The Basics and Potential Power of an Affidavit of Truth

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In the reality we live in, we would be wise to accept that we live in a world that has laws, and these laws exist on paper and fortunately some laws exist in our hearts and conscience. Since the dawn of laws-of-man there existed a piece of paper that was held above all others; an Affidavit. A sworn statement of truth that if ‘un-rebutted’ stands as the agreement of the parties, the judgement in commerce and the truth in commerce. So please humour me and answer the following (I have placed my answers in brackets):

  1. Are you a man or woman? (Yes)
  3. Do you belong to the UNITED KINGDOM? (No)
  4. Should you be coerced into presenting yourself as a ‘public’ entity? (No)
  5. Are you capable of swearing an oath? (Yes)
  6. Are you liable to or for any political/corporate rules (statutes)? (No)
  7. As a man/woman do you have to voluntarily elect to submit to give another party jurisdiction over you? (Yes)
  8. Should your use of bank notes or any other public facility when alternatives are generally unavailable tie you into a contract of some sort? (No)
  9. Should you be coerced into receiving vaccinations or any other medical treatments and procedures? (No)
  10. Are your words your definitions and not for redefining? (Yes)

If you answered the above with the same answer as given then that is your truth, yes? So imagine this as your sworn Affidavit being presented because as a man you are receiving injury from another party, i.e. Corporations:

  1. The Affiant is a private, living and sentient man.
  2. The Affiant is not a UNITED KINGDOM “citizen,” “subject,” “vessel” or “person” or any ens legis artificial entity, procedural phantom, legal fiction or juristic personality within the UNITED KINGDOM.
  3. Affiant is foreign to and without the UNITED KINGDOM.
  4. Any party that would order, represent or persuade the Affiant to falsely present the Affiant as a UNITED KINGDOM citizen, vessel or person directly or by deception, device, misnomer, mistaken identity, warrant or indictment, real or imagined, would be engaging in Enticement to Slavery.
  5. Any party that alleges a liability against the Affiant is obligated to produce an Affidavit of Liability to demonstrate such liability.
  6. The Affiant is not liable to or for any Government statutes, rules and/or codes, including, without limitation, UNITED KINGDOM Codes and statutes and/or codes of any of Respondents’ political subdivisions.
  7. A legal fiction corporation cannot secure in personam jurisdiction over or against Affiant, a living man, without Affiant’s voluntary election to submit.
  8. The Affiant’s use of a notary public, Bank of England Promissory Notes, and/or any other public facilities, when alternatives are generally unavailable, does not comprise Affiant’s submission to any political jurisdiction, the creation of an adhesion contract expressly or tacitly with the UNITED KINGDOM and/or any other party real or imagined, or an appearance before any body or tribunal, administrative or judicial, real or imagined.
  9. It would be both a violation of law and a violation of the Affiant’s God given unalienable rights if any government/corporative agent, officer or employee attempts to, or does in-fact, force, coerce, manipulate and/or deceive the Affiant into receiving any form of medical treatment at anytime whatsoever, including but not limited to vaccinations.
  10. All words herein are as Affiant defines them.

So, as an operation of law, the Respondent, if they want to rebut, has to rebut your Affidavit point-by-point via a sworn affidavit and providing ‘evidence to support’ why your statement is not true. Are they ever going to be able to do that? Of course they are not; and they never can, because your affidavit offers facts and truth and all the legal world can ever offer is fraud and falsehoods. So what have you got then? You have got a lawfully binding agreement of the highest order that no other party can impair. Not bad hey.

So imagine having a lawfully binding agreement with the CEO of the UK Government (Gordon Brown, d/b/a Prime Minister), and/or the CEO of EUROPE (Herman Van Rompuy, d/b/a President of EUROPE) that cannot be impaired by any party.

As a footnote and for those folk who like to fool around in the fictional and laughable Admiralty courts of the UK and Europe; are you aware that a ‘counterclaim’ is mandatory? Did you know that the only true counterclaim is a ‘lien?’ Did you know that the highest form of lien is a Maritime lien from the private side (man/woman)? Did you know that a Maritime lien is also known as a ‘Commercial lien’ and a Commercial lien is also known as, wait for it, ‘Affidavit of Obligation?’ Did you know that if any public entity attempts to impair/breach your agreements/contracts, you have an instant lien right on the other party? Did you know that Affidavits of Obligations have had judges running out the back door of the courts to avoid being named on the lien? This is hardly going to make it to mainstream media is it!

Folks, Affidavits work because in law, they override everything else that comes before them. Affidavits offer the Facts, Harmony and maybe more importantly when it comes to law, the Agreement of the parties. Whilst of course the legal world offers only lies and falsehoods.

Warmest regards,


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