Getting down to the nitty-gritty with Robert Arthur: Menard

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After we got to know Rob a little, we went into greater depth with him a few days later, which was a pleasantly informative experience. As Matt says in the podcast, Rob is simply a peaceful man who really knows who he is and where he needs to be.

There are many people out there who look to and accept external influence from the media, web and porn to fulfil their lives. And it is the casting of this spell, externalisation, where a few nutjobs have found power, greed and money, resulting in the procurement of the West’s modern belief system. This is why figures like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Tony Blair, David Koresh and much earlier Jesus Christ have always been manifested to peddle preconceived truths and instructions that misdirect the love and direction of mankind. So when we look at what’s happening in the World, it makes sense to ask the question, if we are the ones who desire these manifestations, then is it actually us who pulls the strings? Rob says his first epiphany was when he realised,

‘The people who I thought were the enemy, were not my enemies, it was only in my heart. And once I got rid of my fear, anger and shame, they had no hold on me, as it’s only these feelings the people who seek to control can use on us all. Once we stop accepting the stimulus that harms, the healing begins. The catalyst for change is the friendships people find along their own paths.’

Rob agrees that Authorities have the upper hand with most people whilst the threat of taking possessions away exists, as most of us spend most of our energy and lives in the external. When more people can understand this truth, it will become common-sense to know why mortgages, loans and credit exist. So how have people over time let de-facto governments operate through threats and scaremongering? Who knows, maybe the excuse their end is that they continue to serve us and they’re merely giving us what we want? Rob recited the metaphor,

‘The Nanny needs to appreciate that we’re responsible and that we won’t trail crap everywhere. A lot of people think that because we have a right to engage in an action, that it’s sometimes OK to engage in that action, this is what could lead to them treating you like a child.’

He is right, we as people have let Government not just be stewards of our Sovereignty, we have let them, through the most oppressive methods, take control of the most precise thing and the only defence we have to make things right, our hearts.

Rob firmly believes the Freeman Society is one of the remedies to taking the control away from the ignorant and powerful ‘them’. He indicates,

‘These psychopaths are way behind schedule and that ‘they’ didn’t account for the rise of the web and now it’s working against them.’

One of the ways ‘they’ try to stop the flow of information across the web is to generate disinfo and admittedly all of us sometimes have difficulty in deciding what is the truth in this cold landscape. Rob’s web philosophy is simply this: everything on the web is bollox until he looks into the subject matter himself and decides how it affects his heart.

One of the founding principles of the Freeman Society is the concept:

‘Of that which exists in equity cannot latch onto what only exists in Law. And to drag it into equity to operate its equity rules onto it cannot be, if there has not been consent.’

Rob can confidently talk about his remarkable successes, through Claim of Right and Notices of Understanding and Intent. One thing stood out in his words, it pays to get to know the Authorities’ administration procedures better than they do, so you’re always one step ahead or at least on even ground.

Ultimately, Rob’s Cunning Plan 2.0 and the World Freeman Congress is the manifestation of their vision. The plan is to get the Freeman Society established in Canada and then focus on Britain, Ireland and other places. And when the Freeman Society grows, Rob declares he wants to be surrounded by groupies… so please email him for details. But most likely, he’ll be doing just as he does now, helping others, chilling with his friends and having a lovely life within his Community. Rob’s vision is a futuristic concept of people living together in harmony, much like Buckminster Fuller’s, Starship Earth and the Venus Project. Rob asserts;

‘We simply need land, protection of the land, peace officers, a resourceful bunch of shops, funky cabins people could rent and lots of different sustainable homes.’

But most importantly he says that there is a need for lots of people and families with real creative skills.

One of the most frequent questions asked by people is how to claim land as a Freeman. The Freemen will claim the land they choose by putting a Notice up on the Land and there has been a team appointed to get it right. So sit tight on how it goes, as it could end up being a blueprint for the rest of the World to use and starting building new communities. Another question on the tips of peoples’ tongues is about how to travel around the world without a Passport. Rob describes a laissez-passer will work in most cases, but he says that a Country can refuse entry – They will be setting up their own laissez-passer working with other Countries. Rob admits travelling outside the Community will be one of their greatest hurdles, as they will need to not just make agreements with Canada but also other countries where they will want to visit in the future.

Some will say that Rob’s concept has been unsuccessful in the past, perhaps attributed to and likely why there is alot of hardship in the world today, the fair flow of currency. The community’s infrastructure will be funded using outside investment. But the Freemen will be establishing their own currency;

‘Everyone who trades will have their own faces on the notes (probably IOUs); they will say how much work they will be doing in the following year and then they advance say $50,000 [of notes with their face on]. So that trader will have to pay back $50,000 to the Society with other peoples’ faces on it. But you can’t ask for more than you can monetise. If people don’t manage to meet their goals, they have to pay back 10% interest on what they borrowed.’

It’s a very bold plan to create not just a community, but also a micro-economy. We’re 100% behind it because we need more people like Rob to show the difference it can make if respect and love is brought back into the equation of us living together! But if Rob defines his spiritual paradigm as chasing butterflies and making mud pies, then we hope he’s got a good team behind him! 😉

Rob’s Very Cunning Plan 2.0:

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