Lawful Rebellion chilling with Robert-Arthur: Menard

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We all see so much stuff on the web about the Freeman movement that it’s become difficult to decipher what is what, which can lead to the dilution of what the Freeman Society is actually about. This interview is an eye opener to any sceptics who think the Freeman philosophy revolves around pieces of paper to fight the Authorities. The Freeman Society is driven from the heart and gives the opportunity to all willing human beings a new life, closer to nature, which is how more of us should try one day very soon! This is quintessentially where the Freeman Society and Lawful Rebellion converge, because it’s all about knowing who you are in this life and making the most of it for yourself and everyone else to enjoy. So if anyone is out there wanting to avoid the clutches of the system, good luck, as whilst you’re in that Society (Law), easy answers and having the work done for you doesn’t go hand-in-hand with Freemanism or Lawful Rebellion.

Rob is setting up his Very Cunning Plan 2.0 that is in essence a huge World Freeman Society conference, whereby everyone who wants to be part of the movement can come along to and have their own say on how things should be within the Society. Rob is requesting the interest of Peace Officers and people with unique talents and skills that can help claim a large chunk of land and build this Society from the ground up in Canada.

We delved deeper into the workings of Rob’s life philosophy and found out that he loves SAS Army Camouflage jackets, enjoyed making explosives in his youth and how he ironically saw the light in creating the Freeman Society whilst somebody blocked his own Sunlight. He gives incredibly insightful knowledge of how to be a peaceful man to everyone around him by telling a story of how he managed to completely turn the intentions of Police arrest into making the Police laugh. We know we all don’t have a silver tongue like Rob or so much experience, but he explained it doesn’t matter, just as long as you know who you are.

It’s easy to be a sceptic or become fearful of the Freeman or Lawful Rebellion movement, because there’s little evidence that anything ‘works’; that it goes against the Authorities; or there is scaremongering  through the media by calling our movement, ‘a civil disobedience group’ (The Guardian). But if you’re a reasonable human being, by the end of this brilliant podcast, you’ll hopefully have concluded that we can give you plenty of our own experiences. All we want is spiritual fulfilment and peace, let’s just get along!

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