News roundup – 9th November 2009

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Lawful Rebellion News – Reporting what the British Corporate Media won’t.

Nov 9 2009

COVER-UP UKRAINE: There really is an outbreak, but it ain’t swine flu.. and it was predicted months ago.

At this moment nearly a million people have been infected by a mystery virus in the Ukraine, and after nearly a whole week since the outbreak, we’ve been without mention from the BBC or any Mainstream UK news outlet.

What the hell is going on?

This story goes deeper – it would appear that foreknowledge of this outbreak in the Ukraine has existed for at least a few months. A dual Israeli-US citizen, Mossad-trained Professor by the name of Joseph Moeshe called in to the Republican Broadcasting Network back in August giving warning and his knowledge that Baxter Pharmaceuticals were planning to release a Bio weapon on the public – most likely a virus. He was subsequently SWAT Teamed and apparently extradited. His whereabouts are currently unknown, it is believed he has been smuggled back to Israel.

Worthy Mention: Moeshe resisted 4 canisters of Tear Gas being shot into his car for over an hour in the standoff, he was eventually shot with bean bag guns and tasered before being dragged out of the car. Mossad training eh? Can’t beat it.

With the understanding that he mentioned this new viral outbreak could be aerosol based and that it was to be shipped to the USA, I wonder what else has been planned by The Powers That Were, and why they are so desperate to cause carnage? I’ve been following this story with the help of Urban Survival and other sources, and I can see this growing into international news very fast. What I am wondering about is how it will be spun. Stay tuned.

OCCULT REFERENCE AHOY: A new dawn shines on the European Citizenship!

Remember there is huge significance hidden in words and terms which you have no idea of the relevance unless you’ve studied their usage! Listen to Jordan Maxwell avail Alex Jones of the knowledge, and for considerably more detail on ‘New Dawn’ Symbolism check out this interview Jordan did last month.

The passing of the Lisbon Treaty into EU ‘Law’ effectively ends the fake sovereignty of the fake UNITED KINGDOM corporate entity as it becomes regionalised under European Union Recognition. Are you ready for a new identity? Just think of all the benefits you’ll receive as a European (pronounced: you’re-a-peon) Citizen. Cheers Vaclav, ooh, grrr. I’m so angry about more non-existent ‘societal’ contracts being drawn between the New Holy Roman Empire Superstate. ‘NWO shock’ mainstream outlets just don’t incite anger in me like they used to. For additional details of the end of Habeus Corpus in the United Kingdom Ltd Corporation, read here and try not to worry about it. Or just don’t read it and don’t worry about it.

IT’S A RECOVERY… OF BANKERS’ WEALTH: Citigroup bailed for 20 billion

So it eventually emerged that RBS and Lloyds were receiving another bailout, bigger than the first, footed again by the weary UK Citizen(ship), but the financial train wreck becomes even more obvious when it was revealed that Citigroup were saved from bankruptcy – that’s the 3rd biggest bank in the world to you and me. They were the  recipients of an additional US $20bn to stay afloat. The last dance of federal reserve notes around the world is literally being discussed at Gleneages G20, and our happy house of cards looks decidedly determined to flutter ground wards.

ALBION: Lawful Rebellion movements around the Island

Locally, The TPUC crew had a second gathering down at Glastonbury after the success of gathering #1, and The British Constitutional Group had another large conference down on Euston Road, London. Videos of both events will be linked up so keep an eye out for developments. Personally I’ve been having conversations with potential future interview guests. The kind of guys who get things done, for themselves and the betterment of everyone else. We’re talking about water-powered cars, water powered heaters and cookers, processes providing free and clear navigation of the roads for those aware of what the term ‘Driver’ really means, Operating in common law and more. Stay tuned – we’re bringing it all to you as fast as we can.


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