Dead Beat Dad’s Says Affidavits Work

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DeadBeatDads started out as a support group for fathers who had been mistreated by the Children’s Services Authority nearly two years ago. Many had been threatened multiple times in order to extract every last penny in Child Support payments, even from their credit cards! In a short time Maurice and Sherry who established the group have seen it grow size as word of their help spread and with that came information that lead them to believe that all was not well with the legal system as they had attended many cases with members of the group.

Witnessing first hand evidence of collusion and corruption, unfair hearings by magistrates and the seemingly inexplicable ‘there’s nothing we can do about it’ mentality, Maurice came into contact with John Harris of and Lawful Affidavits, realised the illusion of authority at hand and things began to change.

Maurice and Sherry detail in this interview the background to the CSA’s operations, the research and investigations they have conducted, the successes they have had with Lawful Affidavits, angry magistrates and corrupt courts, the incoming CMEC to replace the CSA, law research the hard way (getting snapped by speed cameras on purpose), run-ins with the police and much more.

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