Freeman/Commercial Redemption: Time to give it to you straight

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It is time to lay to rest my truth in all things Freeman and Commercial Redemption.

Having seen through the tedious Commercial Redemption seminars, spent ‘mounds of cash’ doing them and buying DVDs to study like a speed-crazed, steroid-infused-mad-man-lunatic, a light has been seen in the distance. Thankfully this light was the truth of things for me and it grew brighter over time.

I am going to now break down for you the dross of the so-called paths to redemption, starting with the Freeman route. I will not say that this is a bad way to go, hell why not! To leave the Society and the societal control is a great plan, but what exactly are you going to do then?

Let’s say for example you are lucky enough to have a bit of land to live your life in peace away from it all. How lovely that would be? So you are minding your own business in your home and a council tax bill comes through, what then? Do you say you’re a freeman? I pay no taxes? It would really be a lot of trouble and you will likely lose your home and land if you’re not properly clued up. Understand that the System has many little cross overs laying claim to your Person, body, sweat equity and possessions/land etc. All of this is merely contract, they are in place and in order to live free these must be sorted out.

OK let’s break this down for you a little and give you a firm example – Me. Here is a list of my contracts:

  • Driving license (perform on the roads as per their statutory rules) – basically pay pay pay
  • Passport (their backing you abroad) – permission slip to leave the plantation good slave
  • Marriage Certificate/License (oh yes this is a massive deception and one hell of a doozy)
  • Divorce Certificate (same as the above just a re-contract)
  • NI number (yes you guessed it pay pay pay) – although it is a trust for you to use, you just don’t know it
  • Registration of your car (you should have heard this before) another trust with statutory attachments which create the outline of how you must perform if you wish to use their “vehicle” and if you step outside the statutory required performance then of course you must pay (fines)
  • Registration of children (don’t even get me started in that)
  • Registering to vote/Electoral role (very nasty hooks in this one)

OK for me the only one that remains is the NI number. I have implied my position with all the other trusts with the Home Office i.e. clearly stated my role(s) in them as both the ‘Grantor’ and the ‘Beneficiary’ not to mention the ‘Settlor’. Now that I have implied my position, I am now the Grantor of the trust, this means that the only rules within it are the ones that I say there are, so why would I create any? I mean I know I’m not in need of a nappy change and rules to follow?

I am trying to make this as simple as possible with a splash of humour! I shall give you an example, my car has had its trust dealt with, so has my passport and driving license. So imagine my terror when I received in the mail from Hertfordshire Safety Camera enforcement centre an allegation of an infraction. Please when you get these, read those many times and understand what it is they are saying! Apparently the, ‘vehicle had contravened a statute’ woah?! How did it do that? Well it’s simple, they use leverage and force with the threat of loss to gain your compliance and carry on greasing the wheels of commerce.

How do they do this? Well let’s just say that your cars are not YOUR cars, you graciously gifted the cars to them. So seeing as it is their property, they have rules of usage attached to the lending of their property to you! So if you don’t act like a good boy/girl/ward of state and settle the statutory infractions consequences, you will have your toy taken away! Isn’t it simple! We supply all of the leverage to them so they can rip us off! OK we are digressing here… So I received this infraction notice giving me 28 days to ‘Nominate’ the ‘Driver’ ( I am to tell on the legal fiction that was entering into commerce on the road???). Whatever I nominate is too stupid to distinguish between the man/woman and the strawman.

How I dealt with this was quite simple, bearing in mind that I have no contracts, and the only Law outside of moral Law we have is Equity or Civil, which relies solely on contracting… YES it really is that easy! I wrote a ‘letter rogatory’ – this type of letter is from one (foreign) jurisdiction to another jurisdiction, (private is foreign to public). In the letter it stipulated that this ‘letter rogatory’ neither constituted an acceptance or an offer to contract (sneaky huh) and explained the enclosed ‘affidavit of truth’. In the enclosed affidavit, there was nothing but truth! It stipulated that I had no contract to perform, having altered my position within the trusts, with a certain party, with a certain process, carried under a certain registered post number, to a certain Shadow Minister. The affidavit listed all of my nullified contracts and clearly they were not happy. Instead of having 26 days to nominate the driver, they gave me seven. So I repeated my ‘letter rogatory’, but in it added the fact that they had not rebutted my affidavit of truth and that the facts contained therein were now agreed upon and formed a contract (very sneaky huh). I also made mention that the affidavit contained a Commercial Lien right if they dishonoured me (very very sneaky). Of course I was absolutely spot on with what I had done, and so utilising my Lien right I issued a commercial claim for £10,000,000.00 for their commercial dishonour. I received a very nice letter back, very soft, asking for me to send back their paperwork with 28 days or they might do something… lol… So having read and understood their instructions, I issued their paperwork back to them NOT FILLED IN! And that was the end of that matter. Now yes of course they could be very very silly and try to come back to me on it years down the line, but my ten million claim will be equally valid, if not more so, and so I hold it over them in perpetuity.

So what I am getting at here is, this is 100% proof that everything is contract, and if you know how to sort out the contracts then you can sort your affairs out.

Commercial Redemption is a black hole if you go into it seeking massive financial returns. But I was never after money, so have come out the other side without chasing my tail with the only valuable info there is:

  1. Everything is contract.
  2. No Contract = no statutes.
  3. Affidavits are everything.
  4. Liens are your biggest weapon, my god their bottoms pucker up when under a Lien
  5. DO NOT EVER USE GOVERNMENT FORMS OR PAPERWORK these are benefit privileges and carry with them assumptions and presumptions of citizenship.
  6. If you have to use one to get a passport then straight after fix it!!!
  7. Keep your eyes open.
  8. Courts are pathetic, learn a little and you can eat them alive.
  9. Make yourself “sui juris” legally competent and you can get things seriously moving.

So bearing all this in mind, there is still a lot to learn – I just know it is easier than I first thought it was.

To finish up on Commercial Redemption, I will just list the tools available to you that I know are good:

  • Affidavits (best)
  • Commercial claims (fantastic)
  • Notices (excellent)
  • Liens (amazing)
  • Acceptance for value, absolutely valid in the UK (definitely works if you can get hold of the penal sum in court)

That is your main arsenal the rest including 1099 is just bollox!

Moving on to Freemanism. As I stated at the start, it is a great way to go, the trouble is how do you operate in commerce if you give IT ALL UP? The obvious way is someone else operates in commerce for you, but wait? What if they want to leave too? It just won’t work, so by you leaving you have enslaved them to the system! If you choose to give it all up, you have given up your trust; and have no way of playing commerce. So you need a persona that is fictitious to operate in a fictitious world, like Monopoly, an analogy used by a great and much loved friend of mine is the ‘Scottie dog’ on the Monopoly board – he is used as your persona, so without a persona you cannot play?

Consider the Matrix, which uses a computer re-presentation of one’s self to be able to interact in that fictitious world commerce is no different. The choice for me has become remarkably clear, I have used affidavits (not government forms) to mould the way I want to be – I have separated myself from my strawman and then taken control of him. Once this is done you need to create the rules by which YOU want to live and issue it to the right people, leave little “lien rights” in them, so if they dishonour your sovereignty they are in whole worlds of trouble, bingo you are good to go.

Obviously not that easy, but soon we will be looking to teach all of these personal documents to the right sort of men and women. We will open up a whole new way of looking at things, by which you will start to see the world for what it really is. Then you will know what it is you then wish to achieve, and we will help you realise that dream.

This is my first article for our Lawful Rebellion website, there will be plenty more.

You will find a you tube channel called, The Brotherhood Circle. It is the start of a project to begin to teach you the way forward without the stupid traps and endless crap. I will be uploading high quality instructional videos on it, with all aspects including affidavit building, right through to commercial liens etc…

Guy Euden

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