Do your homework 1 – Trusts and Equity

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“DO YOUR HOMEWORK” – Jordan Maxwell

The system of Admiralty, Equity, Common Law and Statute nonsense may seem a complex ball to unravel – no doubt it was meant to be this way. For the advanced or just plain curious amongst our readers, we aim to provide material to pique your curiosity with our stellar contributors.

‘PC’ has been an avid researcher into Law, Commerce, Admiralty and Trusts and in this post reads aloud from a book entitled “Textbook on Trusts” (6th Edition) ISBN 0-19-926073-7 Paul Todd & Sarah Wilson. This information is really a primer for an upcoming interview with Christian Walters on the explosive topic of New Trust Technology (NTT), which could well be the core issue which so many people have worked so hard to uncover. Where Commerce fails or seems too complex, NTT aims to make everything more simple, which on a personal level I hoped it would boil down to.

Take the Podcast (see above) 30 mins at a time at most. Listen and re-listen, and find more on Trust Law, NTT with Christian Walters and a whole lot more here.

To some, this stuff seems pretty dry, but a couple of weeks ago when first listening to Christian Walters I honestly felt that it was exposing the core issues of titles, trust, equity and the courts.

Please don’t use the comments section to ask questions. All queries to and we will do our best to answer you.

Thanks to PC for his dedication and time contributing.

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