Marc Stevens a US Court innovator who is peacefully rebelling

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Until recently, I knew little of Marc Stevens. Matt introduced him as being a very interesting man and he’d like to interview Marc for the site. I previously read through some of Marc’s website and heard him on a radio programme Richy played before the interview. Until we all talked with Marc, I had little idea of how far this man has gone in challenging the USA Courts and awakening people. Alas, many of us seem to frequently let ourselves become so engulfed in information from friends’ links and info from networks such as Faecesbook, that websites like Marc’s can fall into the blackhole of the web. Luckily, there are dedicated people like you who are hungry to connect with others, which make our voice stronger through spreading new ideas such as Marc Stevens’s.

Speaking with Marc, it quickly registered how syncronised we are with Marc’s work and the full impact of what he is successfully doing in the States, with what he calls ‘Peaceful Rebellion’. Marc finds it instinctive, just as we do, in helping people in and out of Court who are subject to injustice, by utilising his in-depth knowledge of how the system actually works. There are differences though, things like, he’s making a living from his ideas, something that’s pretty American of him and what we could do with over here!

Marc’s delivery is of a proud American, resolute in his rights of free speech, but surprisingly, there seems to be a twist! He gets irony and does a half convincing British accent! So imagine this character, bold as brass, strolls into the Court, pleads guilty and asks the Judge three questions. The first is,
‘Whether his client is allowed a fair trial?’
The Judge obviously says,
Then generally the final question to the Judge is,
‘Who do you represent?’
The Judges go into various meltdowns and the cases are normally thrown out or adjourned until they are let off, as they don’t want to give the game away. This action resonates exactly with what we say when a Police Officer says,
‘You’re obstructing a Police Officer in his duty.’
We like to ask,
‘Duty to who?’
Because it’s the State their duty is to, not the People. So how can the Judge be hearing a fair trial if he’s representing the Court and the State at the same time? This is exactly why the Police in this Country are moving as many of their operations into the Private as possible, from Community Officers to private unaccountable companies forcibly taking peoples’ fingerprints and DNA.

I don’t want to spoil the podcast by telling you too much, but we also let Marc talk about, how he thinks we can get the masses involved in standing for what is right; how he doesn’t pay taxes; why he uses Post Office queues to his advantage and much much more. The man has an amazing energy and he totally resonates on Lawful Rebellion’s frequency – mark my words, he will be back on soon! I think we have alot to learn about this man and we need to try his technique over here, which he hints he’d like to do. And once we read his book, we’ll review it and see what we can use as tools to help each other stand for what is right!

Matt says…

I first discovered Marc whilst researching traffic offences about 18 months ago, and after just a short time watching and listening to his stance on traffic and tax issues, I got a sense that he had discovered who and what he was in the farcical world of the legal system. Although there are obvious differences between what Marc does and what I do at present, there are also many similarities, and I feel that many folk could learn things from Marc’s stance.

Marc talks with a great sense of energy, confidence and self belief, and this tends to rub off on those listening, which is no bad thing. I recommend that folk listen to Marc’s Liberty Forum presentation as well as his videos regarding traffic offences and the drug scandal; it really is enlightening, fascinating and empowering. Marc’s dissection of the US Constitution is certainly thought provoking and makes me wonder just how many so-called nations Constitutions have deceptive similarities.

Marc has agreed to do another interview to discuss a subject that is close to Marc’s heart as well as ours, and that is, mind control and conditioning, and due to Marc’s energy of presentation, it promises to be an enthralling discussion.


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