Mind Control with Marc Stevens

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Mind Control is everywhere, and the layers are almost infinitely overlapping. From the magic wand made of Hollywood to the subtle words and terms of legalese, the construct of the illusory matrix is all around you. Bad news for the architects of control though: Marc Stevens and the LR Boys ain’t buyin’ it.

In this 2hr+  interview, Marc, Matt, Dave and Richy take a stroll down the yellow brick lane, only stopping to sniff the opium-laden hypno-poppies along the way. We cover everything from the subtleties of NLP; confusion techniques; PR mastery from the authorities; subliminal computer game insertions; Waco; false flags; chemtrails & HAARP; zero tolerance; dehumanisation; spellcasting; paternal figures; Stockholm syndrome and finally how to start breaking the spell with positive action through conscious awareness.

We’re at the eve of one of the mind control spectaculars of the year: ‘X’mas. Hopefully you are all rested, relaxed and ready to step up your game in the new year. We wish you all success in your endeavours – the strength of your fellow men is with you.

Peace to all and do enjoy. Our thanks to Marc once again for his time, please check out his website at www.marcstevens.net


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