Lawful Rebellion news roundup Dec ’09

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Recently events have come at such a pace it’s a full time job to keep up, let’s get this over with because by the time you finish reading there will be something else to gawp at.

Common Purpose bolster free speech by shutting down dissenting websites

A good friend Brian Gerrish has and continues to decimate the credibility of shady Deutsche Bank-backed new world order brainwashing transition cult Common Purpose. Still, at least their rhetoric is heartfelt. At the minute Brian and the Lawful Rebellion team are planning talks together in 2010 – stay tuned for that.

Ukraine: People tougher than EUgenecists expected as improbably-mutated swine flu fails to perform

Ukraine damage total looks to be set at around 3 million infected, 170,000 hospitalised and 500 dead due to a mutated strain of swine flu (despite worrying early reports of blackened lungs), as predicted 3 months in advance by Israeli whilstle blower Joesphe Moeshe. Moeshe has disappeared, like the natural flu remedies did off Ukranian shelves for that shaky month. You can read an enlightening report from David Dees here.

“No really, you do have ‘freedom’… or was it liberty?” says the court as workers refused right to strike

Yes, lowly workers of the proliteriat firm British SlaveAirways strike hopes were smashed by a man in a wig working for pre-emanate imagination manipulators, the ‘High Court’ criminal justice service. Union leaders were not asked if they wanted fries with their justice, though insiders suspected they would have been cold and soggy anyway. Still, for those reticent shop dwellers, reluctant posties and downright angry office arbiters, what better time to plan your strike now you’ve got a lovely precedent set for you? Mmm, demockery never smelled so good!

Stupid Russian missile blamed for Mass hallucinations in Norway

What? No Photoshop at all?! Russian Military denied use of Katherine Wheels over the skies of Norway

What? No Photoshop at all?! Russian Military denied use of Katherine Wheels over the skies of Norway

As the majority of internet traffic hailed one of the greatest moments in energetic aerial phenomena in recent times, mainstream sources guffawed at the idea of such an improbable phenomena resulting from anything not presently disclosed to John Q Public. Self assured scientists calmly recited platitudes of spinning test rockets and clamoring comrades dropping their furry hats as angry commanders shout expletives over the ham radio.

Check out the evidence and ask yourself: is this really a 1000 mile-away failed rocket test? read some compelling arguments from alternative sources here. Turns out that this incident is just a slightly better captured version of what must be former failed ‘missile’ tests in Tomsk and China

Copenhagen? Hopenhagen? Jokenhagen: Climategate emails spoil environmentalist limo-party at COP15.

As the frantically revised story of life-giving, inescapable emissions of CO2 threatening everything from Planetary destruction to orphaning polar bear pups vaporises before your eyes like so much exhaust fumes, Cop15 still managed to materialise this month. Proceedings were chaotic from the outset and Obama had to be wheeled in late after collecting his Nobel Death Prize despite committing more soldiers to war and managing to evoke the greatest run on presidential approval ratings EVER in history. On that basis (sorry Hillary, you don’t pack the same pulling power anymore) some kind of deal may have gone through on a bar napkin, somewhere. Don’t expect enviro-police cracking your skull open though just for looking at a 4×4, as nothing appears to be legally binding… yet.

‘Climategate’ saw leaked emails conveniently renamed as ‘hacked’ emails that laid bare the shocking/inevitable (delete as per your level of awareness) manipulation of environmental data to suit the Anthropogenic Global Warming fairy tale which your nan will happily tell you is tosh with or without emails from scienticians.

Massive, irrecoverable blows were repeatedly dealt by Lord Monckton that did a great job of making Al Gore look like a phony Carbon Trading Billionaire… because that is exactly what he is… Still, edgy, stressed out environmentalists may disagree, so let’s have them battle-rap for our hearts. Can’t do any harm, can it?

Things could be about to go totally mental as reports emerge of $47 TRILLION lien executed against U.S.

Incredible revelations from World seemingly tie in bizarre currency operations of US-China administrations:  $47 Trillion lien against the US Treasury and Fed. MI6 Executions. Kissinger Missing. Geithner Tagged. The World Court Flown into the US. British Corruption is out! Low Life at Westminster! Bush family is sunk! 9/11 real figures of 12000 murdered… Far too much for me to go into, so start reading here. is quite good, say people…

We’ve had a solid month of stats to report to you soon – where you will be able to check out how many people from your local town are looking at Lawful Rebellion… Then shout us via email, so we can help you get in touch with them…

Your comments and feedback have been very positive and appreciative – thankyou! Someone did say they didn’t like our ‘out there’ intro music for the recent interviews with Rob Menard and Marc Stevens… and for that David Ophalus laughs apologetically and says it’s a British thing. We also had a 100% successful survey on T-Shirts (you all want to see them, so we shall consider making them) and finally thanks to all who donated so far!

I’ll leave you with a message to take us into 2010.

Would you buy a used car from this lot?

Would you buy a used car from this lot?

Peace to all for 2010, by any account it’s looking like a bumpy ride so get strapped in!

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