we get to see their strategy, when they change their game or move from the offensive to the defensive. Recently, we’ve seen the DVLA change their envelopes; Affidavits working for a full range of cases; Dunn & Bradstreet place restrictions on non-members; people juicing Judges and mangling Magistrates; and people getting used to handling the Police and Authorities.

But we’ve also seen threats of political influence; arrests going bad and a few cases of imprisonment. I know it’s a vibe out talking about the negative, but I feel that if people need to walk this path, then it’s best to give out all the information we have in confronting the external.

There is a new tactic forming within the Authorities when dealing with ‘Freemen’ and people in Lawful Rebellion, namely, Mental Health Officers and the Mental Health Act 2007. Here are two examples you may face:

  • A fellow Lawful Rebel who has been fighting the Authorities was ordered by a Judge to attend two doctors and get a certificate from them to say he’s not insane under the Mental Health Act 2007
  • Late 2009, the Police stopped a woman in her car and wanted to search her and the car under SOPCA. She refused to give her name and address, was subsequently arrested, and used her knowledge of Lawful Rebellion to her detriment. She was sectioned and put in an institution because her family confirmed, ‘she wasn’t herself and she was talking about Lawful Rebellion and the New World Order, which worries us greatly.’

It seems that the Police and Courts are most likely to use the Mental Health Act against us. So with pleasure, I present a verbal remedy that was happened upon by a man named, Ste Allan, who by all accounts is a hero of Lawful Rebellion. Ste was arrested for a minor offence and he ended up going through the whole ‘no consent’ thing for 7 hours! They ended up forcing him into a psychiatric test under the Mental Health Act 2007. I advise you read the following and keep it in your head for if the time comes:

Ste: Do you mind if I ask you a question first?
Doc: no, go ahead…
Ste: Have you ever undergone a psychiatric assessment?
Doc: Well, no.
Ste: W
ell, what qualifies you to assess me? How do I know you’re not insane?
Doc: [Pauses] That’s a good question.
Ste: In that case I don’t consent to your offer, I wish not to contract… What the diagnosis would be for someone who without provocation assaulted another human, kidnapped him, couldn’t tell him why, invented a story and locked the human being in a room for 7 hours? Is this kind of behaviour not psychotic? I think you’re examining the wrong man.
Doc: fair point.
Ste: I wish not to contract, I did not consent to your offer you can go.

We cannot truly control the actions of others or the World we have to live in together. All we can do is make sure we’re best equipped for any circumstance that may compromise our integrity, honour and freedom… Even at the hands of cybernetic killer-kids of the future! We can stop all of this when we choose to. But it will take every one of us to find the courage to look within ourselves and give up everything we possess and fear. This can be achieved, not through a bloody revolution, but by slowly weaning ourselves from the Nanny State and letting go of things one by one.

If you let others define your existence, you live in the external and end up acting out a world you are only an actor within.

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