Ellen Brown: Web of Debt, Spirituality, DMT and Teabaggers

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Money – The deceptive medium that appears to have more devout followers than all the world’s religions put together. When certain folk get the taste for its flavour, it can and does become a most destructive, obsessive and addictive desire that creates physical, psychological and spiritual divisions in men and women everywhere. So just what is money and how is it brought into existence? How did we get into the situation we are now?

Is there a hidden problem that even many of the so-called experts have missed that are maybe very close to coming to the surface and revealing the true illusion? What could be done to solve the financial problem the world is in at the moment? And what may the future hold? These questions and many more are discussed at length with Ellen Brown who is the author of the acclaimed book entitled, ‘Web of Debt’, as well as being a practising attorney in the USA.

Ellen has authored 11 books, including ‘Forbidden Medicine’, which traces the suppression of natural health treatments to the same corrupting influences that have captured and controls the world’s financial system, otherwise known as, ‘The Private Money Cartel’ and ‘The Private International Bankers’. Ellen also co-authored the best-selling book entitled ‘Nature’s Pharmacy’ with Dr. Lynne Walker, which has sold over 285,000 copies.

So join Ellen and us as we delve into and dissect the issue of money, credit and debt, and yet somehow we even manage to have time to talk about Trusts (a big up and coming subject which has almost been forgotten by the legal industry), DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) trips, Teabaggers and the spiritual vision of a member of the Law Society.

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